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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Winter, Sigh

Not much going on here now.  Its winter we had about 6 inches of snow and its still here 3 weeks later.  I'm about sick of it.  I really need to do something about being stuck here all winter.  I make plans every year and think it will be fine.  But its not.  I hate being stuck inside and I cant go outside when its that cold cause I can't breathe.
(but we have partridges and they don't seem to mind the cold. 
 Or the grain Neil spills)

Paint class has been fun, we got one more class and then its over, I think she is starting up again in January and I will go then as well.  Might as well as I am just starting to like my pictures.  Also been going to craft nights at the library and that is good too, nice to get out and see a different crowd.
(we did trees, mine is the right side and I hate the round trees, otherwise its cool)

(Ha I painted this on the table, looks better than any canvas I have painted)

(and the latest one, still working on it)

Otherwise horses are turned out and will be probly till February or March now cause its so miserable already and I can't see it changing a whole lot.  Which sucks.  I tried to find a boarding barn nearby I could ride but no where within an hour and a half.  I could haul but when the high is -15 I have no desire to its just work.
(yay out!  Pally, Rayne and Jax)

(George and Jess making a run for it)

(Nita Razz and Easy last out)

(kinda weird having 8 horses out there, almost overwhelming)

Cows are all weaned, we are feeding already even though its way to early, we are gonna have to buy more feed.  Calves are all sold and in their new homes, we did something different this year and sold them ahead of time and it seemed to work OK, was nice no need to order trucks they just showed up. Even though they were about 40 pounds heavier than we guessed at.   Bulls are home and being a pest, specially when the gate is left open and they wander around the yard.  We are looking at buying cows again and sales are on Saturdays so hopefully sometime soon we will have a bunch of new ones.
Me and Jess and Neil and George helpin the neighbor)

(our heifer calves)

(the steers)

Our local craft sale in on Friday and so I have a bunch of jams and bath items and a few sewing and wood projects as well.  I'm hoping to sell out but I doubt that's possible haha.  Oh well gave me something to work on, although I wish I could use my woodshop more but its too cold in there cause when I work I gotta have the door open.  Another item for my wish list.  I did get business cards and they are so cool!  I really love them haha and I got a car magnet cause it was super cheap at checkout.