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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Whew A Long Month!

Yikes so much has happened since last time but I've been struggling with uploading pictures and finally today got them here to share with you :)

After Jax came home he was in with George, Jess and Razz in the pasture.  Then we had to wean so they had to get out of there so we could get our cows home through there.  No problem it was time to move them to winter pasture anyways so they came in for a few days.
(hmm I think she ate the whole bale)

(this pic makes me laugh makes George look huge!)

(And he is kinda lol, they are best friend, only 3.1 hands difference)

 I was brave and turned out Easy and Trio and Pally in the winter pasture.  That was hard for me to let him out there when I don't think he's ever seen barb wire and such big places.  But boy was he happy!  If he coulda giggled that day I'm sure he woulda.  Made me happy to watch him.

Then a week or so later I had a lady ask me about Trio, I had her listed for sale on a couple sites, a little interest but not a lot.  She was looking for a colt with out too much handling that wasn't gonnna kick her head off.  They run a grazing coop and her husband has lots of experience starting colts but she doesn't and wanted to.  We talked a lot she liked her and in a couple days her husband was coming by with the trailer and if he liked her then she would go with them.  So he came one foggy morning and he liked what he saw, was really just looking for quiet and straight and she passed.  So off she went.  I did the fall horsemanship challenge with her and never got my hours in with her cause she sold before it was over, but I'm glad.  Makes my life a little less complicated right now.  Although I will say I have never had an unhandled colt that was so desensitized, she was weird but cool.  Rope around belly no big deal, rope on foot leading her around no big deal,  First time I haltered her just walked up to her in the pen and put the halter on.  And within minutes she was leading (following really but at that stage I took it)

So now I'm down to 5 (and Neil's George) and its working well.  All the geldings are out for the winter and the mares are in.  I'd really like to have only 3 but I have 5 I really like right now.  Although have debated on selling Pally next July after branding season but we will see.

We got our cows weaned and preg checked and dries sold.  We are gonna buy a few more bred cows but the sales don't start till December.
(Huge bunch of steers sold together it was cool to fill the ring)

The weather has been so nice this fall, was 25*C today.   That's unheard of in November should be negative but I am not complaining I love it, been riding quite a bit, haven't even got my arena membership yet cause its too nice out.

(helping a friend with a colts first ride out)

(Neil and George)

(Weaning at the neighbors, I had bronchitis 
but he needed the help so I went 
and he let me stay on my horse in the corral rather than on foot)

(even took a couple lessons)

Also went to a tack sale and sold a lot of stuff, might go again in March if I have time.  AndHalloween, how can I forget??

(geese headed south west)

Am way ahead this fall compared to most years cause we have had an extra moth of nice weather so I love that!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Riding and Ponies

So this summer my plan was to sell both Trio and Dee.  Really want to get down to 3 horses and that would make 4 but 4 I really like and want to keep them all so I guess for now 4.  Well I had Dee listed for sale this spring had a lot of interest but only 2 people came and I know the one guy and I knew it wasn't what he wanted but he came anyways lol.  And the other guy called back and liked her but really wanted her more broke, not sure why he called back but I think he was hoping I would lower the price more but I'm not offering that he didn't suggest it and so then I was so busy with branding I pulled her ad down and figured Id list her later after I rode her more and got her nicer.  Well then the summer was so wet and then bugs that I hardly rode at all.  So she got turned out and left, like everyone else.

Well I do love driving and was gonna get Pally going, not sure if shes ever done it but shes sensible enough I think she would be good.  So I got a cart no harness yet, but was still awful weather for being outside.

Then last week I saw an ad for a driving pony, he loves it done it a ton and that would be even better for me cause I'm pretty beginner, done it a few times but not enough to be real comfortable with it.  hes been driven with a stoneboat pulling and in a cart so excellent.  Well I don't need another horse so I asked if she would trade, gave both Trio and Dee as options and after I told her Dee gets herdbound and doesn't steer very well but is totally safe she says that's exactly what she wanted!  What????  she is tired of unsafe and can deal with others and they have a bunch of grandkids who ride and want to train a horse but she wants them safe too so she will work for that as well, and they never ride alone so that part isn't a big deal.

So we made a plan to meet in Brooks and try them out.  Well I got there early planned on riding first cause if I gotta haul down and pay might as well make it worthwhile.  So I took Razz too.  Got there and she said was running late which turned out to be a good thing cause they were doing motorcross bikes across the road and Dee thought that was awful.  didn't care when she could see them but they would make noise and then just appear.  So we wandered over there and after a few large snorts she was ok with them, sorta.  I saddled Razz and then they showed up.  We did the pony first, he seems so quet, he looked around a bit at all the new stuff but not worried then they put the harness on him and it was all work.  We never hooked up the stoneboat cause woulda scared everyone elses horses cause they are super loud but I had seen videos of it earlier.  I drove him around and messed up and  he just waited till I figured it out.  They lowered the traces and the guy pulled on them while driving and he just put his head down and worked.  Yay exactly what I wanted!!
(just waiting)

(around the building is a tame rabbit, hes so cute!)

I was worried then that he was way nicer than Dee and I kinda said so but they wanted to see her anyways so I saddled and bridled her and got on the mounting block and opeend the gate on her, not perfect but she did it.  Then she didnt want to leave Razz as normal but a few small circles she started listening and then I did a bunch of figure eights and circles and walking and trotting and even a few loping steps.  Then he got on and rode her she was pretty nice for him, he loped almost half the arena that surprised me.  Called a few times but still listened.  They liked her, whew.  so we made the deal and now I own a pony called Jumping Jax or Jax for short.  Haven't done a lot with him as I been up at the supreme and I have no harness but soon :)  Hes also been rode but not very much, he acts like its his 3rd ride which is fine, I don't wanna ride him anyways.

Afterwards I rode Razz in the arena there, shes so fun but somehow always wants to go as fast as possible in the arena, I'm sure its my fault so we did a bunch of arena stuff I haven't done on her in a long time and didn't take her long to remember it all.   But since I had my trailer hooked up already on Monday loaded up Jess and Razz and went riding in the fall colors so pretty to ride this time of year.
(good ole Jess :))

Rode Jess first in the arena then ponied Razz out around the field then came back had lunch and it was so nice we went again haha, this time I rode Razz, poor girl had 2 long days.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

And Then Sunday/Monday

After the clinic I went home turned out Jess and unhooked my trailer.  It was dark so I quit.  I had plans to get up early in the morning and go to Calgary to pick up my sister.  I got up at 4 and out the door shortly afterwards.  Picked up Heidi and headed back to Drum.  Been half a day already and was only 8!  But we picked up our race packages for the Drum Half Marathon and then hung around to until it was our time to start.

Weirdly enough we wore matching blue shirts and both put our green race shirt on top, we were thinking it was cool we matched, might do it again next year.  Finally they did the warmups for our race and since we knew we were walking the whole thing we stayed at the back.  Was a good day for it, was raining earlier that morning but it quit by the time we got there.  Was a bit cool but nice temperature to walk in.

(too bad the pole was in front of Heidi's face the scenery is sure pretty)

(not us but thought it was cute with the giant dino 
in the background as on our shirt hes chasing us )

We walked not too fast but not too slow, Heidi's ankles hurt if she goes too fast and my broken toe wasn't so great if we walked at all but I tried to save it a bit and it wasn't too bad afterwards.  We finished in 1:56:02.  Not bad, I didn't think we would do under 2 hours so was happy with that.  Got our medal and a pic with the dinosaur and then they had mini donuts.....for free!!!!  MMM  who can argue with that???  We stuck around a bit and visited with a few people and then headed back to Calgary but we made a couple stops on the way.

First was at Beiseker to see the giant Skunk, I had seen him before but never took a pic so it was perfect.  Heidi didn't have any giant things off her list now she has a few :)

Then down the road a few miles to Irricana, where they have a giant horse.  Of course we also saw a Unicorn which I had no idea was there.  I had to save Heidi from him he was gonna stomp her!

Then we drove over to Airdrie where they have a cowboy with real clothes on, a rooster, a bull and Maters cousin.  That was fun.

Then off to Calgary to make crabapple jelly and butter.  We never finished that night had to finish up in the morning cause we were just too tired.

 Long weekend but it was a lot of fun.  I came home Monday afternoon and just rested I was tired!