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Monday, August 18, 2014

Nephews Visit

I had asked my sister what my oldest nephew was doing this summer cause if he needed a job we sure could put him to work, she said he had to get a job somewhere and it turned out he did neither of the options in Calgary so out here it was, but his younger brother wanted to come out and work too so we got them both to work for us for 2 weeks.

It was a lot of fun, we did all kinds of stuff, most exciting was tearing down my roundpen so we could build an arena!  And we trimmed trees, built barbwire fence, made salsa, drove, cleaned house, and had lots of fires,  it was fun. It was kinda bad time for us as our shower quit, but we were heading down to the campground to shower so we brought them with us as well, might as well make it an adventure :)

After the museum tour and walk they come home with us.  We knew the power was gonna be out on Tuesday so I planned a lesson and Neil took the boys to Stettler to look at cows and they went swimming on the way home.  I was surprised he wanted to do that since Neil is not a swimmer at all, but he said it wasn't that bad haha.  It was fairly hot out so we spent the afternoons in the house relaxing and went out when it got cooler.  We started on the roundpen, I had them pulling nails but they wanted to pull the slabs and planks off.  Not a problem with me cause its way easier to pull nails so I did that.  They were good sports cause they soon realized it was a harder job but they stuck with it.  It took us a lot of evenings but boy were they excited when we were finished.  We took a tour to the ferry and the neighbors had a new corral with windbreak and Jaret says I sure hope they don't wanna pull that down....so I said I would ask if they need help and he was like NOOOOOOOO   I love teasing them.

Neil's Mom and Dad were coming out one afternoon to pick saskatoons so I figured it was a good day to clean house, we had 3 jobs, washing dishes, sweeping and moping and cleaning the bathroom.  Tristan was right on with I wanna clean the bathroom, and Jaret wanted to mop yay!  I would rather it that way as well.  Of course neither had ever done their job so that's probly why they picked them.  I think it actually took longer than if I woulda done it myself but that's OK I don't mind not having to clean.  Turns out there were very few berries anyways we tried to find a few to pick too.

We also headed down to Brooks one afternoon for a BBQ for Neil's Moms birthday, that was nice, corn on the cob and hotdogs on the fire, perfect summer afternoon.  And a shower on the way home at the campground.

We also spent a day at the Hardgrass Havoc which I thought was the mud bog but apparently was not, was just an off road event for a bunch of people to build crazy vehicles and go over obstacles and stuff.  Was kinda interesting but not at all what I thought it was gonna be.

We didn't get a lot of horse time with them as I only have one horse they can ride and nowhere to really ride but my farrier was supposed to come so they helped me catch and tie up all the horses and then he called to say he couldnt make it so we turned them out again.  He came a couple days later but they were leaving that day so missed it.  Maybe next year I will borrow a horse for a week and we have the arena now so that will help a lot.

One day they wanted to make something and so we made a box for the kindling to put in the garden shed.  It was a good project, just an afternoon and they both could help lots.  Even picked a piece with a knot for a handle.  My Mom come out that afternoon and boy where they excited to show her what we made that day.

I also had been to the grocery store and bought peaches and since my mom cant eat tomatoes I always make her peach salsa and so I had them help me cut up stuff, the onion was so funny, both boys were crying, lol and I was away from them washing dishes so it didn't bother me.  They thought it was neat how we pealed the peaches by boiling them too.  Lots to learn out here.

One day our neighbor called while they were sleeping and asked if I could give him a ride home if he brought his tractor over so it could go to town with ours when the guy came and so I said sure.  And I was out hanging clothes on the line and saw him but boy was Jaret surprised when he knocked and then walked in the house without waiting, lol. Things are different here for them for sure.

I had planned on some painting but they never brought old clothes they could wreck so next year I have that in mind.  As well as I am planning on a wood project they can make and take home with them.  And hopefully we can get more driving in with them helping Neil pick up bales from the field, or driving tractors.  So many things I wanna do with them will be fun.   And they musta enjoyed it too cause they are already planning when they should come out next summer.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Reptile World and A Walk Behind The Museum

We had missed out on Fathers day get together and it was Mine and Neil's Anniversary and My Mom and Clint's Birthdays so we met in Drum and toured the reptile museum.  I had never been there before but had always heard it was good.  It really was.  They have a cool collection of reptiles and they let you interact with the snakes and the tortoises.  I wish I got more pics but was too busy looking around.
(they made Neil hold a snake)

(Gecko hanging on the glass)

(blue lizard)

(diamondback rattlesnake)

(2 vipers)

(Neil standing by the giant coal miner)

Afterwards we were gonna go eat but it was still early we figured too busy in tourist town so we went to take the Discovery trail behind the Tyrell Museum.  I hadn't been in there since I was a little child so it was neat to go back.  Amazing how much is back there.  I forgot my runners in the truck so Neil went back to get them and move the truck closer and so we were behind everyone else and so we saw the sign that said to turn to follow trail and everyone walked past it and finally turned around when they didn't see anymore signs for a while. I dunno how far they got but haha made me laugh they missed the sign, I said we would pick them up in drum if they didn't come back in time.
(My Mom on the trail)

(my Mom, sister Heidi, Tristan and Jaret)

(pretty view)

(Clint and Neil on the hills)

(petrified wood)

(Neat hill with grass on top)

(Hoodoos that look like mushrooms)

(with Neil and Clint sitting on them)

(another pretty view)

(And grass in the badlands)

(haha someone even built half an inukshuk)

Then we headed to Boston Pizza for supper and took some pics outside cause my nephews are now both taller than their mom, haha she doesn't want to admit it though.
(My Mom and Tristan)

(Tristan, Heidi, Jaret)

Then the boys came home with us and everyone else went their way home too.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

So Busy

So Its been super busy around here, had my nephews out working for a couple weeks and then a one day clinic with Razz and now I'm in a 4 day clinic with Jessie and next week we are on our way to Fort St John.  I do have some blogs in the works just haven't had the time to get them finished but its coming and I didn't forget about you guys I will be in catch up mode here as soon as stuff slows down a little bit.

Just a sneak peak of the prairie chicken we saw camouflaged in the grass last week.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Update on Miss Dee

Well I know I had to start riding Dee but I been putting it off and its so much easier to grab a horse I know what it like.  So last week I started tearing down my roundpen since I have never really used it very much and am gonna turn it into an outdoor arena.  I really been not wanting to do this cause I was afraid if I had an outdoor I would never get an indoor which is really what I want and almost need if I am gonna be competitive.  I tried to deny it for a long time but our weather is just not cooperative to riding outside most of the year.
(the new saddle pad, looks alright I guess)

Anyways that was taking longer than I planned cause it was either 35*C or raining everyday so finally on Tuesday I called up my neighbor and asked if I could come over and ride in her arena.  She said yes of course :)  It was a little wet but they got less rain out of the storm than we did so I figured I'd try it while I had the motivation.  I loaded up Jess, Razz and Dee and off we went.  Its only about 5 miles away by road and so it didn't take long.  I wasn't gonna take Jess but I figured I might as well and besides I wanted Dee to sit with the saddle on a bit before I rode her.
(nice big arena to ride in)

So I saddled Jess in my new pad and cutting saddle and Dee in my ranch saddle.  It seems to fit her quite well which is nice.  I left Dee and Razz at the trailer and rode Jess. I used my map my run and forgot to turn it on till I was halfway through my ride on Jess but we had a good ride in the crested wheat patch beside the arena as the arena was a little soggy but not slippery.
(always a dog around there...this is Bear)

(I think she looks good in my saddle)

(as does Razz, but I knew that)

Then I went back and unsaddled Jess and put my saddle on Razz.  I used a different pad as I kinda wanna keep that new one for Jess. It seemed to work well, but it needs a little more use as its quite fluffy and hard to get the cinch tight yet but other than that and it being super heavy I like it.  I took both Dee and Razz to the arena and tied up Razz and she was happy to eat grass while I worked with Dee.  I wasn't sure how Dee would be by herself so better safe than sorry.  And it was a good choice.
(I even got a pic off her, weird cause she holds her head up so much higher than I'm used to,
 and yes I rode with her halter on just in case)

I walked her around the arena and shes not spooky so it was no big deal then since I know shes not fond of fly spray I brought that with me and I sprayed her.  Not bad tried to run around a bit and runs into my shoulder when I hold her rope close to her halter but she settled down in about 5 minutes.  She should be free from bugs for a while now haha.  But it didn't seem to upset her so I tightened the cinch put on her bridle and got on.  I wasn't even nervous which kinda surprised me a little.  She stood nice so I could get on and then I got all organized and asked her to move her head around.  Little bit hard mouthed she eventually gave her head so I asked her to move her hips over...that was a chore.  I don't really think she was being bad I honestly think she had no idea what I was asking her.  I did get her to move but it wasn't pretty.  She is pretty dead sided as well.  I wore my spurs (accidentally, I meant to take them off) and she still didn't really wanna move.  I could pull on her and kick on her and she just stood there like "oh you want me to do something????"  No bad behavior just no real interest in doing anything.
(mm grass)

(Jess' sweat patterns, they already started to dry but looks pretty even)

So before I got in a wreck or mad I decided I would grab Razz and pony her around since shes so good at it and maybe it would help us go somewhere.  Not my normal choice for a first ride on a new horse but I didn't know what else to do.  So I grabbed Razz and away we went.  Razz was good likes to go kinda fast but Dee just strided out, we went out into the crested wheat area and rode around it a few times and every time we walked I used my legs on her like it was my idea not Razz's lol.  We even left the arena area and walked across the yard past tractors and chains and rubber mats and back to the trailer and it was no big deal.  Even when Jess called out neither of them cared and so I call it a success and quit there.  I went home after that and let them all graze in the yard for a bit as a treat.  I would rather that then feed them grain this time of year they don't need it, and the grass can always be mowed.
(and the next day I got her a new halter and had to try it out, I like it)

I think that will be my plan from now on with her I will ride her out ponying Razz and work on her giving and moving off my leg but it should be easier if I am not just picking on her all the time.  I don't know if shes ever been rode by herself for many years and so I don't want to start that and fight with her.  Once I get the arena done I will ride her some in there as well with the others nearby and work our way up to riding alone.  I am in a clinic on the 9th with Greg Michelson just basic horsemanship and I am taking her...and maybe Razz in case she gets to hard to work.  And then on the 12-15th another local clinic from a neighbor girl who moved to Turner Valley and runs a stable there.  She comes back every year and does a clinic and it sounds like lots of fun.  I think I might take her there as well, maybe with Razz as well and just use them both for half day each.  Be good experience for them both.

Wednesday I rode Jess and then left her to graze and grabbed Dee and worked her from the ground getting her to move her hindquarters over.  It had rained that morning then gotten hot and so I was dripping with sweat but could not stop till she got it.  It took a lot of work and lots of tapping with my whip but she did it consistently 4 times in a row on both sides.  Next is the shoulders and she runs into me a lot with them, not mean but I don't like it...just lack of respect.  But I can already tell after 2 days she looks to me to tell her what to do already and that's a good sign :)