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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Summer Sky Pics

This summer some reason I got a bunch of pics of the sky from sunsets so storms to just pretty sky that I kinda wanted to share but I never did and so now I want to put them all together in one post.


(theses kinda look like mountains)

(slice of orange moon)

(pretty sunset)

(another pretty sunset)

(creepy cool pink sun one night)

(Harvest Moon)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hanna All Horse Rodeo Parade

Today was the rodeo parade in Hanna. I had never gone but had no plans so thought I should head up there.  I took Jessie and decided to ride in my chaps and hat and I picked a red shirt cause I don't like the red shirt for showing but its pretty so I wanted to wear it.  I also wore a long sleeve red shirt underneath cause it was kinda cold in the morning.

 (Front of the Parade, led by the Rodeo Queen and Princesses)

(Brent and his wife Carrie and their daughter, he often rides this horse, Chexmate, without tack)

 (the parade marshal was the RCMP and the Rodeo President)

 (Neil came with me and even though he did not want to ride, he did grab a ride in a wagon, 
driven by my neighbor Michelle.)

 (me :) )

 (some others and the 4H group)

 (what a cute little pony)

( John and Janice, shes the one who bought Henry)

 (I want him)

(Andy and his roan team)

 All in all I am glad I went, it was good and Jessie was awesome as I knew she would be, even when we rode right behind the 4H flag blowing in her face.  I sure like taking her places, she is so good, even though Razz would be a pretty parade horse, she would probly hate it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

11 Bridges to Wayne

After the Museum Neil asked if I had anything else to do in town, well I did not really got a few groceries and since we ate at the museum we were not hungry and so he suggested we go out to the saloon in Wayne.  I haven't been there for a couple years and we were always gonna ride there but that never happened so we did.  but I made him go through Rosedale so we could take the 11 bridges way.

I never got all the bridges but it crosses a creek going down to the Red Deer River and it is so curvy there needs to be 11 bridges in like 6 miles(I'm guessing) to get there.  There used to be a coal mine up there so they needed to get there easily.

All that is left is a hotel and the saloon.  I guess at one point there was a golf course on the top of the one hill but it is long grown over now.  Lots of history in the saloon on the walls, even a paper to tell all about it.  And I guess a ghost in the third floor of the hotel but I have never seen her :(

Then afterwards we headed home the long way through the windmills at Dalum and down the Dorothy bridge way.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tyrell Museum With an Old Friend

On Aug 30th I had a friend from high school wanna go to the museum.  She now lives in Florida and we don't get to see each other very often so I absolutely went :)  Its amazing how it seemed like we only saw each other last week...we are friends on Facebook but we don't talk that much she has her life and I have mine and it just gets busy. But sure enjoyed catchin up with her again, specially at a cool place like the Tyrell Museum.

She was only gonna be up for a couple days and I am lucky she chose to come see me :)

 (asking questions of the guy digging out bone from a old cast (1985 I think he said)

 (this room was cool, in the dark and created like an art museum)

( He looked like the eel from the Old Mario game...)

 (....and he bit Neil!)

 (cool carrot thingys in the aquarium)

 (WOW....Billion Dollar rock!)

 (I like these they look like related to a sailfish)

 (the rock of Alberta, petrified wood)

 (cool frog that was red on the bottom)

 (Neil standing by the giant dinasour leg)

 (me by the leg)

 (A big dinosaur eating a little dinosaur)

 (My favorite dino, the stegasaurus)

 (weird looking dino head)

 (we saw how they work at a dig)

 (A triceritops in the workroom)

 (a sabre tooth tiger attacking a mamoth)

 (Who knew neil weighs as much as an elk?)

(they were doing cave drawings as well)

I haven't been there for a couple years and a few things have changed, I still like going there :)  Always something new to see there...specially with a friend who I haven't seen in a long time.