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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Regular Unscheduled Day

I got thinking this morning that I sometimes feel like a 12 year old girl.  I know sounds crazy, but as many times as I change outfits in a day it makes me wonder sometimes.  Every morning when I get up I usually have a little breakfast and check the computer then go out to do chores.  I have to change to put barn clothes on cause I wear flannel Jammie's and hay sticks to them really well (or I wouldn't bother changing)  then I come in and relax till about 10 when it is exercise time (4 days a week anyways) and so I am changing again into my workout clothes.  Afterwards I usually have a shower and get lunch ready and decide what to have for supper and get it out of freezer. 

After lunch Neil always has a nap so I try to be quiet, either computering or doing something outside.  I like to go riding then cause then there are no disturbances from whatever he is doing in the yard.  If I am going to town or ride elsewhere I usually change again cause I want cleaner clothes than just barn clothes.  After supper not much happens unless I am going for a lesson or something.  It would be nice to have scheduled lessons, but Doug just wants us to always phone when we can come.  I guess that works better in the winter cause depending on roads and weather we may not know till last minute if we are going.

It is hard for me to have a schedule, I am pretty used to doing things when I want to.  I generally try to have lunch at 12 and supper ready by 6, but it doesn't always happen.  Neil is pretty accommodating and he has no problem making himself a sandwich if I am not home.  It is easier in the summer when I can spend more time outside and I generally have chores everyday.  It makes me be more scheduled that way, but when all my horses are on pasture I don't worry about feeding times. Although sometimes its worse cause there is more daylight hours so I forget what time it is when I get busy.

And now I requested a invite to Pinterest even though I probly shouldn't cause now I can just see spending more and more time on there.  Although it looks so cool I dont know how I am gonna be able to stay away.  So many categories of interest there.  And now I know lots of people who have stuff on there and yikes I am afraid to get my invite accepted, lol.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Jessie's Home!

Yesterday I went over to Dougs with Charlene and met up with Jessie and her previous owner.  I paid for her, got her papers and she is now mine!  I rode her along with Char in a lesson, but I didnt work cows cause I wanna get her in better shape before she works so hard and dont want her to get injured.  I am pretty happy with her so far.  Last night it was dark when we got home and she just stepped out of the trailer and past the bale feeder Neil had set up in front of his shop and the bale for her and over 2 pipes on the ground and she never even looked around.  I let her loose in the corral and she just walked over to the water trough like she knew exactly where she was going.  I fed her and headed in for the night.

This morning I go out to do chores and as soon as I walk outside, she nickered, how cute that was.  She was a  little sad the other horses are so far away and probly pretty different from everywhere she has been before but she seems to be adjusting well.  So after lunch today I thought I had better take her for a ride since it was absolutly beautiful out.  So nice out I rode in a hoodie without a toque or gloves on and I was sweating!

I caught her easily and saddled her and of we walked out the yard no problem.  I was a little nervous but she just walked where ever I asked her to go.  I did ask her to trot for a short time but I was not relaxed so it was kinda awkward, but she never got upset so I was okay with that.  I am really bad at riding alone outside cause I get bored real easy.  In an arena I can always think of lots of things to do, but outside I just like to wander and visit unless there is actual work to do.

I even took a short video of her walking out there and I was not out very long, only about 30 minutes and even so I was pretty happy.  Although yesterday they said they want to see her skinnier next time I come so she is on a kinda diet and I am gonna have to ride a little more to get her in shape too, but for a first ride in a strange place I was really happy with it.

Tomorrow Char is going for another lesson and not sure if I will go with her or try to talk Susan into coming out here and so we can go riding together, if its as warm as this I would certanly not mind going out for longer.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Stills--Natures Frames

This week our  Sunday Stills is nature making a frame around something.  I tried not to use any ideas that were given, so it took me a few days to think about it and I got that since its winter snow covers so much and so that was my basic idea.  First I go to the grass that is peeking through the snow

And then I see the cat tracks which were hard to get with being white on white

And as I go a little farther I saw the coyote tracks which were easier to get cause the snow was shallower and the paws were bigger

And then I look up and see the sun was even framed by the clouds, so I got that as well.

Wasnt as hard as I first thought it would be.  For more Check out Sunday Stills.  Oh and the bird from last week that was unidentified, my Step Dad Clint (bird watcher extrordinaire) says he thinks it might be a non breeding snow bunting.  Looks to me like they are more green than the pic in the book, but I dont know anything about birds and they sounds reasonable so thats what I am going with.

Friday, January 27, 2012

More About Cutting

So I got thinking again, scary I know, and not everyone knows what cutting is or understands the thrill of it.  We were talking about it today at another one of Chars lessons.  And there is ussually not a lot of spectators at a cutting event because it wasn't exactly a thrilling event to watch unless you cut or its a really good run.  But there is nothing like watching a really good run, or riding one. So I thought I would post a video about cutting.  It is made by the NCHA (national cutting horse association) and so kinda promotes joining it, but also some good horses to be seen in it (and a paint :)

And thought just for fun I would put in a video of the 2011 NCHA Futurity Champion  Todd Gann on Chief Red Warrior.  Its kinda a cool video cause the rider talks us through the ride.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chars Lesson

On Tuesday night we went back to Doug's and Char had another lesson on Dude.  She is taking him home at the end of the month and so wants as many lessons on him to get him correct before that happens.  She was struggling with him stopping on the ends before turning and she is way better now, she is riding him better and he is responding really well.  And since I wasn't riding, I got to take some pictures of them.

She walked outside to put her saddle in the truck and he just watched her the whole time.  I think he likes her :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Well since I run out of time yesterday, I have to write all about Jessie today so the wordless day is gonna have to wait till tomorrow cause I can't.  On Monday Jessie went in for her pre-purchase exam.  He says she is well conformed for a cutter, short back, nice neck and good croup.   They did the flexion test and she was sound on the straightaway on pavement and on the circles every fourth or fifth stride she was a little wonky but she come out of it within a couple times.  And she seemed a little stiff in the right knee (not sore, just stiff when flexing) even though it tested clean they x-rayed it and there is nothing there.  They also did x-rays of her feet and they show nothing out of the ordinary.  Her left foot is a little turned in but nothing he said he would worry about now.  He said no signs of arthritis, no rotation of coffin joint, but a little irritation on end of coffin bone but that is normal for a 7 year old horse.

He said her hocks were really good, and the only thing he was a little concerned about was the growth rings on her feet were uneven, which can say digestive upset.  But after talking to the owner, he said it is more likely because she is the boss mare and so her feed is probly gobbled down when they are being fed and she gets more than she needs,and then she evened out when on pasture so not too much to worry about.  He did suggest I wear shoes on her front feet if we are doing anything serious though. 

All in all he says she is low to medium risk and would probly be a good horse for me.  He said if I want to show twice a month and do some lessons  she would be fine, but if I wanted to go to Fort Worth (BIG show) then probly too intense for her.  And since I doubt I would make it there (or could afford it) I don't think that's a problem.

So I guess I am getting a new horse!!!!!!  I haven't decided what I am gonna do with her yet, I may bring her home for a week this Sunday and ride her a couple times in Brooks and a couple times a home if its nice out, and go back for lessons next weekend when Charlene's horse comes home we might board in East Coulee where she has a heated barn and then they will stay in overnight and go out during the day (if she has room there).

I got to get her in better shape before doing too much with her and I think that wont take too long, probly a couple weeks and then I don't know what will go on, hopefully some small shows and stuff before spring when everything and everybody starts to get competitive.  I also signed myself up for a Leon Harrel clinic in August and hopefully by then I will have a good idea of what I need to work on with her and be able to ride her better.  I am still definitly gonna keep taking lessons, once or twice a week.  Should be fun!  Now I just gotta wait till Sunday, it seems so faaaaaar away.

Also yesterday morning I had coffee with Susan and Lu.  I havent seen Lu in a real long time and it was nice to get back together.  Where we are thinking of boarding is where Lu has her horse so maybe I will get to ride with her a few times again too.  That would be good.  We are also gonna try to get together more often for coffee.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Award

Well Last week I got an award from Our Country Cove Life and it is the Liebster Award, which means Dearest or Favorite in German.

There are a few rules with accepting this award and they are:
-- I have to give it to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
-- Show thanks to giver by linking to their blog.
-- Post this award to your blog (which I have no idea how to do this)
-- And list bloggers you gave it to with links to their blogs.

So I am hoping I never get more than 200 followers (not that I don't love all my followers) cause then it is so much less personal and its harder to keep track of everyone, now I have 51 and I can still have a life and a blog :)

So this is hard to chose only 5 bloggers, but here goes,

1.  Own a Morgan--Janice has a great blog with great pics of the flowers she grows and stories about her wonderful horse Tex (and others too)

2.Cheyenne Chronicles--Great posts about riding with his horse Gracie

3.5 Starr's Farm--great blog about her orange orchards and beautiful pictures!!

4.All These Pretty Horses--Great looking big horses with awesome temperaments and the stories about them

5.Little Prairie Baby--Great stories about living the rural life with her husband and 2 young children

OK off to let everyone know about their awards and tomorrow more info on Jessie!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Stills -- Birds

This week our Suday Stills was all about Birds, I am sure since it was so cold this week, the birds were hibernating somewhere warm, I did see a Snowy Owl a couple times, but not till after he saw me so no pics of them.  But we do have these little birds all year round in the lilacs and got a couple good shots of them.

Our calf shed also has pigeons in it all year and yesterday they braved the cold and come and sat on top for a bit.

And since I didn't get any exciting birds, I got this:

is better than:

Have a Great Sunday all.  For more go to Sunday Stills.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2011 Riding and Riding Goals for 2012

I remember sometime I did a review of all the hours I rode in 2010 so I thought I might do something like that again and in it add in my goals for this year as well.  It is easy to keep track cause I am part of the AQHA Horseback Riding Program and I record all my hours riding or driving both Quarter horses as well as other breeds.  The only confusing part is they don't keep specific records for other breeds so its a little harder for me to keep track of but the registered horses shows exactly how many hours riding each of them has. 
About half way through the year( I can't remember when)  I started putting Razz as a Buckskin and Dinero and Gypsy were paints but I am sure I put some of Razz's hours as a paint too, but this year Razz will be a buckskin and Jazz will be a paint cause those are the only 2 I have that aren't quarter horses.  And if I ride someone elses horse I generally put them in the grade quarter horse category unless I know thier registered name and number which is a nusiance so I don't usually bother.

So it looks like I rode:
--Disco half hour (that wasn't the plan but hopefully more will occur this year)
--Shasta 2 hours (only cause I only had her a few weeks, she will definitely get more hours this summer)
--Bailey 3 hours (that's sad, I feel bad for her cause she always wants to go so hopefully more this year as well)
--Kali 26.5 (not bad but she will probly get more outside riding this summer)
   So a total of 32 hours on Quarter Horses last year, 13 hours less than the year before, probly cause I ended up riding Razz a lot more than any other horse around here.
Other Breeds:
--Paints 53 hours (between Gypsy and some of Razz's  and Dinero's hours I thinks)
--Buckskin 124 hours (of Razz's, she may get the same, but probly less if I am riding Jessie)
--Palomino 23 hours (Dinero's hours but maybe not all of them)
--Grade quarter Horse 7 hours (I can't remember who this all was once was Ricki and maybe Twister or Avril or Smartie or Karcy)
   For a total of 207 hours on other breeds, not totally unexpected, way up from 2010 which only had 135.5 hours, but will probly change for next year.
  So a total of 239 hours riding last year, not too bad at all.  Kinda fun how I can keep track like that.  I think I should be getting another award soon cause there is one at 500 hours, so hopefully this summer sometime on both levels cause I am over 400 on both.

This year I plan on more riding, but it will be different riding.  Bailey and Shasta and Razz will be used for mostly ranch work and trail riding, Jazz will get started and rode out and in some, and Disco I'm not sure yet, I will start ponying her from Razz here in the spring, start her all over again like a colt but hopefully faster.  And then Jessie (or another cutter)  I will hopefully show and take lessons and get a lot done that way as well.  I am trying not to make specific goals because they seem like they aren't working but I know I do want to ride more, and that should not be a problem if winter gets nice again and I get Jazz started early enough.  I am gonna ask Doug if he starts colts cause I think that would be an awesome 30 or 60 days beginning for her to learn the flag and work cows, even if she will not be a cutter. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012


Saturday was a really crammed full day. I knew I had a baby shower for my cousin Misty and her new daughter at 1, and me and my sister had planned to go watch a movie afterwards.  But I had called the guy selling the mare I tried and said I would like to try her again and we thought Sunday would work, but then the weather forecast was for super cold, so we decided Saturday morning on my way to Calgary I would stop and ride.  So I did. 

And wow, I think I learned more in 2 lessons on her than I did in a year on all the other horses I rode.  Sure is a lot easier when all I have to concentrate on is the cow and keeping the horse away from the cow.  (and staying on, always remember to tighten cinch before cutting on a horse that can cut)  I got to work a few and Doug picked me one that was pretty fast and she could keep up but I was having trouble and he kinda laughs and says that cow is too fast for you.  And totally true, I have to concentrate on doing the right thing at the right time and hanging on but not using my legs unless I need to and keeping my hand down except when sorting a cow out of the herd, and keeping right hand on horn and not pulling myself forward, and add speed I am lost. 

It was so much fun though!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and can see having a lot of fun with her as well and learning a ton and maybe even win some money in the mean time :)  I asked lots of questions about her, she sounds perfect.  His 4 year old grandson rides her around the pasture, she can be ridden in/out anywhere I want, she had her teeth done last Tuesday, she has energy but will stay at a walk unless you ask for more, she does have a lump on her leg, apparently it is a broken blood vessel that she did when she was 3 and it has been the same ever since, she hasn't been lame on it and the vet said he could drain it but it would probly come back.  She is out of a cutting family, her sire is a cutter (he's the one Doug tried to get for me, George Canyon's horse that they won't sell) and she has 3 sibling out of the same mare that all made cutters. He also has had her dince she was a foal.

She was shown as a 3 year old by Doug quite a bit, a few times as a 4 year old, and then not at all as a 5 year old, and last year with the owner.  Her last time being rode was last August at a show.  He thinks I can go out there and win lots this year on her even while learning.  I am pretty excited!!!!  He calls her Jessie (after her mom), but her real name is Maiden Dixie.  I asked about shoes and he says rides her barefoot unless gonna show cause you never know what its gonna be like in warm up or show area.  I asked about easy to catch and he says no problems, I seen her load and that wasn't a big deal.  I don't have any pics of me riding cause Char was riding Dude too.  But I did get a couple of her standing at trailer afterwards.  She is actually a good size for a cutter, probly about 14.3, about the same size as Razz. 

Then afterwards I headed to the baby shower and then went to see War Horse.  Was a good movie, but sad too.  I am curious to see how they filmed some of it.  I had read the book before and it has the same story line but doesn't follow it real close.  Then we went our for supper and I headed home.  Long but succesful day.  And then wake up today to wind and cold and ewww!! I plan on staying home for a week or more till it gets warmer out.  Kinda dissapoionted then I won't be able to go get her :))  Did I mention I'm a little excited, lol!!  I might board her at Dougs for a month or so and learn to ride her while getting her in shape.  I told him I am interested, but I forgot I run out of checks so I have to wait to pay for her (DUH!!!)

Had to show a pic of the cake as the shape of a baby onesie that my sister made.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Stills--Corners

This post confused me for a while, why would I want pictures of corners, so of course I left it till the last minute, but since I said I was gonna try to get every Sunday Still in, I got something this morning.
This is the basement corner in our house, I love it cause its not a 90 degree corner, but I wish I woulda got in when the sun was shining in the window it looks so much prettier.

Then I was out of ideas and Neil said go to the end of our road and get our corner but that meant going outside and he wouldnt stand in the corner for me, so I got my rain gauge in the corner of the porch, actually turned out better than I thought it would.

Hopefully I wont be so last minute next time, shoot earlier rather than waiting.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pretty Ponies

So as I was out taking pics for yesterday I got a really beautiful head shot of Belle, even if there is distracting headless horses in the background.  And I am on her shoulder (didn't notice that till it was posted here.

I also got one of the weird spot on the side of her  head where she sweats if stressed.  Don't know why but its always that one spot.

While I am trying to take pics, I got this one of Shasta that actually turned out not to bad, I think she really wants to come up and be friendly but she is too worried about being to close to the other friendly horses there. 

I have a hard time getting any pics of Jazz cause she is always close by, and Tuesday was being a pain as I had a halter on Bailey and she just kept grabbing the rope with her teeth, was kinda a surprise for her when the rope hit her nose though (oops, lol.  I just meant to swing it by her)  But didn't seem to deter her too much, she came back and was right close again.  I wish she was a little better halter broke and I would take her down when we go riding at Silver Sage and just get her used to stuff and maybe pony here, but that will have to wait a bit cause I don't want to keep her in the corral for now. 

Last time we went down to Brooks to ride (Tuesday)  I took Bailey cause she was just begging to go and I had planned on Shasta but wasn't sure how much work Bailey was gonna be so I got lazy and took Kali, I knew if I was tired I could just walk on her.  And Bailey was really good, we walked and trotted lots then I quit cause I was afraid of getting her too sweaty (and with her I know its really easy)  Then rode Kali and we did just walk cause Linda brought the grey horse and was afraid he was gonna take off so we just walked quite a while till he was relaxed and then she trotted a few steps a couple times, it was good. 
( I was really trying to show the frost on her lips, but I wish I hadn't got so close
and cut her ears off cause its kinda cute, even more so when its bigger)

I hope to keep going down there, but next time I sure hope the wind isn't as bad!!  Temp of only -2 but super windy I was frozen and exhausted when I got in.  Then yesterday was -14 and I spent quite a bit of time outside, feeding cats, turning out Bailey and Kali, and taking pics, and when I come in it still wasn't that cold, but the big difference being wind.

Monday, January 9, 2012

New and Exciting News

I had a really hard time posting Sunday Stills Yesterday just cause I had so much happen on Saturday but now I am all caught up and can share some exciting news.  We went shopping Saturday morning in Strathmore on our way to Char's lesson.  We stopped at Lammle's cause I got a gift card for Christmas that I said I was gonna spend on show shirts, so we walk in the door and got stuck at hats, lol.  There was a lightish one Char absolutely loved and it was priced at 59.99!  So we got looking around and another couple at that price too and the regular price on them was $200.  Thought that was a pretty good sale till the sales girl came over and said everything with a sale price was an extra 30% off, so our hats we even cheaper!!  I ended up buying a really pretty silver one (and have no pic of it) and then we went to shirts and I got 3, only 2 were on sale, but i loved the red one so I got it anyways.  Also bought a hat box so our hats will keep looking nice for a while.

We left there and headed to eat then out to K and K Livestock.  We dropped our hats off there for cleaning and Chars old hat needed to be shaped cause she squished it with her coat.  So that's why no pics of hats or hat boxes.  We actually didn't buy anything else there, just continued on to Doug's.  Char was supposed to have a lesson but Doug couldn't make it so she was gonna work cows.

I went in town boots not expecting to ride but ride I did.  That mare he talked about on Thursday was there so she was saddled up and I got on her.  I was a little apprehensive cause she hadn't been ridden in 6 or 8 months and was kinda fat.  But she was nice and quiet and even when he changed the bridle (without me getting off) she was fine.  I went into the herd and picked a black white face cow and worked her around the edges.  I had to tell Doug I never rode one handed before and didn't know what I was doing so he kinda helped me through it.  She was really good, knew what she wanted to do and did it correctly but I still had to actually ride her, she didn't pack me.  Was kinda fun and now I know what a real cutting horse is supposed to feel like. 

So all I know is she is 7, went through Doug's program and he showed her as a 3 and 4 year old, the owner showed her last year and she hasn't done anything since.  He thought we would get along really well and I could just get her in shape and show her this year, and learn a lot from her so move on to a better horse later on.  I am trying not to get too excited, think I will phone and get a soundness exam before I even think of making any decisions.  Sure is a lot easier to decide on a horse when someone knows what I should have.  I am pretty nervous though.  So nervous I never even got any pics of her!  Yikes.

Oh and I got the cutest candle holder from Charlene for Christmas and last night I put candles in it and it was even nicer.  Had vanilla scented candles so that was nice too :)

Speaking of Charlene she was also told is she really wants to show and be competitive Dude is probly not the horse she wants to get there.  He has a major problem with not stopping before turning and that is really what the basics of cutting are.  Doug figured he could fix him but not sure how well it would stick and in the mean time he would be teaching Char wrong.  So she really likes him anyways and now she doesnt know what to do cause another horse is not in her budget but she is gonna leave him at Dougs for the month and go to the show on the 21st and then decide from there.  So kinda dissapointing news for her, but after she saw me work tha mare, she kinda knew herself anyways.  She might ranch cut on him but thats not really what she wants to do so we have to wait and see what will happen.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Stills--Lights

Well since I said I would try to participate in all the Sunday Stills this week I am entering this one even though I thought it was gonna be more challenging than I found out it really was.  So this is what I got.
That was a little movement, then I thought I should maybe try a little more movement and it looks kinda cool, but harder to tell what it is.

Its the tractor and baler at John Deere that they light up for Christmas and they havent done it for a couple years so I am glad that they done it this year.  Here is a real pic of it.  I actually had to move  the camera cause I dont know how to have a longer shutter speed, I kinda thought without a flash it would be blurry but it was actually fairly clear.  I guess I know for next time now.

I also took a short video cause some of the lights flash and look light it is moving.

For more, look over at Sunday Stills.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Moving On

On Wednesday I called up Linda and we headed down to Silver Sage with out ponies to go riding.  I took both Razz and Kali.  I rode Kali first and she was super lazy!  I dont know why she is so hard to get her tolope cause once she is loping she doesnt try to stop, so we just lope till I want to stop and then we go the other way and struggle again.  maybe I should just do lots of transitions and maybe I she would get better but I was exhausted enough after half hour.  So I switched saddles to Razz and she was the total opposite of Kali and I shoulda known cause when she lives in the corral she is kinda hot.  So she managed to walk about a lap then trot a couple then we loped for about a million (well felt like it anyways)  Then I asked her to stop and she was breathing pretty hard so we walked a lot of laps and visited with Linda and then we went to other direction.  I think all those people who tell me Shast has a lot of energy need to ride a horse like Razz casue they dont know what they are talking about till they really ride a horse with lots of energy.  Before we went riding there Linda asked if we could stop so she could take a couple pictures of some horses for sale so sure no problem, but if i realized we were gonna be there for 2 1/2 hours I woulda asked if she could do it another day.  What a long boring day to stand around and watch barrel horses.    But it was on the way so  that was handy at least. 
(weird clouds yesterday, they looked greyer than this)
I been slowly working Kali towards no blanket and since its been so nice here its worked really well, last night she had no blanket on and this morning doesnt look cold so thats a good sign.  She wore her winter blanket for a couple days then it got to be 15 on Wed so I took it off and she wore her light blanket that night and yesterday took it off and just left it off and she seems fine.  I really expected it to take longer but the weather is cooperating so well that I might just end up leaving her now.  It is supposed to be warm for another couple weeks, getting above freezing int he daytime, so she should be good.  Im glad cause I didnt want to have to put her in the pasture with a blanket on.
(Kinda looked tornadoey but wasnt)
Then yesterday Char had a lesson and Dougs and I went along cause she is still a little wary of driving at night and it was good, Dude is getting more responsive already.  Not so lazy in his turns and stopping straighter on the ends. 
(sunrise this morning, so peach)
And after the lesson we brought up a new horse for me and he asked what I was looking to spend and I said definitly no more than 12 and he says that is not a problem at all, he can easily find a horse for less than that.  So I am pretty excited again, i thought I wasnt gonna be cutting this year but it might all change.  He mentioned a mare that is pretty nice but said she was not straight in the front, but they want 8 for her said she is super broke and figured I would get along good with her.  I dont know how crooked but kinda wary about that.  He also said George Canyon had a nice gelding I would really like that was showed lots but not sure if he was for sale.   I didnt know if he meant the singer George Canyon but he said later it was and he used to ride there, how cool is that!  Said there was a lot of horses out there 7 or 8 or even up to 12 out there that just get kinda lost but are really broke and have been shown lots int he past and it would take no time to get them back so he is gonna ask around for me :)))  Now maybe I will get what I really want and can learn for real.

I looked at this gelding on Northern and emailed the girl about him and I will bring the paper to Doug on Saturnday when we go back and get his opinion on him, probly not as good as some he could pick out though.  He was talking about mostly ones with lots of earnings on them, so I kinda wanna wait to see what he comes up with.