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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Stills --Bitter

Well it was pretty hard for me to take pics of bitter this week.  After Sunday got kinda nice and so waited till today in which it looks bitter out but in reality was really warm.  Sun is even trying to come out now.  But we headed to East Coulee for breakfast, I love there Sunday breakfasts, once a month we try to go every time.
(the river)

(no snow on the grass)

(water filling the ditches)

(and mud, yuck)

Friday was so warm down in the valley, between Dorothy and East coulee, the grass was showing even the river was melting.  Was warm here to but not quite enough to lose all our snow but it sure shrank down.  And now is back up again.
(Dorothy hill, I like when I'm not driving :) )



(and closest)

(and back home starting to clear up)

Still snowing but the sun is trying to come out, we will see how the rest of the week goes, Im hoping for warm of course :)  All week been thinking about bitter, other thing it reminds me of is old people, specially old ladies don't know why they can be so bitter (not all of course) Must be regreting stuff not done I always figure.  Hope next week is more cheerful ;)


Shirley said...

Glad it wasn't too bitter for you! I too have known my share of bitter old folks, fortunately not right now. It's sad when people hold grudges.

Country Gal said...

The only thing that has been bitter is our winds we have had other then that the sun has been shining the snow has been little and all is good, rain for Wed and +4 temps odd for us here though but I am not complaining ! Lovely photos ! Hope the sun comes out there and the snow you just got melts down again . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

Linda said...

Looks bitter on the way home...I'll have to check out breaks in East Coulee, I've gone through but never stopped. I dislike bitterness and jealousy in any age...I guess if I see it in someone young I'd cringe meeting up with them when they're old.