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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jill's Clinic

After the last clinic I had the a couple days off and then another clinic even closer to home.  Its a neighbors daughter who runs a barn near Turner Valley called Baron Barn and she comes out every year and does a clinic for both kids and adults and so I thought it sounded fun and so I went.  Since I couldn't take Razz being sore, I wasn't ready with Dee I really wanted to take Bailey and so I did but also threw Jess in the trailer.  I was glad I did, I rode Jess cause there was lots of kids there that were pretty young and I was worried Bailey woulda scared them, lol she scares me some days with her excitability.  She scared Tristan when he was out here, she come running into the corral at full blast and run past us and went to turn around and tripped and almost fell and then got up and stood by us like nothing happened.  I laughed at her but the dirt she kicked up had him worried she was wild.

So I rode Jess and she was good as always even though I knew we were gonna do some rodeo stuff and other stuff we dont usually do but it was gonna be good for her anyways, and at that rate I dont need to ride her afterwards cause she would be in shape.  During the breaks I just let her graze, she liked that part ;)

We started out with 14 people which I thought was a lot but it was good, she had us moving lots we hardly ever sat around.  We started with circles, she really likes circles with all they teach.  We used a lot of cones, walked, trotted and loped through them.

We did goat tying, or rather the kids did goat tying on the ground while we rested.  They did 3 days on the ground and then on horses the last day.

On the third day a neighbor lady was watching and so I asked her to take some pics of me, that was kinda cool but I notice my legs are a lot farther forward then they seem like they should be.

This girl has her cute old horse that was so perfect.  I love this pic cause she finally got her horse to curve around the barrel and was listening to Jill and they both look so happy!

And this boy on his cute little paint horse, he just started riding a few weeks ago and wanted to go in this clinic and he loped for the first time ever, he was super happy, his poor horse, lol hes gonna lope all over from now on :)

And this girl come the last 3 days, she was a little young to listen, she mostly just wanted to be there to ride her horse.  She was super enthusiastic and she loves her dog so her mom put him on her horse.

This other girl on her paint, he was a handful and boy was there improvement in her at the end, its kinda cool to see.

And the other kids were cool too, its so cool how enthused they were about learning from Jill, she made it fun.

And the adults from the group.  I learned a lot and I think the others did as well.

The last day we did a mini gymkhana because we planned to do a trail ride but the bugs were just miserable and woulda been worse down by the creek where we were planning to ride out.  It was a lot of fun even though I never do that stuff.  I learned I can ride in a 22 second barrel pattern, and a 34 second pole pattern.  And then the kids did goat tying and us adults did goat undecorating.  We pulled the ribbon off their tails.  It was pretty funny, the first time we got about 30 feet away and that was as close as Jessie was gonna get, lol so that's where i had do run from.  The next time we got closer and the third time super close!  It was hugely amount of fun a lot more than I expected.  All in all was a lot of fun, I wouldn't hesitate to go again and already have planned to go next summer.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

One Day Clinic

On August 9th we booked a one day clinic with the same guy we went to last fall, Greg Michelson.  I dunno if anyone remembers, but he does some reining training and lots of lessons and stuff.  Real good teacher, easy to listen to and always makes it a fun time.  So we thought it would be fun to get together and go for a day.
(Greg on his stud)

There was I think 8 of us there, me on Razz, Char used Jess, her niece used Dude, Susan and Twister, a neighbor and her chubby pony, a good rider with her Morgan stud who is super broke but hasn't been out in public much, a nervous girl on her daughters paint, and Greg's daughter on her horse.  Quite a bunch of people but also a nice mix.
(Char and her neice)

(the Morgan)

(Susan by Jessie's sleepy head)

(the neighbor girl)

(Greg's daughter)

The morning started out a little wet and so we went to his indoor and did a few things and then he set up an obstacle/trail course for us to see our abilities and test us some.  I never brought my camera inside I wish I had of there woulda have been lots of opportunity for pics.  I was actually surprised how good Razz was for not being ridden in a year, I was actually a little nervous about her but she was super good, a little rushy and unsure at first but just settled in quickly.  I never loped her cause I knew I didn't have 3 days to wear her out, lol.

The course had walking and trotting and loping to certain spots, then a box we had to get off our horse and ground tie them and walk on the outside of the box around them and then get back on.  I know my horses are followers and  so of course they stay inside the box but walk around in a circle beside me, lol.  Greg made those of us whos horses did that get on the right side.  That was awkward but interesting.  Then a bridge to walk over, I knew Jessie would do it cause we walked on rubber mats at Doug's a few days before that without her questioning it, but I didn't know about Razz and sure enough just stepped right up and looked all proud of herself, wasn't even in a hurry to get off.  I was pretty happy about that.  Then we had to pick up a rope off the fence and carry it to a post and set it on there, that was no big deal either.  A few horses didn't want to get that close to the wall, but I think everyone got it. After that we set up some backing and it was a little more challenging for me with Razz than I expected (I suggested it, lol) because I forgot she is so responsive to the leg so a little touch is a big movement of her hip, I got it eventually although she was still kinda fighting me a bit and I didn't know what that was about yet.

He has a flag run by an old bicycle to before we broke for lunch we did a few turns on it.  Was fun for those of us who have worked the flag but even those whos horses never seen a flag before were doing pretty good after a few turns.  He was a little lenient on me I don't think he really wanted to say much but I woulda got after me a few times, lol.

After lunch it dried up and he harrowed the outdoor so we went outside.  It was a beautiful day, warm enough to not wear a coat but not so hot we were melting like most of the summer has been.He started out with us loping a big circle around 4 pylons.  I wasn't looking forward to loping Razz so I suggested he should ride her and show us what he means.  He was game and had a hard time getting her to lope, that's weird for her and then we finally figured out we think she was sore in the hip somewhere.  Poor girl, no wonder her backups weren't great.  But I rode her again at a walk and trot and she didn't feel or look sore so that was confusing.

Then since he rode my horse he said I had to ride his.  Well its his super broke reining stud that hes competed on a million times so I figured it would be easy.  Well first off his stirrups were super long but he said Id be fine so I left them and wow was that hard of the thighs!  But we did it and he wasn't perfect, he liked to head back to the crowd on the one quarter so lots of outside leg at that one spot.  But he was fun to ride.  I was glad to see when Greg got on him he did the same thing.

Then everyone else went and we changed directions, I rode Jess going the other way, it kinda felt like cheating cause she can move her shoulder so easy that when she almost run over a pylon I just touched her with my spur and she moved sideways it was fun.  A lot easier on my own horse though even though his was broke because I know what Jess would do.

We also did rollbacks and stops and that is always fun on Jess shes always good. although after both me and Char riding her I think she was getting tired, which is good.  And she still tries every time no matter what I ask of her and I like that.  Was a long enough day so we called it quits there.  I was happy with how the day went, always learn something when I go there.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Nephews Visit

I had asked my sister what my oldest nephew was doing this summer cause if he needed a job we sure could put him to work, she said he had to get a job somewhere and it turned out he did neither of the options in Calgary so out here it was, but his younger brother wanted to come out and work too so we got them both to work for us for 2 weeks.

It was a lot of fun, we did all kinds of stuff, most exciting was tearing down my roundpen so we could build an arena!  And we trimmed trees, built barbwire fence, made salsa, drove, cleaned house, and had lots of fires,  it was fun. It was kinda bad time for us as our shower quit, but we were heading down to the campground to shower so we brought them with us as well, might as well make it an adventure :)

After the museum tour and walk they come home with us.  We knew the power was gonna be out on Tuesday so I planned a lesson and Neil took the boys to Stettler to look at cows and they went swimming on the way home.  I was surprised he wanted to do that since Neil is not a swimmer at all, but he said it wasn't that bad haha.  It was fairly hot out so we spent the afternoons in the house relaxing and went out when it got cooler.  We started on the roundpen, I had them pulling nails but they wanted to pull the slabs and planks off.  Not a problem with me cause its way easier to pull nails so I did that.  They were good sports cause they soon realized it was a harder job but they stuck with it.  It took us a lot of evenings but boy were they excited when we were finished.  We took a tour to the ferry and the neighbors had a new corral with windbreak and Jaret says I sure hope they don't wanna pull that down....so I said I would ask if they need help and he was like NOOOOOOOO   I love teasing them.

Neil's Mom and Dad were coming out one afternoon to pick saskatoons so I figured it was a good day to clean house, we had 3 jobs, washing dishes, sweeping and moping and cleaning the bathroom.  Tristan was right on with I wanna clean the bathroom, and Jaret wanted to mop yay!  I would rather it that way as well.  Of course neither had ever done their job so that's probly why they picked them.  I think it actually took longer than if I woulda done it myself but that's OK I don't mind not having to clean.  Turns out there were very few berries anyways we tried to find a few to pick too.

We also headed down to Brooks one afternoon for a BBQ for Neil's Moms birthday, that was nice, corn on the cob and hotdogs on the fire, perfect summer afternoon.  And a shower on the way home at the campground.

We also spent a day at the Hardgrass Havoc which I thought was the mud bog but apparently was not, was just an off road event for a bunch of people to build crazy vehicles and go over obstacles and stuff.  Was kinda interesting but not at all what I thought it was gonna be.

We didn't get a lot of horse time with them as I only have one horse they can ride and nowhere to really ride but my farrier was supposed to come so they helped me catch and tie up all the horses and then he called to say he couldnt make it so we turned them out again.  He came a couple days later but they were leaving that day so missed it.  Maybe next year I will borrow a horse for a week and we have the arena now so that will help a lot.

One day they wanted to make something and so we made a box for the kindling to put in the garden shed.  It was a good project, just an afternoon and they both could help lots.  Even picked a piece with a knot for a handle.  My Mom come out that afternoon and boy where they excited to show her what we made that day.

I also had been to the grocery store and bought peaches and since my mom cant eat tomatoes I always make her peach salsa and so I had them help me cut up stuff, the onion was so funny, both boys were crying, lol and I was away from them washing dishes so it didn't bother me.  They thought it was neat how we pealed the peaches by boiling them too.  Lots to learn out here.

One day our neighbor called while they were sleeping and asked if I could give him a ride home if he brought his tractor over so it could go to town with ours when the guy came and so I said sure.  And I was out hanging clothes on the line and saw him but boy was Jaret surprised when he knocked and then walked in the house without waiting, lol. Things are different here for them for sure.

I had planned on some painting but they never brought old clothes they could wreck so next year I have that in mind.  As well as I am planning on a wood project they can make and take home with them.  And hopefully we can get more driving in with them helping Neil pick up bales from the field, or driving tractors.  So many things I wanna do with them will be fun.   And they musta enjoyed it too cause they are already planning when they should come out next summer.