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Monday, March 4, 2019

Still Winter

Seems like everyone has stuff going on and so boring here.  Well I'm not that bored but sure no horsey stuff going on besides these cute boys :)

(Dixon will drink right out of the pail, head all the way in past his eyes)

Otherwise just more crochet and book folding and I took a quilting class last week and we made table runners.  I got mine all pieced together but not quilted and binded cause my sewing machine is at the doctors and I borrowed one to use for the day but he wanted it back.  They said there is one at the school I can use when I go on Thursday nights for craft night but I probly wont, hopefully wont be too long till I get mine back. 
(I didn't mean for it to be baby looking but it kinda turned out that way)

Also made this baby blanket for a shower, they are both big hunters, it went over well as they had steer heads already decorating her room, with flowers on them.  Different but that's ok.

Heard back from Rayne and she was pushy, which I knew but shes better and progressing nicely, I may go down this week if it warms up and see her.

And biggest news is I sold Easy.  Sad that is my cutting dreams for this year but I put the money in a gic for when Dixon goes.  Which I talked to him about taking him, he would prefer started and wants him in March or April next year.  Kinda excited. Anyways Easy sold to a gal doing high school rodeo, they also ranch and he said shes a good hand so that's good. I may have to keep track of her and go see him this at a show.  Will miss the silly bugger although makes my life freeer and have many plans for this summer already in place :)


TeresaA said...

I feel that every day I get up and look outside and say 'it's still winter'. LOL

your craft projects are always so nice. Congratulations on selling Easy.

Shirley said...

I think it is totally unfair to be this cold in March! Spring is only 2 weeks away!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

waiting on spring here too. So tired of this winter