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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Bit on The Trail

Last Friday night I went to my Mom's for scrap booking.  She holds it once a month at the church in Olds.  I have missed quite a few the past year and I am so far behind so I went.  She holds it from about 4 till midnight, come as long as you can.  And since I was in Calgary that afternoon, I got there about 4:30, so was pretty happy with that.  I worked hard and got quite a bit done, but am still about a year behind.  I only stayed till about 11:30 and so got home a little before 2.  I am not used to staying up that late anymore.

Saturday we decided to get together after lunch and go for a trail ride.  I was gonna ride Jessie and pony Razz since the 2 of them are attached at the hip and the both needed exercise anyways.  As we got there, Susan had both her kids there so the one decided to ride Jessie and I would ride Razz as long as Susan had a bridle for me.  She asked what I wanted and I said I guess a snaffle cause I knew she didnt have a hackmore.  Well turns out she didn't have a snaffle either.  So i borrowed a very mild curb (just a  small wide port and shorter shanks) and I put it on Razz and once I got it shortened up she seemed OK with it.  Char even noticed she didn't seem so mouthy and grouchy as she is with a snaffle.  So I asked her to back up a few times and just moved her around and she was OK, didn't really know what was going on but not upset.  So I climbed on and away we went.

Both Susan's and Char's dogs come along, they get along really well and just kinda stay close to the horses.  Its good exercise for them too, although Susan's dog only wants to go for a short trip around the field, specially if there is anyone in the yard still.

Jessie was good as always, although I forgot to mention she doesn't stand still (oops, I just am used to it now I guess cause it used to really bother me)  And both of them didn't even care if we never rode near each other so that made me happy.

Razz tried eating lots, but I kinda just let her do it as long as we stayed up with the others cause I wasn't sure how much I wanted to pull on her yet with the new bit.  Across the summer fallow fields there is not much to eat except dandelions and I guess they must taste good too. And we rode up beside Duchess and they nickered at each other, I think they must remember being together over the winter, was cute.

All in all it was about 2 1/2 hours and was nice to get out.  Not quite a show, but non the less I got to Ride so it was a good day.  Then after I got home and had supper we headed out to a hoedown.  I had never been to a hoedown before so we went up and it was a lot of fun, even if it was kinda cold but they had a bonfire.  And again never got home till after 2.  So Sunday was a stay at home do nothing day.  But now I am into branding season big time.  We are going to our first one tonight, then another Thurs, and then Sun, ours Mon, Wed, and Thurs.  Then a couple days off, but Neil's Mom and Dad's anniversary party is Sat so we are headed in Fri to set up then the party and more branding the Monday after.  And tomorrow I get to go help move cows again, I think I am gonna take Jessie, will have to see how that goes, but I'm sure it will be fin.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Stills -- Music Groups or Songs in Pictures

This week Sunday Stills was about picking a music group or a song and depict it in a picture.  So I got one of each after having lots of fun thinking up what I could pick.

First of all I got a song by Garth Brooks, it actually come on the radio and I thought since I was drivin by I would stop and get a pic.

And the second is a band and so I got Neil to park side by side.  Don't know if they were thinking of John Deere, but that's what we got so that is what is in the picture.

  Since both should be pretty obvious even if you don't listen to country music I will let you guess.  For other people choices, check out Sunday Stills.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Ya know that feeling when you have so much to do that you don't even want to do anything?  Well that's how I feel this summer.  All I wanted to do this summer was ride and show.  And again I am doing all this other stuff that other people want me to do.  I should be in Ponoka this week at a cutting show, but no of course I am at home and headed off to Calgary this afternoon to get my passport then to Olds for my Moms scrap booking.

The passport is for our trip to California which I did want to do like 2 years ago but its not at all like I wanted.  I wanted to drive down and see stuff on the way, instead my sister decided her boys would be bad in the car (which they never are) and so now we are flying and I will miss most of what I wanted to do anyways so I will have to go again if I wanna see it the way we should be this time.  I don't have my garden in but that's probly OK cause it would just die when I am gone anyways.

And after having my trailer in the shop for 2 weeks when I thought it would be like 3 days made me miss out on last weekends show and lessons.  And I missed getting the ponies to the chiro too.  I hope I can get a hold of the massage lady soon and maybe she will come out here and save me some time, but that means 2 days off for the horses afterwards.

And speaking of ponies, I still have Jazz to start and Disco and Bailey and Kali to ride and more to do with Magic.  I don't know when that is all gonna happen, maybe I should just turn out Razz and get some others in and give her the summer off.

And I waited on others to go to lessons and I shoulda just gone, I guess I am gonna have to be more proactive (can't believe I used that word!) and just do stuff I wanna do even if I have to do it alone.  Seems no one cares if we actually go to shows, they just want to lesson. But I don't.  I really enjoy the showing and lessons are a way to get there but I want to know I can do it under stress too.

We are branding on the 4th and so I am missing the show next weekend too cause its from the 1st to 3rd and there is no way I would be able to get ready for branding if I was gone 3 days before.  And probly do bad at the show cause thinking about stuff I need to get done at home.  Although yesterday I did get most of the groceries bought, except a few veggies and other fresh stuff.  I was trying to get the passport done in Brooks at thier office but she wouldn't take it cause she said I wouldn't have it back in time.  I am sure I would but she is making me go to Calgary today and therefore I am gonna miss riding today as well.  And I hate going to Brooks anyways so I was even more annoyed at having to go there for no reason.

And then branding season here is starting next Thursday and so I will just be on the go for that. But at least I get to ride most of them, especially the one where Neil usually rides but he is going to a meeting and wont be back till they are rounded up, but I will take his place :))  And on the 9th we are having an anniversary party for Neil's Mom and Dad and we are going in the day before to set everything up.  Thought it was gonna be just a simple dinner and drinks evening but I don't know anymore.

I feel kinda bad not wanting to do stuff other people want to do, but there is just no enough time in a day to get everything done, especially in the summer cause its so short.  I think people should plan stuff to do in the winter when its cold and I run out of stuff to do ;)

Although on Monday I headed down to Linda's and helped them move a herd of cattle to another field.  I took Razz and she was full of energy and its my own fault for not riding her more, but she was really good.  I sure like her.  I shoulda took Jessie but I didn't know how much work it would be and Jessie has never done that before, but maybe next time.

Sorry bout going on and on, but I just feel like I don't get to do anything I want anymore, but now its out of my system and hopefully I can move on.  All these pics are from Monday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So Sunday night was supposedly and eclipse.  And I checked it out and it said it would be seen above Calgary between 6:04 and 7:14.  I realized we are not in Calgary so I figured a little leeway either side should be good. I went out about 6:15 and nothin was going on, but it was also hazy so kinda hard to see.  But I got a couple pics anyway and got a cloud over it which I thought was the eclipse till it went away and I realized it wasn't dark enough so I looked at the pics and saw it was a cloud.

But while I was out there, I was standing by the horse gate and saw Disco there.  She saw me too, but she  isnt a tattler and just went back to eating after seeing me just standing there not coming in.  She is so pretty, I should be  riding her too.

While Disco was grazing there was this little bird out there right by her nose and Disco kept pushing it away it was real cute and the bird never left.  I wonder if its the ones who eat bugs.

I was trying to get some pics of Jazz without her knowing I was there cause otherwise she is too close, but she wasn't very cooperative, I did get her itching

And then I thought I had been spotted here

But nope, she just kept on grazing, there sure is a lot of grass out there.  And then after a few more sun pics, she definitly did spot me.

And of course starts heading over to me.  Which I am not complaining about, but hard to get pics of.  But on the way she got distracted by Disco needing some scratches.

And a few more shots of clouds over the sun.

And a a far away shot about 7 that definitely has no eclipse, but almost a sundog.

I guess I will have to wait for another eclipse to get better pics.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Stills -- Pink

This week we need to blog about Pink, I love pink so that is no problem for me :)  I coulda probly taken pics of anything I own and it would have pink in it.  But I started with my horn bags that I tested out of Jessie the other day.  Of course they don't bother her, even when I open zippers and pull stuff out, she don't care.

Then I did mention I won some fuzzy reins on Facebook, but I also got a headstall in an auction and since the conchos on it are pink I thought they might go together.  Not sure who its for, but might be Jessie's trail bridle.  Was thinking of putting something different on for trail/ranch work and just keep her show bridle for shows.  Even though pink isnt the best color on her.

I know Shirley suggested the pink for Razz, but I don't use a bit on her, so she has different reins.  I was gonna just do a photo shoot of her with them, but she hates the snaffle, so there would probly be grouchy ears, lol.  Even though the pink looks real nice on her.  Was planning on getting Kali out to show the whole pink outfit, cause her bridle has the pink crystals in it, but she was always at the far end of the pasture when I went out and I was lazy, so just got a pic of the bridle.

And of course my favorite pink saddle pad.

And my pretty boots, which were town boots, but very quickly will be made into riding boots.

And as I was walking through our yard, the bush I hated that I thought was a lilac is actually a honeysuckle and its dying cause its on top of an ant hill, but anyways it was starting to bloom and its pink.

And then as I was picking up my trailer yesterday afternoon I noticed I had my pink roll of toiletpaper in there.  Never know when its necessary.

For other people's pink pics, check out Sunday Stills.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Any Day to Ride is A Good Day

Yesterday I finally got another ride on Jessie.  I was gonna go Wed but at 6:30 I go out and it felt humid out and I was kinda lazy so I just brushed them and left.  And it was a good choice cause about half hour later I was in the house and the wind picked up and it tried to spit and was nasty all night.  So I was glad I didn't get caught in it.

So I caught both girls today and they get to eat grass while I brush and saddle.  Today I put on my saddle bags filled with water and my camera. I decided not to bring Razz just in case she pulled on my sore finger.  She stayed back in the pen by Magic.  I went out east of the yard and was not really going anywhere.  I thought I would go down to where the heifers were in the creek but thought I better not since the new bull was in the pasture beside them and the other bulls got chased up by the yard for testing this morning.  I was worried if I went down there they would follow me up and its less trouble if they stay down there till they get moved this afternoon.

Anyways we walk out and saw the heifers in the creek.  It sure is pretty down there when its green.  I sometimes forget cause I see it mostly when its yellow.  Jessie saw our neighbors house and not sure if she thought it was our house or what, but I went to head home and we got about halfway there and she wanted to head back, so I let her and we got there and she was right confused.  I had a good laugh at her and headed her in the right direction again and we finally made it back to the yard.

When we got home, I saw the saskatoon bushes were blooming, I guess that means the ones in the creek are too, I might have to head down there tommorow or something.
(I sure like this bridle on her, wasn't sure cause
 it was lighter that it would blend in)
By the time I got home it was 6:30 and Neil had just got home so I unsaddled her and got a pic of that weird white spot on her belly that I seen a few weeks ago but it was hard to get the pic cause it was so bright outside and dark under her belly.  But I got it, sorta blurry.  I will try to get a better one when its not so bright out.  Wish Jazz had a spot like that so she would qualify for regular Paint registry.

But before I took the saddle on I got a pic of the way her breastcollar fits, it sits right along the shoulder and I just love it.  Pretty impressed when I just picked it out at the store and come home and it sure was nice.  I think it helps the d rings to attach it are high too, Kinda want to fix my cutting saddle so its like this too.

And since I woke up to temps of +2 and a half inch of rain overnight, we decided to call off the bull testing and do it Wed and doubt I will ride today unless it warms up a lot.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Work

Been working Magic and she has a hissy fit and we kinda went backwards a little I think, but we might be on the right track again.  I had to know it would happen, specially since I just talked to her previous owner and said how good she was doing, then she goes and proves me wrong.  Maybe it was me, maybe I shouldn't have plans when I go work with her.  But all I wanted to do was catch her and let her eat some grass outside her pen.  But I walked in and right up to her as usual and she was good, then I scratched her and as soon as I touched her mane she freaked out.  So I went back and she was fine till I touched her mane again.  (not really just her mane, but where her mane grows, just set my hand on top of her neck)  So forget all that and we had a roundpen session and I was hot and she was hot and after about 2 hours we got back where we started at.  So I quit.  And the next day she was really good, so don't know if it was a bad day or what but  I did not like it.  And worst of all I got a blister than peeled off, looks really gross but don't hurt that much.

And today (2 days later) looks so much better and still don't hurt much.  If the blister hadn't peeled off I'm pretty sure it would be healed by now, but I guess that's how it goes.

And I won a contest on Facebook and got the awesome reins from Fuzzytastic reins, although I should save the pic for our Sunday stills, but I might get them in use for it :)  

Neil has been fixing fence cause we get our bulls tested on Friday and they need to go in a different field, closer to the house so we can keep an eye on them.  They got in with the heifers yesterday so hopefully no disasters next spring.  They will be west of my north (Bailey, Kals, George) horses and an electric fence between them.  It works quite well just having the fence electrified on that side cause the cows will be on the other side of the horse pasture so even if the bulls see them they cant do anything about it.  And we got a bull delivered yesterday, he is already tested and good to go. And the company finally come picked up the haybine Neil traded for the Bobcat RTV (we call him Bob, lol)  Neil also finished seeding and got all that put away.

And we picked June 4th for branding so will be kinda busy between now and then.  Not sure about the branding date cause I really wanted to got to the show on June1-3 but then brand the next day could be kinda busy.  Of course we don't start till 4 ish so I have most of the day and a lot of the stuff can be made ahead so I will see how it will work.  I am hopefully picking up my trailer this week then its off to as many lessons as I can get to before then.  I am obviously not showing this weekend :(  but I may go down and watch a bit if Susan wants to come with me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Day Away

Yesterday i headed into Calgary to go shopping with my sister.  It was 50% off at Value Village and her boys needed summer clothes.  She got them a whole lot of shirts and shorts.  And we had to look for ourselves while we were there and I ended up with 1 pair of capris, 2 pair of shorts, 7 shirts, a dress and a couple facecloths all for $39!  I was pretty happy, but now I gotta get rid of some of the stuff I have to make room.
I drove by the same spot with the big metal horse and my sister tried to get a pic of it, but its hard when driving, but he looks so cool!

On my way home I stopped at K and K and was looking for a smaller bosal to ride Razz in so I can get her into the two rein and eventually the bridle.  And they had one, and the felt pads I love.  But they didn't have any hangers or reins I wanted so not a big deal, I can make the hanger and guess will have to find reins elsewhere.  I also found this conditioner I never heard of before but the best thing about it is that it can be left in.  So I don't have to worry so much about getting it all out.  Figured it might help Jessie and her dandruff.  They don't carry the step 4 feed I wanted either, but I think UFA might.

I came home and last night headed out to Pollockville for a ladies hair and makeup night.  I thought I should go cause I don't do much community stuff cause just not interested.  And this was OK.  I did learn a few new simple ways to do my hair, but the makeup stuff I had all heard before and since I don't wear it very often just wasn't what I wanted.  But I did get to visit with some of the ladies I just sometimes feel like an outsider cause I didn't grow up here and I don't have kids, so I lots of people I don't know or not real well anyways.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Stills -- Commercial Vehicles

Well this Sunday is all about commercial vehicles, but since I didn't go anywhere this week I am going to use some farm vehicles that are delivery vehicles as well.  I shouldn't really use that as an excuse cause 4 miles from us is the wide load highway in Alberta and coulda gone over there to get some pics but didn't.

First off is an archive pic from March when I took Shasta to get a video of her.  Its my stock trailer.  I have to use an archive cause right now its in the shop getting new u-bolts and bearing and brakes and lights.  Will almost be like new when I get it back (hopefully this week)  This trailer has been used to haul cattle, horses as well as for moving and many many other things, its just a handy size.

Then Neil's truck and a neighbors trailer he borrowed cause it was wider than ours.  He went to Redcliff and picked up a garden shed he found on Kijiji and is gonna use it to put over our pump for the stock waterers so it is not down in a hole where is gets flooded and is awkward to work in.

And lastly is our really old 3 tonne.  Neil was giving it a good washing and tomorrow he is gonna fill it with oats and go farming.  We only farm 60 or so acres so it don't take much seed or much time, but still gotta have the equipment around.

For more, check out Sunday Stills.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Yard and Garden Tour

So yesterday I got out my lawn mower cause I figured I had better cut the garden before the grass in there is over my eyelids so I go get the mower out and it has no gas in so I fill it up and pull it over by the step so Neil can get it going for me.  Most gas mowers/equipment I argue with the first time they get started for the year then we are OK after that.  Well I thought I will just try it once, so I primed in and on the first pull it started!  I was really shocked.  This is a mower my Mom and Clint bought me last summer at a yard sale for $30, so even more impressed.

Well that kinda sucked after all cause I have to drive across the lawn to get to the garden and can't just leave one path mowed, so I did the whole lawn too.  That took about an hour and after round-uping before that I was exhausted and it was only lunch time.

Well I had lunch and a break and figured I better get the garden done since that was the original plan.  I wasn't gonna do the lawn till next week cause it wasn't that long yet.  At least the garden only takes 20 min or so to mow.  The garden plot hasn't been worked yet and I am not sure if I am gonna plant much this year maybe just some lettuce and work on improving the rest of the dirt in there, work it up a few more times and add some manure and it hopefully will be nicer next year.  But it will be hard for me to not grow anything.  So I will see.  In the col frame I think I will fill with dirt and plant my strawberries.  I am not sure where the Blueberry, Raspberry and Blackberry will go yet.

Then I got looking around in there at how stuff is progressing and I got a look at my favorite crab apple tree, which is not close to blooming yet, it just got its leaves a couple days ago.  It seems to me that its later than last year, but I never remember.

Then I thought I would check on the two evergreens I planted last fall.  The little one is still little but it looks like its still alive.

But the bigger one I thought was dead earlier this spring but now it has some green needles growing back.

and the other mystery tree I got from Neil's Mom last spring seems to have survived as well.

And this lilac bush I hate so much cause its mostly dead and its not real nice, but I am gonna trim it up a bunch and hopefully get rid of most of the dead stuff and then we will see how it looks.

And the olive bush (I think) looks better than last year but still needs some trimming cause it catches on me as I mow.

and this poplar tree is dying and I wish I could cut the whole tree down, but Neil just want so cut the top half off, but I am pretty sure that the rest is gonna die really soon, but I guess we will cut it down then.

And the oak trees are not even close to getting leaves yet.

But the elm trees are my favorites, I like the height and the whole tree although they look weird with those lumps on them.

So I got a close up of the lumps and there are leaves coming out the ends of them.

I will get pics later this summer and see how much better they look fully leaved out.