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Friday, January 11, 2019

Horse Goals

Well I beat last years blogger record ;)  Haha not that is was hard but I'm glad to be back anyways.  Well big changes here. Today Easy went to Doug's, he's gonna leg him up and sell him.  I will be sad but I think its best in the long run.

And Pally came along as company and she's staying in for a few days or months lol I am gonna ride her and probly sell her as well.

I got to use my new trailer it pulls so nice!  I got it last October after selling mine in June cause it just wasn't what I wanted and this one is almost exactly what I was looking for except its steel not aluminum but I will use it for a few years and see, it was a steal so I couldn't resist.  No pun intended.

And I got Rayne booked in for 2 months to get started, she will probly be for sale but I'm in no hurry for her to sell, I really prefer they are nice and broke before I sell so it may be another year but she's so big already and she's 3 how do they get so old so fast???

Looking into a beginner ranch roping clinic, I will take Jess cause that's one of my goals this year is to learn to rope and shes my best candidate cause shes done it before.  Not a lot but she did get roped off at a branding and could care less unless you slapped the rope on your leg but that's dealwithable.
Also going to take Jess to BC and we are gonna do some of the rocky trails cause she will have shoes all summer, I'm pretty excited about this.

My boys are growing, Huck is becoming quite bossy and I had to get after him the other day, he wouldn't let Dixon in all day to eat so I locked Huck out and in the morning they were best friends again.  Huck is really good at joining up and Dixon is really good at disengaging the hindquarters, partially cause he wants to keep and eye on me but whatever I will take it haha.  Haven't actually "done" anything with them lately cause of my back but I do have to go in there everyday to feed them so spend a little time just visiting and being friends, its working Dixon comes up to me now, Huck always did.

Got goals for Jax as well, gonna get him pulling a cart and want to go on a group drive with him.  And Razz, shes probly gonna have an easy year but I'm sure she will get used here and there :)  And Nita.  Haven't decided what I am doing with her yet, I will probly end up selling her turns out I can only ride so many and looks like about 4 is more than I need so that means 5 to sell but not yet if I get 2 sold I'm happy with that for this year.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wow 2019

Where has the year gone, I cant believe my last post was a year ago!  And so much happened last year too.  Lets see if I can make a short summery.

Horses.  Didn't sell any, had 2 new ones born, Dixon out of Jess and Watson out of Nita. Unfortunately Watson died at a month old from I don't know what.  That was sad, I was really excited for my Hezgonnabefamous horse.  But I still got my cutter to be and since I had no one to wean him with ended up with another colt, ranch bred, a 3/4 brother to a colt I raised in 2010, Jamaica.  He is such a nice horse, so confident and comfortable in himself its just odd but I love it.  He will be a good fit in around here too, since my other 2 ranch horses are 13 and 14 now, I dunno how that happened.
(Dixon the day after he was born)

(Watson, a couple days old)

(Huck, the day he was halter broke, 
after he was caught he acted like it was old hat and the kids loved him)

Rode very little, 10 maybe 12 times this year because of my back and my knee.  Not impressed with that but I am working my way back up this year.

Making some decisions on what to do with Easy, was planning on showing this summer but with my back the way it is I'm not sure I can and talked to my trainer today and he asked if I wanted to sell him, I never even thought of it but it would kinda make sense and he said he could probly sell him for what I paid without anyone even trying hom.  tempting, I really like him but since I cant haul him alone or ride out on him if I cant cut he would be an arena horse and I do not need that, I can ride any of my other horses in an arena if i wanted.  So now to decide what to do.  It would be nice to save that for Dixon's training but it would be nice to show and get some experience doing that too.  Of course if I do get better there will always be more horses for sale. 

Crochet-- Well since I didn't do much horse stuff this year I did a lot of crochet.  I am really enjoying it and even getting a few orders in, that's great, I can pay for my hobby :)
(Neil's blanket)

Travel--We headed to Mazatlan in March for a relatives wedding that was so cool, I had a great time, trying to talk Neil into going again this year but its not happened yet, he wants Vegas, Id rather a beach but if that's the only option i will take it.
(from our balcony)

Painting-- I have continued with paint class am really enjoying it, and I made a good picture finally!  not a decent one but its actually good, and weirdly it was a spur of the moment picture to do.
(the red truck)

More Horses--Got a chance to go photo wild horses with a friend, that was really cool they were quite calm and stuck around a long time, kinda boring no play going on but that's OK it was still pretty cool.  Id like to go again in the spring time maybe.
(they got spooked and run in a big circle and were coming towards us)

Have a lot of plans for this year too, so excited for it to get going, said as I sit in bed with a sore back, ugh.  But Chiro tomorrow and hopefully onwards and upwards from there.

Friday, January 12, 2018

OOH My Aching Back

Well started on my log pillows, probly would be done except I run out of wool.  The pattern said one ball of natural but I was suspicious when it said 3 balls make a scarf, hmm and one will make a pillow?  Well I got about 12 inches and they want 17 to cover the pillow form so I will add more wool when I can find some.  The Fields in Hanna usually carries it but they were out from Christmas haven't restocked yet. 
(double crochet with single crochet edge, I really like this one)

(half double crochet in ecru and then the spirals from the end of the log, 
figured I should practice a pattern so I made a couple coasters)

(my logs, the reason I learned to crochet)

(this made me think of a bowl, so much so I wanna make bowls
 but I also found a cool basket that I might do too)

(not quite long enough :( )

I also have some baby yarn that I have no idea where it came from.  Neil says I won it in a poker game lol.  But I asked my mom and she thinks 2 balls will make a baby blanket so since a neighbor is having a baby in April I will make one for her. 
(its super soft, I wish I had enough for a blanket for me)

Started paint classes again, this time we get to pick a picture we wanna paint and she will help us through it while also working on a couple other projects like the parrot this week and we are also gonna do a self portrait.
(mines the third one,
 I love the palms
 I don't think mine would look like that but I need some kind of background)

And it sounds like I am gonna have a lot more time to crochet in the next few weeks and my chiro is pretty sure I injured a disc.  He kinda thought last time but now he says its healing way slower than a joint/muscle should so he thinks its a disc.  Which he said heal fine 98% of the time they just take a long time.  Not what I wanted to hear but I guess not much I can do about it except rest and heat and small easy activity. 
(my Chiro gave me this card for this guy he's really good at picking out your weak spots and strengthening them, 
I think I will call him but not for a while as I need to heal first)

I went swimming Monday and that felt really good, better if the hot tub was working but still nice to float with no weight on the spine.  They have renovated the pool and now its deep almost all over cause they built a toddler area (that noone was using while we were there).  I wish they woulda left 2 lanes shallo so we could walk still that was great back therapy.  We used water belts but they just are not the same.  Might have to actually swim when I can.
(its cold out but at least its pretty)

(view out the bedroom window, I love those bushes/trees)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Chiro and Horses and Crocheting

Well here is the offending item that put my back out
(yes that little bag of bows, was trying to put away Christmas)

Went to the chiropractor yesterday and he sees me walk in and looks at my back and says he still wants to be friends after this.  Well I knew it wasn't gonna be good lol.  He wasn't too bad, used his hammer on the backs of my knees and my lower back and a bit higher too then put the hips back in (that wasn't that fun)  Still sore but less intense pain its just sore muscles now that need to relax.  I go back tomorrow and I think maybe that's all for a while.  I only went 7 times last year that's gotta be a record thought i was doing pretty good.  Till this.  I also asked him about the weird clicking noises and he says on the outside of hips and I said mostly he said there is actually a name for them called clicking hip syndrome.  Its when the tendons slide over the hip back into place, especially loud on tight muscles.  Not much I can do about it either, and its not bad or good it just is.  But now I know.

The weather had warmed up beautifully here was +4 today and melting :)  Still was inside but its nice to know I could go out haha.  Saw the last of the ponies come running up this morning, not sure why they were behind but I like watching them.  Can always tell Razz even if shes just a shadow cause shes always loping in, everyone else walks or trots in.  Speaking of Razz I am in the 12 week challenge on Facebook again with her gotta get 30 rides, 40 hours horsemanship all within the next 12 weeks, starts Sunday, hope I'm up for that then.

(Razz coming in, I'm in the house then the new cows and behind them the winter horse pasture)

(I knew it was her :) )

(Rayne and Easy coming in slowly behind Razz)

I been crocheting to pass the time, its kinda fun learning new stuff and making way too many dishcloths lol but I only have cotton wool to practice with and not sure what else I can make with it.
(the single and double crochet ones)

(the patterned one from today with blue double crochet and ecru single crochet)