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Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Branding

Well we are almost done branding season, I think we got two more left, one next Monday and the other I'm not sure they have a date yet but it will be after that.  On Saturday I headed over early (I had to get up at 5, which is way to early for my liking) to the ranch where I used to work.  I wasn't sure which horse to take, I kinda wanted to take Dinero, but caught Razz cause she was right by the gate and Dinero was about 1/4 mile away.  Since it was early although the sun was up I didn't want to walk that far.  Neil didn't round up, so I went and picked up a neighbor and we were on the gathering crew for the day. As I was riding out there, I realized it was Razz's first branding, it was good for her, lots of standing around saddled and waiting then riding then waiting again.

We started rounding up around 7 and got them in and sorted and then had breakfast and waited for everyone else to show up then we headed out to gather the second bunch.  This was a little bigger field and so took a little longer and we left a couple behind.  One was just born, still wet, and the other was kinda sick, Razz was standing right over the calf and it wouldn't get up so we left it behind too.  Once we got them in and sorted, we were waiting again for the rest of the crew.  They headed out and treated the calf after we had them all in.

The last bunch we went to gather and we walked out the gate and the cows saw us and headed for the gate before we got to the far end of the field, so we had to hurry up and catch up to the cows before they all went through the gate and came back.  Probly the easiest gather ever!  Nothing like cows getting themselves into the corrals. 

We had lunch then and waited again for the crew.  This time we stuck around but had nothing to do, so this is where I got lots of pictures.  I took a short video that kinda shows what's all involved and how quick it is.

There were a lot of people there because of the gathering crew and the branding crew so it was nice to get to visit with some people I don't see all that often.  Razz and I come accross her first dead animal.  She didn't know what to think of that and we got within 30 feet of the cow, so that's close enough.  Any closer and they smell too bad anyways. 

She sure likes that chasing cows.  I made her do a rollback after a cow that had turned back and we stopped and I could almost see the wheels in her head thinking it's the same as in the arena, just a lot bigger.  I hope it transfers over that we do the indoor stuff for a reason and its all the same no matter if its in or out.

Oh and the one lady I used to work for at the branding said she found my blog and was reading it, how cool!  I tell everyone about it, but seems like there are so many people who have no idea what a blog is until they read it a while.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Stills--Sepia or Black and White

This week our Sunday stills challenge has been to get shots in Sepia or Black and White, well what better subject than my mare and foal!  I really like the sepia tone, I think it makes the picures look like they are really old, so that is what I chose to do mine in.

I accidentally cut off Discos ears (oops).  But I liked the pic so I had to include it anyways.

Its a little harder to see her roan hip in the sepia tone though.  But in this photo you can sorta see it.  I am still taking contest entries for a name till the 30th so get yours in.

I tried to stay away from plants, although I did get grass, but last time I took a sepia picture it was a Christmas Cactus and in the picture it looks dead, so I avoided it this time.  But I had to add in this black and white girl as well.

And I sposse it doesn't count cause there is some green and pink in it as well, but had to add her.  For more go to Sunday Stills.

Friday, June 24, 2011


So since I been going out every morning to treat Razz's foot, I get lots of oppertunities for pics.  Sometimes it's kinda like a mob though.  I do sometimes get something kinda cool.

Kali was kinda an outcast, but now Disco has the foal, she kinda doesn't let anyone near here and so Kali is accepted into the other bunch.  Jazz would hang around Kali sometimes cause Kali doesn't pick on anyone.

Then when I get out there, thay all gather around cause I have something in my hands. It doesn't seem to matter its only a hoofpick and some koppersol, they have to smell it every time I go out there.
All it seems I get pics of when they are that close is noses.  Kali, Belle, Jazz and Razz.

So I thought why not feet, first Razz, and then Jazz,

Funny how much more black Jazz has than her mother and no cute spots either.  Just another fun day with my ponies.  It's pretty nice to not even have to halter Razz when I treat her foot she just stands there.  I think they are just happy to have someone to rub all the bugs off them.  I actually killed a horsefly yesterday out there, sure not looking forward to too many more of them around.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Branding

On Tuesday we headed up to another branding.  It was looking like a
really nice day till about half hour before the branding we got rain. 
Since he doesn't actually brand, we figured he would go anyways,
so we went to the corrals and sure enough he planned to do it then.

This horse had one of those belt bridles, sure looked cool on him.

He always gets a bunch of his friends to come and help and since it doesn't take long on the ground,  there was lots of room for ropers.

Sometimes there wasnt enough to do in the corral...

Except stand around visiting and drinking beer.

These two brothers wanted to help out, the younger one was marking th calves his mom vaccinated,

And this one was helping castrate.  I love the expression on his face!

They quit after a while and went to chase gohpers.

Sometimes there wasn't enough wrastlers so the roper held one end of the calf.

When the wrasters had to sit on the ground, they got a little muddy.

Jeans also got muddy from the rope when there was so chinks worn.

I like these chinks, not real fancy just enough so they arent plain.  Don't know how
she ropes without wearing gloves though.

Just had to end with this horses brand, thought it was unique.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday Stills and Fathers Day

This week I never posted Sunday Stills cause I was too late and then the internet never worked yesterday, so here are my birds.

First a sparrow hanging around the driveway and then 2 different birds on the windbreak in the calf corral.

Then I was driving by and all the birds on the fence that the filly was looking
at was too cute so I had to add it in.

And I wasn't home Sunday cause it was Fathers Day and I went to Calgary to
celebrate with my family.  Here is my Stepdad Clint's gift from me.  Its an
 eagle statue that goes in the garden but he was having fun making
it drink from the water jug.

And here he is with gifts from my sister, a golf game and a giant golf ball that
 is a bank, he thought that was pretty cool!

And my Grampa, we all went together to get him a shaver and a Tim Hortons
gift card, he thought it was too much but hes worth it!

And my sisters boyfriend Rob, she and the boys got him a pasta maker,
he was so excited he wanted to leave the resteraunt right then and go use it.

All in all it was a fun day and I am just glad that my internet is working
again so I can keep posting. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

She's Here

Well yesterday morning I had to take Kali to ge her feet done and so since I am catching Razz everyday, supposed to be twice a day to treat her foot for thrush, I took both of them with me.  As I walk out the gate, Neil says you got  another horse out there.  I said no I never seen one, but Disco was laying down and I never got her up and turns out she had a baby next to her laying down as well.   Soooo of course I had to go back out and check.  Its bay roan and I think its a filly.  I say think cause Disco wouldn't let me touch it, she let me walk up to her and scratch her, but kept the foal on the other side of her while I was that close.  I shoulda brought a halter, but since I didn't, I am not gonna worry about it now.
This morning I got a better look and it is for sure a filly.
So I took a few pictures, treated Razz's foot and loaded up and left.  It was raining overnight here, but we only got a couple tenths.  I sure was glad that we never had as much as they did over in Dalum where I went for the trimming.  They had 3/4 last night and probly half inch this morning, it sure is soggy over there.

We trimmed up Kali, was thinking of putting shoes on her cause her feet are so flat, but she hasn't been tender so far and her feet trim up nice as long as we keep her on schedule, so no shoes for now, which is what I prefer.

Afterwards, since he has a big riding arena there, we rode.  First Kali and she was really good, kinda leans her body out towards the gate for the first couple minutes I ride, but after putting a leg on her a couple times while passing it, she is good to go.  She has a lot more energy and is getting more responsive, pretty nice, I sure like her.

Then I traded saddles and got on Razz.  First time I rode her since she got sore at the beginning of the month.  She is so awesome.  Still has a hard time rating her lope, but even when going super fast and looks out of control, she will stop within a step or two of me saying whoa and using no reins.  So that is an improvement and I can't complain about that. She has figured out when I ask her to slow down at the trot, but needs more lope work.

Then I headed home and had to look at the baby again :)  So the contest I am thinking of, for the prize of the stapler I need a name for her.  Her dam is Play like Disco and the sire is Redford's Blue Chip.  Not sure what kinda of name I am thinking of, I haven't thought much about one so far so I need help.  Can be a registered name or just a barn name, give me some ideas!  I will pick my favorite one and that will be who the prize goes too.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

All The stuff I missed this past week

This past week has been kinda crazy and busy and I have been trying to keep posted on whats been going on, but I somehow got behind, so here is a catch up post on the leftovers from the week.

I finally got my garden in, it has been slow going cause its either to wet or I am too busy, but its all in now and I am hoping it will be a late frost cause otherwise everything may not be ready in time, but we will have to see.

And the foaling contest, since I messed up on her breeding dates and so had no idea on her foaling dates, I will change the contest so it will be a name the baby contest, coming tommorow!!!

I also got a package from the Paint Horse Association and I thought it would be Jazz's papers, but turns out I got my award for riding Razz 100 hours (I actually got the hundred hours in March).  I got a certificate, a mug, and a 10% off gift certificate to use to buy something from thier store.  Kinda cool!

I also got this vaccum sealer for Christmas that I had asked for.  I never used it yet cause I thought I would need to do lots for it to be worth while to pull out.  I sealed all the meat that was left over from our branding, and it was so simple and easy, I would sure pull it out for only a bag or two to seal in.

And it must be spring/summer here now, the weather has finally started warming up, I dug out all my shorts and tank tops and even wore them one day!  And it seems like every afternoon we have been getting a thunderstorm, not necessarily any rain, but thunder and lightning and dark skies and it cools off quite a bit.

Oh and I finally brought Kali home again. This time I think she is gonna stay for the summer.  I took her to a branding yesterday and hope to do lots of riding in the cows with her.   She is pretty good, a little afraid of cows looking at her, but she will get over that, and she wouldn't cross water, but I'm sure she will get over that too.  She stood tied to the trailer with the cows milling around and she was a little worried but not too bad, probly good for her.

Oh and I got asked if I am liking Dinero more now that I have used him on cows, and I do have to say he is really nice on cows and on a trail ride, but still not really what I want.

And I got my book in the mail as a prize for winning the foaling contest at Fern Valley Appaloosas,  Thanks Sherry it is such a cool book!