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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Moms Visit

My Mom came out for a couple days to stay.  They take holidays every year at the same time and always find a couple days to spend with us.  The got here late the first night so we just made supper and sat around the fire, it was nothing big but sure enjoyable.  the next day Neil had booked a tee time down in Duchess for him and Clint cause Clint Lives for golf in the summer (and bowling in the winter) and Neil enjoys it and with Sunnynook not open this year he hasn't got out much.  While they were gone I took my Mom out on Bob for a tour of our place and to take some pics cause we both enjoy that.  It was a lot longer tour than we thought, lol we just we getting home as Neil and Clint came home from golfing!

First we stopped at the dam down south and saw rosehips (lots!) and a pretty flower with purple stems and some kind of white daisy and what I was told are bullberry trees with no pokeys:

Then we headed to the creek going south and took some pics up top looking down, then saw a blazing star which we have tonnes of but didnt know what they were (thanks Linda), and a prickly pear cactus:

Then in the bottom of the creek we saw a bird on the other side, and coming up out of the creek were 2 barn swallows on a nest Neils Dad built, and another hawk on the fence post going North:

And we headed up to the neighbors place and he had an old seeder my Mom thought was pretty cool so she got her pic with it :)

The back to our place up North more looking into the creek, where we saw 2 deers and their fawns and the one who run up the hill by us :

Then out to the road we saw some antelopes and their babies, and an old weeder on the side of the road (my mom thought that was cool too, lol)

Then the next day my Mom wanted a tour in Neil's Grampa's old truck so he got it going and they went down the road and back, she thought it was too fun

We saw a lot of really cool things, most exciting was the fawn that ran up the hill and came out of the bushes less than 10 feet from where we were standing!  Neither of us got a picture we were too stunned.  It always seems so short a visit but always a good time.


Janice said...

Looks like fun. I would sure like to do some riding around your place...it is the exact opposite of here.Those wide open spaces would be a welcome change.

Shirley said...

What a nice tour with your mom. Those fawns sure are cute!

Country Gal said...

Looks like all had a nice time and visit ! Wonderful photos ! I do love vintage trucks . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

CDH said...

I wish we had prong horns here. Lots a deer & elk! Sounds like ya all had fun. My mom and her friend Bob are coming in a few days. Outta be fun. Gonna go watch my niece turn the cans! :)

lisa said...

What a wonderful visit! We love those old trucks! We are looking into getting our old ford restored to the way we want it! When I met the hubby he drove a 67 ford 150, short bed truck!

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a very nice couple of days!

Janice said...

I'm looking at your Blue Flower...I can't tell for sure from the pic but if I'm right you may want to get rid of that if it's on your land....or anywhere near it. Here that plant is called Blue Weed and it is a noxious weed - highly prolific - almost impossible to get rid of.When we first moved here 6 yrs ago there were one or two bunches of it...I have spent the last 5 years trying to get rid of it....it is taking over our property and now spreading to the neighbors. I have sprayed it - manually tried to remove it and it just keeps getting bigger and better. It is a beautiful color and that's about it.I sure hope you don't have it on your place.