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Sunday, February 24, 2019

More Ponies and Crafting

Seems all I do these days is crafts.  I been crocheting of course, cant show my last make till next week as its a gift, but I also made a shawl and a sweater and a baby blanket.  Since I signed up for a craft sale in May I want a few things made up that I can have there,  Also gonna make some unicorn purses, some baskets, scrubbies, dishcloths, scrunchies and face cleaners.  Also gonna have some wood stuff there too.  Not sure what as there is still a 4 foot drift in front of my wood shop so its out of use for now. 

But its been -20 or colder everyday (except 1) since the first of February so I turned out Pally and I had planned for Rayne to go to the trainer on Feb 6th for a couple months, get started and going good so when its nice (ish) here in April I can ride out on her.  Well it was -34 when we were supposed to load and so I wimped out and we decided he wasn't doing much anyways so wait till the next week.  A little warmer, only -21 and Rayne was so good, shes kinda a pleaser anyways which helps a lot.  but shes only been loaded once before when I went to pick her up.  So I asked Neil if he would help and I brought Jessie too.  we walked up tot he trailer, I had shavings down and she thought she would eat them silly girl.  I could get her front feet in without even asking but she wouldn't take those last two steps and she just stood there.  I tried bribing her with cookies which I don't normally do but it was cold!  Anyways swung my lead rope and she backed out but no biggie, just walked front feet in and stood again, not worried just hanging out.  I was cold, Neil was cold and I finally said to Neil you have any ideas I don't know what to do.  and kinda just gave up.  Well up she hopped in.  So lots of scratches and there was a hay bag there too and we tied her up and closed the door.  All in all was only 15 minutes, I was surprised at that felt much longer.  Got there and we put her in the indoor arena to run around and she was excited to run without snow and ice everywhere it was funny.  He said he does that a lot then they can check out everything and its not a scary new place when he takes them in there.  We visited a while then I headed home and got home before dark and turned out Jess.  Got an update the other day, they did say I can ask but I don't wanna bug them everyday, well I sorta do but trying not too.  He said she was pushy and tried to run him over which I knew she definitely did try that here too but he said shes coming along pretty good. 
(Dixon and Huck)

(Rayne and Jessie)

(George, Jax, Nita, Razz)

(Huck and Dixon)

Otherwise just feeding colts and trying to stay warm.  And started up paint class again, started with something fun Luigi :)


TeresaA said...

Wow, those crochet crafts are stunning. You are very talented.

Shirley said...

You look great in purple!
Yes you sure have been busy, I guess that's a good thing with all that cold you've been getting.
Rayne is a pretty girl! I hope she does well at the trainers ans is easy for you to ride when the time comes.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

I love the sweater! Nicely done.Its been so cold A nice handmade sweater is just the ticket!