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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sunday Stills-Favorite Photo of 2011

This week our Sunday Stills challenge was to pick our favorite photo of 2011 and what our photo goals for 2012 are.  When I first read this challenge, my automatic thought was to my pic of Jamaica walking towards me outta the fog. 

I had this as my desktop for a really long time then decided I should probly have a horse I still have on there, so now I have Razz.  But then looking through all my pics, I really liked this one of the fox that was in our yard last February.

It was so flukey just to get him sitting there and I took it out the living room window, so still more amazing how clear it turned out.  But I kept looking and I think this one of a frosty tree is my favorite of the year.

I can't believe still how you can see the individual frost flakes and just looks so much better with the blue sky behind it.  Funny how they all were kinda wintery pics.  And they are all straight out of the camera.

My goals for the next year are to complete all the Sunday Stills (even the hard ones)  and to learn more about how to manually take photos with my camera rather than to just rely on the Auto setting.

Friday, December 30, 2011


I have not been posting much cause my Internet has been pretty spotty so it has been frustrating me, but here I am for now.  On Wednesday I posted three pics, the first was Christmas Eve, we headed down to Neils Mom and Dads and had a nice ham supper there and I got those pink Jammie's and they are super comfy and super warm.  Neils sister gave me and Neil gift cards to Boston Pizza and they will for sure get used.  Neils dad gave us flashlights for us to all keep in our vehicles and attached to them was a silver coin from the Vancouver Olympics.  Was all in all a very good evening.

Then after we headed home and I put on my new Jammie's and headed to my Moms.  We got there quite late (about 2 am) and filled stockings and went to bed.  The boys were up at 6 and woke everyone up so we could open stockings.  We wanted to sleep in early, but we were just happy that the youngest was not sick like he was the day before that it didn't matter.  We opened stockings and then had breakfast and opened the rest of the presents.  I got a kindle from Neil (that was the mysterious gold gift that come in the mail wrapped.)  I love it, I have downloaded a few free books, but the first one I buy will be Nuzzling Muzzles books (cause there is someone named Crystal in one book :)  From my sister I got a Lammles gift card (I am gonna buy a western show shirt)  and a Eeyore Christmas decoration.  He is sooo cute.  From my Mom and Clint I got a cordless drill kit with a bunch of accessories.  I am really excited about this since my old one crapped out a few months ago.  I also got a Tim's card, a horse blanket, and a homemade calendar, and a glass cutting board with coffee on it. 

I was pretty excited for my Aunt Cindy and my Grampa and Clint's Mom to open their gifts cause I gave them scrapbooks and calendars.  But they never came over till after lunch, I thought they weren't coming at all, but the wait was worth it, they loved them.  I love making gifts for them cause I know they appreciate it more than a useless knickknack. 

Then after turkey supper at my Moms, Me, my sister and her boyfriend and boys headed to Calgary so we could go boxing day shopping.  I was pretty excited but I didn't know what I wanted but was going anyways.  We skipped out on most of the electronics stores till later in the day and I got a bunch of good stuff.  Besides the picture stuff, I got 2 presents for next year as well as a couple stocking stuffers.  The long sleeve t-shirts were the best deal.  On sale at Old Navy for $3.63!  So 4 of them were less than $15.  And I wore one today and it was excellently comfortable.  And I tired out the jogging pant ans they are good too.  Never tried out the workout pants yet, but that will come soon.  I also got boring stuff like flour and oatmeal and bread cause we stopped at super store and it wasn't busy so we did grocery shopping.  The only thing I didn't get which I wanted was the new Zelda game and a light up controller for my WII, but they were all sold out and not on sale, so I can go anytime to get them.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

Well I am on my way to Olds , just having come back from Neils mom and dads house and we had a fantastic dinner of ham, and i got some awesome gifts which I will post on Tuesday cause I am going boxing day shopping on Monday.   Here is a pic of our tree with all the presents underneath and wishing everyone  a Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Pasture Ponies

Well I went to check on the outside horses and they were really far away

So I called them and they came, not running though, so I think they were enjoying the sunny warm afternoon.  So as they were coming in I got a few good pics.  Here is Belle and George leading the way.

And I quite like this one of Shasta, she still doesn't know where she fits in the herd yet since Disco abandonded her for her old bunch.

And I really like this one of Razz, in no hurry whatsoever just paying attention to where shes going.

And a fat little Jazz, I like the pink sky behind her too, funny I didn't notice it while I was out there.

And then the happy herd eating away.

Sometimes when I am out with these guys I wonder if I should just give up the cutting and just ranch ride cause they all seem so happy doing that, until I get back on a cutter and that's all I can think of.  So I guess ranchriding will be a side riding for me and I will find a cutter I get a long with and can show too.  I am wary about buying a broke horse but I guess at that price I can probly try it out lots and see what its like on the flag, on cows and just regular riding.  I also want something that can get along with my other horses cause hopefully it will live at home.  I think I knew before Kali went she wasnt gonna make it, but I had to know for sure.   She is a happy horse that just wants to be nice so I with her breeding and temperment I think she will be a nice horse for someone, she just doesnt have enough training to do any cutting now and I am not gonna spend more on her.  And Sherry there are a few Appys who cut, but they are more cowhorses and I thought about one we saw at the Supreme he is for sale for 16,000 but I don't think I want to cowhorse, just cut.  So we will see, I am in no hurry now cause I don't have the money so I will just ride and learn and see what happens next fall.

Monday, December 19, 2011

And Again

Well this morning I got a call from Doug and he wants me to take Kali home cause he doesn't think she will turn out.  He figures she is very cowy, just not athletic enough to be competitive.  So I will go pick her up next week and decide from there what I will do with her.  He figures I should buy either a good 2 year old and train it up or an older horse and just go cutting.  Either way will be expensive I guess I gotta decide how much I am willing to spend to cut now.

I am kinda sad about this, but yet glad that he says so now with 6 weeks rather than waiting forever and just still not turning out.  I may just keep her till spring and ride her and then sell her as a well broke Dual Pep daughter.  Her bloodlines should be worth quite a it although it woulda been better is she woulda done something, but I am hoping I may get what I paid out of her.  Or I sell Razz to Doug as a start on buying a broke horse.  So many decisions to make.

I don't know how much I can spend but a broke horse probly isn't in my budget for this year, might just have to ride what I have and sell a couple and then we will see next year.  Or save all the money that woulda gone into training and more and build my arena.  (which will take more than this years earnings too)  but wont be as fun if I don't have a good horse to ride in the arena.

In other news, I am almost done my Christmas shopping, might go tomorrow or Wednesday somewhere with Linda and spending Christmas Eve with Neils family and Christmas Day with my family.  And we were planning on going to the movies with an old friend and her kids this week, but her oldest broke his thumb snowboarding so not sure if that will happen this week either.

Since I told Char this morning, we looked at this gelding, and she found this mare (Look down to Justa Indian Maiden).  Both outta my price range but still kinda fun to look even if I have no intention of buying right now.  It is still nice to know what is out there.  I will be pretty pciky this time around so it might take a while to find what I like to ride and will be right for me.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Stills -- Tis The Season

This Week the Sunday Stills was a challenge.

What represents this Christmas season to you?
Is it lighted trees, decorations, food…..snow?
Photograph whatever represents this season to you.

To Me obviously Christmas is about Jesus, without who there would be no Christmas, but hard to take a picture of him.  So I got the (well used)  Bible I have had for many years, I sure like the fact that it is hardcover made it last much longer.

And well after that, well every time it snows makes me think of Christmas, but we havent gotten any fresh snow this week so kinda ruined that and there is hardly any on the ground, our yard has probly the most and its kinda lacking there too.

So after that comes the Christmas tree and lights, I love our Christmas tree it is fake and came with lights attached.  I would never put that many lights on and so its is great (although the next one will have multi color lights)  I kinda miss the pine scent so I bought some scentsicles and stick one in the tree every few days and noone knows its not a real tree.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Done Planning

Well I haven't posted in a few days cause I been thinking and all I can come up with is I am not gonna plan anything anymore cause it just never works so I am just gonna do what happens that day and enjoy it.  I now have all my ponies home (except Kali) and so its busier here at home but I am kinda enjoying staying home and getting stuff done here, but I am gonna have to figure something out cause I can't imagine 3 months without riding.  If there wasn't any ice under the snow I probly could ride out, but I don't wanna slip, and I know Razz is pretty careful but she worries a lot about slipping, so probly not gonna happen for a while. 

I have gotten a lot of stuff ready for Christmas however, I got most of my gifts wrapped, there are a few I am still working on but they should be done no problem in time.  I have to go one more day to town to get a few more things and some stocking stuffers but otherwise all done there too.

While looking back in pics I was looking at all the ones with Razz in the snaffle and she looks unhappy in every single one.  When I see pics of her in the hackmore she is so much more cheerful.  I wish I knew what was going on, but for now we are gonna keep hackmore on her till I do.  I wonder if she would like a curb bit better too, I may have to try one day (but not saying when, ha ha)

Not even sure what we are doing for Christmas, my Mom is having Christmas Day at her house and an Aunt is having Christmas Eve, but if we are feeding cows I can't see how we can get to both (we usually stay over and head home early Christmas cause we had big meal Christmas Eve) So we might get up early and go Christmas morning or who knows.  I am kinda OK if we stay home too.  I see my family quite often so its not as big a deal to me to get there.  And then of course Neil's family wants to plan something too.  (And all I wanna do is ride)

I am now friends with the Silver Sage Arena is Brooks on Face book, so I now know when they are open all the time, so I might have to head down that way to do some riding.  They used to have a ladies riding night, wonder if that's still on.  I know they do rough stock one night and barrel jackpots every other Sunday, but I am happy to just go down and ride a couple horses.  Course it would just be so much easier if I just had my own arena, but even though I asked for it for Christmas, my gift is under the tree in a gold box and it just looks way to small to be an arena :( 

When I brought the horses home, I got Neil to help me and he led Razz and I took Shasta and Disco.  I opened the gate and when I turned around they were in front of me and I was walking behind them with their lead ropes, was sure odd, kinda like driving them.  I made them stop and wait till I was better organized.  Those 2 sure are attached to each other.  When we put them out they sure all have different ideas, Razz headed straight for the water, Disco started eating and Shasta wanted to wander around and check the place out.  No arguing from any of the other horses either, they were just excited to have friends.  Although Bailey kept looking at me as I left like I forgot to give them thier treats.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Feet -- Disco and Shasta

Well I finally got pics of Disco and Shasta's feet, and they are not perfect and hopefully will improve a little.  First off Disco, she has really tall feet (which I don't know if its bad, just not what I am used to and they are better than when I got her last year) and her right front had an injury at some point at the back inside of the heel. 
A front view:

And a side view: 

First left Front (which I see her frog needs to grow a little):

Then left hind:

And right front:

and right hind:

And then onto Shasta, I had to take a pic of her cause they both have dark legs so then I could tell where the different feet started.  Not the best pic of her but I love the outlining of her ears,  you can see it when riding too :)

And her front view (no her foot is not really that crooked shes just standing funny):

And her side view she has the opposite problem as Disco, her feet are very flat.I wish I woulda taken in a little farther away so you could see how much its not in a straight line from her knee.

Her left front:

Left hind:

Right front:

and Right hind:

So I guess now I have something to compare to in future when I get thier feet where they need to be.  Not as obvious on some horses cause they always have good feet, but sure makes you notice the differences in them.  But next time I think I might have to get someone else to hold them when I take the pics.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pasture Ponies

Its been a while since I had a really good look at the outside ponies so on Friday I went out there.  They were happy to see me, specially Bailey. Should have had the video camera on right when they seen me cause she always calls then comes running as fast as she can towards me.  Silly girl. 
(Bailey sees me and Duchess looks towards the other horses)
(Bailey comes running :)

Then everyone else comes too.  Well no worries out there, they are all fat, probly too fat, but they will lose that if we ever get snow cover and it gets cold and they actually have to work to get feed.  I like them a little fat this time of year cause they seem to lose weight by spring.

Duchess was acting weird when I fed them she would just paw a pile then move on and paw and move on.  Thought it was weird and of course trying to look at her and she was hiding from me and I couldn't figure it out until I ignored her and then I seen a cactus in her nose, Ouch!  so I walked up to her and just brushed it off, apparently she isn't used to cactus being around.   
(I was being watched by this guy, probly couldn't figure out why they were running in )

Jazz is looking big, I think she is as tall as Belle is (which isn't that tall, lol I think Belle is maybe 14.2) but then they stand nest to Duchess and they look little again, but she is probly close to16 hands. 
(Happily eating, George, Belle, Jazz, Duchess)
(Rolly Polly Bailey)

Afterwards I went over and caught Disco and Shasta and brushed and fed them and then rode Razz.  I was pretty lazy and she was not so we were done in a short time.  We were gonna go for a lesson on Saturday but Doug was busy all weekend.  Char thinks she will be busy the next two weeks so I may have to ride alone.  Which won't be too bad cause I may go in the daytime when its a little nicer. Maybe even ride outside.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Stills-- Pets

This week Sunday Stills is all back where it started.  With Pets.  And since I have no pets around here, I got my sister to take a picture of her boys hamster Herc.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Answers and Confusion

A few posts ago I was aked a bunch of questions so I thought I would try to answer some of them.  First off  "Are I plan on keeping Jazz?"  Well sincs she hasnt sold yet, I will keep her around and get her started in the sping (hopefully by March) then ride her some this summer and see how it goes.  I do like her I just wish she had more white on her. Seems wrong to have a paint that isnt painted.

Then later  "Why do I board elsewhere if I own a horse ranch?"  Well we own a ranch but it raises mostly cows so not so much a horse ranch and I dont have anywhere to ride indoors in the winter so I board a horse (or 2 or 3) elsewhere and that is where I ride with Charlene.

Then "What do I look for in a horse and what do I like in a horse?"  This is hard to answer because depending on what the horse is gonna be for or what age they are can be different things, but I will try to answer.  I prefer a horse that likes to go, has lots of energy.  Nothing irritates me more than having to kick a horse all day that is wanting to quit.  I like a smart horse, one that will do what I ask when I ask but also looking out for itself and me too.  A lot to ask I spose but it is there.  Confirmation wise it is hard to answer, I like big round bum and straight legs and good withers but otherwise I like to see how they all blend together and I cant really explain what I look for but I know what I like and what I don't like.  For temperament.  That's hard, I don't like really "clingy" horses, I actually kind of like the standoffish ones, but I like it when they like to be around me too.

Then a few comment, like the horsey card, the best part of it is it is from my sister and inside it says "You will be older than me always!"  Which is true but it used to be something I bragged about now not so much.

And about showing, there is show this weekend, the last one before Christmas but I am not sure we are going cause doesn't sound like we will have any time to practice and Char is super busy at work for the next couple months.  So we will see how it goes this week but may just go work cows on the weekend instead.  I would prefer lessons, just cause then I can practice too.  And the best part about lessons from Doug is they are free for me with a horse in training!  I had no idea when I went for lessons he told us when he gave us our November bills.  I was surprised and now I wanna go every day (but of course I wont or cant).

I don't know why I haven't been posting.  Even yesterday I totally had planned on making it and I had some pics too.  But left it till the last minute and today too is way late.  But at least I been doing something.  I got all my Christmas decorations pulled up from the basement (not all pulled out and put up yet, but still)  And I got myself a job cooking again tomorrow.  I didn't even go riding today.  I should have but wimped out cause it was kinda cold. I am kinda tempted to take all the ponies home for a month or so and just taking a break, but I also wanna take lessons and cant take lessons when I don't ride between them, that is just not fair to the pony and I wont get as much out of them either.  So I dunno what to do again.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lesson and Shopping

On Thursday night Char was going for another lesson, so I thought I might as well take a horse too.  I went a little early and rode Shasta first, and she was good again although she sure gets distracted easy but not too hard to convince her to focus again.  Then I hooked up the trailer and tacked up Razz and so when Char got there we were ready to go.

We got there and as we were putting our bridles on I asked Char if Doug was laughing at my paint horse yet and she said maybe, but when he come out he wanted to buy her!  I hadn't even gotten on her yet!!  He said he always wanted a black and white paint horse to turnback on.  And she was prettier than Lorne's.  I was quite suprised thats for sure.  Of all this work I been trying to sell every other horse and the one I don't want to sell someone wants.

We warmed up then I did the flag first and he does things a little differently, when the flag stops he wants the horse to stop straight with thier head bent, or at least looking at the flag, and no backing up.  So that took a while to get her over, but it was coming.  And he wants her kinda angled towards the flag the whole time cause she has a bad habit of drifting off (which I knew).  Then Char had a turn and Dude was being a little lazy so Doug had the flag moving really fast to hurry him up.

Then we went again and she was getting better, but I think I was getting better so I was asking her better.  I knew I was a little nervous and so my cues were not as strong or as quick as they should have been.  And with doing something different, I had to think and sometimes when I get to thinking what my hands should do I forget I have legs and vice versa.  But I was pretty happy with her for being in a strange place and me being nervous.

Char went again and then Doug got on Dude and got him moving a little better. Its harder with him cause he knows he  is supposed to follow the flag so he gets lazy and the ends and starts turning before the flag moves.  Again we lots of times practiced backing up after we stopped. But he said the flag isn't moving so we shouldn't be either.  Makes sense when he says it that way.  Sometimes he moved the flag slowly at first so we could back a step or two before turning with it.  His flag is variable speed so it was kinda cool that way.

Then yesterday I got up early (for me anyways) and headed to Calgary with my sister and we went down to the Christmas craft sale in the round up centre and then to Cross Iron Mills mall, and then to Walmart in Airdrie.  I got a bunch of Christmas shopping done (and a couple items for myself, oops!)  and lots more ideas, so it was a long but productive day.  Today is K and K's Christmas party day and so we are heading in there and I have only plans to buy a neoprene and maybe a felt saddle pad if they have one.  But they usually bring a bunch of new stuff out so I guess we will have to see.  I really try not to buy stuff for myself before Christmas but since there are really no other horse people in my family I hardly ever get tack unless I ask for something specific.  And its so much easier when its stuff they know what it it (like halters, lol)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decided....for now

(Front view, ignore the poop she is standing in didnt notice it till I picked her feet up)

Well thanks to riding Monday and all your guys helpful insight, I think I have decided.  I say think because good chance I may change my mind later on as circumstances change.  Since I have changed it soo many times in the past.  I am gonna keep Razz there all winter, as I am gonna take lessons on her and maybe show her till Kali is ready for me.  I am gonna take Shasta home (probly this weekend)  cause most of the stuff I want to do with her can wait till spring and she may come back for a few inside rides but otherwise she will probly end up being a ranch horse and whatever else I wanna do with her.  And I will keep Disco there till the end of the year and then decide what I am gonna do with her.  I want to give her a fair chance before I give up on her.  And I got the name of the guy who rode her last and am gonna phone him one evening and see if he has anything helpful for me to know.
(side view, from right side.  I love her feet :)

Monday night I went out in the pasture to catch my ponies and Shasta walked right up to me and I was gonna catch her but I could see Disco sneaking away, so I scratched Shasta and went to get Disco. She didn't want any part of that and started leaving faster. I let her go as long as she was headed to the corrals and away from Shasta.  After about 5 minutes she stops and walks up to me, so I scratch her and leave.  I was told she was hard to catch, and I am trying to break that habit in her but really that is about as hard as she has ever been to catch ever.  I don't think she knows she is supposed to be able to be caught in a pasture cause in the corral she just stands there while I walk up to her and catch her.  But she is learning. 
(left front after cleaning the poop out, sorry its so bright)

Then I got Razz and rode her, I was gonna go back out for Shasta but the arena was kinda slippery from all the melting snow so I stuck to just Razz.  And she was good as always and we didn't ride real long, but it was good.  It reminds me to not just let her pick the path, but that I can direct her where I want her to go when it is wet in there.  All these girls also got thier feet trimmed and since I been thinking of doing a post on feet I took Pics of Razz's feet before we rode.  I think she thought I was nuts but she was cooperative anyways.  I really like her feet, they are tough and even though they need to be trimmed about every 6 weeks in the summer, they still stay nice.
(left hind thats a little dirty)
Tuesday we went for birthday suppers, a little late, but it was at Tony Roma's endless ribs so it was good whatever the excuse.  Since my birthday is on the 27 (of October) and My Aunts is the 29th then my Sister is Nov 1, and her oldest boy the 6th, we celebrate them all together. 
(right front)
Then yesterday was all cold and snowy and Neil went to town and said the roads were really bad so I stayed home and worked more in the basement.  One day I will get done down there.  And today we have a lesson with Doug, and me and Razz are going too.  I am kinda nervous but I guess he will have to see me ride and I might as well see how he does it for when I get Kali back.
(right hind, I guess I shoulda taken pics after I rode maybe they woulda been cleaner
but it is kinda sark in the barn and I couldn't tell they were so dirty.)