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Monday, April 14, 2014

Bad Day Turns Out Good

Well Neil is still in the hospital but he is on the mend.  Been 2 weeks now, everyone panics cause its been so long but I would rather him there healing than home sick.

On Friday I rode up with him in the back of an ambulance to Red Deer so they could drain what they thought was a pus pocket.  We got there and they wouldn't let me watch :(  something about using x-rays and ct scans to find it.  But anyways it wasn't pus just a separate pocket of fluid, the same stuff they drained out on last Monday.  They also gave him 2 units of blood on Thursday and that and removing this pocket seemed to make a huge difference.  They left a drain in so it would completely drain out,  and so another attachment, what a pain.  But so far so good hes feeling a lot better, even got bored in there, but hes still weak.  On Thursday there was quite some excitement at 10:30 at night they thought he was showing signs of tuberculosis and so they rushed him into another room and all his furniture and the other guy in his room and did a major disinfecting.  Then they put a sign on his door saying airborne disease must wear mask, gown and gloves in the room.  And he was swelling up so they gave him a water pill to pee every 10 minutes, what a nuisance, he said he didn't get much sleep that night.

But it was a false alarm and everything is back to normal, hes still in a private room and he will be in there until his drain isn't draining anymore and the doctor is sure he wont come back.  He really wanted to get out tomorrow for his birthday but it doesn't sound like its gonna happen.  He even walked all the way to the x-ray and back this morning but was really tired afterwards.  I am glad they are gonna keep him till hes stronger less work for me to take care of him too.

Its been going well here, except this morning I lost a calf in the heifers that maybe coulda been saved if I was more invasive.  I find I would rather wait and let them do it without interfering if at all possible, but in this case I shoulda helped her sooner, but whats done is done I cant fix t now, too bad cause she was such a nice quiet cow but she didn't even turn around to look at her calf, she just walked away from it after we pulled it.  I tried to put one of the twins with her but he just kept climbing through the fence away from her so after about 3 times I gave up on that and just turned her out.  Was a pretty rotten morning, had me wondering if everything was going wrong.  But then had a nap after lunch and rode through the cows and I felt much better.  I am always nervous riding through the cows cause Neil always says they are wild and scared of a horse and I just don't do it very often, so easy to just grab Bob and drive, but I guess it wont get easier/more normal for me unless I do it.  And it was nice, only took about an hour and I didn't even need to wear a coat.  And I saw a calf being born, so all is alright in my world again.

 Although I do want it back to normal again, I don't like this.  It wouldn't be so bad if I never had to spend 4 hours to go see Neil everyday but still would rather it be like it was before.  Although I know when he gets home he will still need help and be weak, they said not 100% till June :(  That seems so long away.  Although as much as I complain I would rather do this than be the one in the hospital.  I think the hardest part is its hard for anyone to understand unless they have gone through this, and the worst of it is we have no family around to help besides Neils dad who has been coming up every couple days to help out.  But seems like everyone else has tones of family around and here I am all alone.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sick Husband

Last week Neil had a cold, and it wasn't that bad, and then it got worse, he thought it turned into the flu, so he laid around for a couple days and then he asked me to take him to the hospital, I was a little surprised he seemed wimpy but I thought all men are when they are sick.  So we went in to emergency and the triage nurse looked at him and asked all kinds of questions then they send you back to waiting room to wait for doctor.  About 5 minutes later the doctor saw him and said its not the flu its pneumonia.  And the said they wanted to start him on iv antibiotics for a few days and since we live so far from the hospital they would like to keep him in.  He agreed cause it was a pretty awful drive for him.  So we got there at 8 and by 11:30 he was in a room and they even brought him lunch at noon, pretty organized I was surprised.  He didn't eat it of course but it was there.  That was last Tuesday the first.  I left and went home to check heifers and bring him some clothes cause he was wearing his jeans and no one wants to sleep in jeans in the hospital.  So I brought him some stuff and he was feeling pretty bad, slept in the chair so he could stay upright and not cough.

The next day he made it into the bed but had it sitting all the way up and he was a lot more cheerful but still not great.  kept getting a little better everyday.  Then Sunday he woke up and said hard to breathe so they put him on oxygen which he never needed before cause they kept testing blood oxygen levels and they were good.  Also gave him a couple puffers to open his lungs.  Worked for a while then Monday they figured should drain some fluid around his left lung, the right side was all cleared up and so they took a bunch out and he said wasn't bad but didn't seem to make a lot of difference.  Took a CT scan today and no cancer but might send him to a specialist cause they are thinking there is maybe a blockage of some sort stopping him from healing.

I also think its taking longer cause he is probly going through withdrawal symptoms from not smoking for a week, he says he doesn't miss it but the its still hard on the system.  He asked his doctor for something to quit and he wont give him something unless he starts missing it cause no need to introduce more nicotine if unnecessary.  I hope he quits, would be an ideal time.

Meanwhile I am here taking care of things on the farm, not too bad, we have heifers and cows calving so far no problems and I think only 13 heifers left out of 33, I haven't worried too much about cows, still feeding a little so they all bunch up and then I can go look at the ones who don't come up.  Got about 19 out there, they are so funny even when i don't want to they make me smile.

The worst part is we had to cancel our trip to Texas which doesn't bother me cause he's sick but I really wanted to go.  But I guess there is always next year.  He will still need care when he gets home but I am hoping they keep him till hes pretty good.  Seems like a long time to be in the hospital nowadays but they seem in no rush and they hospital is not full so its good.  I sure have a better appreciation for nurses and am glad I am not one I dont think anyone would like me after a while.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kali for Sale

Well I did it.  Finally listed Kali for sale.  So far just on Facebook this morning.  And have had a couple people show interest.   If no sale before I come back from Texas I will list her on Northern Horse.  But I have great hopes.  Here is the link to her ad, let me know if I should change anything...specially 4R Ranch as you show lots of sale ads, lol.

Dual Rita aka "Kali" is a super sweet 6 year old mare. She is just a nice horse to be around. She is quiet, gentle, easy to catch, load, trim, pretty much everything. Lots of groundwork done on her, she lunges, ponies just willing whatever you want. Has been ridden since a 3 year old and has some cutting and some reining training. She prefers an arena but has been ridden outside even under the full moon and on poker rallies. She knows her leads, stops, started spins. She would be suitable for a intermediate rider or a beginner with lessons. She is wonderful in the arena with other horses, the more the better. Even rode her with a cart in there the other day and she didn't care. He biggest vice is she loves her buddies and will always head to them if not directed away. She has no buck or rear, she pretty much doesn't know how to be bad, worst she does is stop and not move. Doesn't like water but is getting better. And then her papers, super super breeding being a daughter of Dual Pep and out of a Smart Chicolina mare. I am located in Finnegan, Alberta, and have been riding her regularly all winter. Can haul her to Brooks for try outs in the arena there. Asking $5000 for her.

I'm hoping good things, I need less horses, next comes Bailey and then the broodmares, or maybe the other way around.  Will be nice to get less around here :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Finished!!!

I finished my Horsemanship Challenge from the group I was in on Facebook.  Just barely.  It ends on Saturday and I finished Monday with 34 rides and 40 hours.  I am actually kinda disappointed in that it took me so long.  Makes me sad how little I did get to ride all winter.  Normally I try to ride 5-6 days a week but this year with hauling and I don't like to haul when its more than -20 and it was way too many days this year.  So not near enough riding occurred.  I think I need to really push to try to get an arena, although my friend S thinks that I should just go to Brooks cause its such a nice arena there and heated and huge.  But I have thought of that too, even though its cheap to ride there it still costs gas and wear and tear on the vehicle and takes forever, being an hour drive each way.  Wasn't too bad when I have company but just exhausting everyday by myself.  If I do keep using it I will definitely need a barn.  It is pretty miserable to come home and be tired and then have to stand outside and change blankets and feed horses when it was so cold.  If I could do it in a barn wouldn't mind it at all.  Lots to think about to prepare for next winter.  I thought of just turning them out and not riding all winter, but I don't know what I would do, would probly go insane with boredom.  So don't think that's gonna happen.
 (So excited that Jessie's tail is this long, last summer is was shorter than her hocks :) )

I had no intention of finishing my challenge yesterday, I had about an hour and a half left and thought I would just ride and then go back today and finish it up...or ride outside.  I brought both Kali and Jessie and we headed off a little later than planned but its light late now so not as big a deal.  I got on Jess and she was kinda being a dork but oh well just ride her though it and we worked at the trot for a long time and then I asked for a stop and she just kinda walked and then stopped.  Well that is never acceptable so we did it again and same thing so we did it again and I pulled on her and backed her up hard and then we did it again and she stopped!  So I thought that was the end of it, but no we loped and she just randomly stops, so we lope again and she just cuts the corner and totally ignored my leg to put her back.  Well that was it so I made her work lots of lope and lots of trot work and mostly lots of sideways work.  She was just in that mood that she didn't want to listen, it took a little over an hour and she was soaked and tired and listening right away again :)  I had previously thought maybe she was sore, but no heat or soreness anywhere I could find she just was being bad I think (and I hate complaining about her being bad cause she doesn't even really know what bad is)  
(I see this sign everyday on the way home, this is where I live :) )

Then it was Kali's turn.  As I was changing saddles (and cinches, lol) the cart lady came.  I don't mind her there, neither horse is afraid of her cart and it is a big enough arena we have lots of room and a little difference is good for them, and besides Kali is better when there are more people in the arena...and I mean more, we rode with 10 others in there one day and she loved it, goofy horse.  Anyways she was all upset cause I tied Jessie where she couldn't see her.  She is a little buddy sour although she cant be bad either, lol she just tried heading that way if I give her a chance.  But every time we headed back to the gate she decided to go faster, so we spent a lot of time trotting and I made her go fast away from the gate too, she has a nice fast smooth trot its so easy to ride so glad I got that in her she used to hardly move when trotting, kinda like she usually is loping.  And since she was so energetic I got her to lope lots too, used her enthusiasm for the gate as a starting point to lope and she loped the nicest I have rode since I got her, I was amazed....but now I know she can do it, lol.  Was a good ride, I think I might put her in a different bit, not that I can't control her in a snaffle but I think shes ready for more, we will see if I can find something before tomorrow.  I think the cart lady thought she was all excited cause of her at first but I said she was more worried about her buddy and it was obvious she wasn't even looking at the cart, not even enough to distract her a little.

 Then since both girls were so sweaty I grabbed my clippers and clipped Jessie's front legs, she has so much hair and when it gets muddy its just gross and I worry about scratches although none of my horses have ever had them I don't want them and it looks so pretty now :)  Next time will be back legs, woulda done em at the same time but the guy was coming in to drag out the benches from the sale and it was right behind them so I don't mind waiting for another day. 

 But that added up to finishing the challenge :)  I would like a summer challenge, maybe a bareback challenge or something different, since I am getting bored, been almost a year I been riding by myself and I need to add some interest to keep me motivated.  I do like cutting and lessons but its the in between rides that I need to do to keep Jess in shape that get pretty old.  Maybe I need more people to ride with so there is always someone but no one close to me wants to so I guess I will have to entertain myself again for a while.