Feel free to use any pictures you would like from my blog, but I would like recognition please!

Wood Projects

Many times ago I was asked what kind of wood projects I have made, so I thought I would make a page dedicated to things I have made.

This is a planter/trellis in my yard, I never think of buying a climbing plant, but one day I will and it will prolly look a little better.

This is also a planter I have made, but it needs another coat of paint

One of my favorite and most requested projects is a potato/onion bin. This one is unfinished because she used the same stain as was on her counters, but I prefer it to be just varathaned.

I also made my own saddle stands, from my own design

This is a wishing well I built to cover the well head in our yard. I just used a Thompson's water seal on it.

This is a hope chest/ceder chest I made for my cousin Brian when he graduated from high school.

This is a napkin holder based on a silouette of a Belgian horse. i wish I had made it bigger cause the napkins tend to fall out pretty easy