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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I went to Calgary and after I was there a bit I saw this come up on my phone.

I texted Neil and he said that sounded interesting so he may go.  I kinda wanted to go but I knew I wouldn't make it in time.  Well he went and turns out they had a wreck getting to Kerrobet, the wind was bad or some weather stuff. and were staying overnight.  That means they would be there Thursday. So we headed up to see them, was supposed to be at 3 but they got behind and never made it till 5.  Which worked out alright cause I went to the chiro and the grocery store, Neil did UFA and then it was time.  Well it was so worth going for!

They are so tiny!  The one guy got out of his plane and hes taller than it and he just picked up the tail and turned the plane around.  I can't even imagine fighting a war in a flimsy plane like that.  They look like cardboard but are metal/wood covered in fabric.  These are replicas but identical to the originals.

They been flying all across Canada on thier way to Vancouver where one plane is being donated to hang in a museum there.  They were in France on April 9th, did a big flyover after the ceremony.  Sounds like its been an adventure, they said the tall guy crash landed his plane in a field and it was overseen by the country and they did not want him to leave with his plane so he was stuck there for 2 days while they sorted it out.

The other guy was a pilot of commercial planes as a real job, he said its quite a difference haha 757s compared to these little guys.  They are only about 500 pounds and they travel about 65 miles per hour and only can go about 2 1/2 to 3 hours before fueling up.  Although they fly higher than I expected, he said up to 4500 feet.  The originals had bigger propellers and they flew up to 12000 feet.

Super neat, they answered everyone's questions and then they had a little talk and it was pretty cool.  They decided to stay overnight and so we never saw them leave but we did see a helicopter coming in they are cool, I think he was as big as the planes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


We didn't just travel this summer we actually did a lot of work around here.  Since the nephews were here I made a list of things to get done.  We got quite a few things knocked off the list and a few still need to be finished but they had to go back to school but luckily its not winter yet.

One thing I really wanted to get done was work on my tack shed, we killed the grass in front and laid cement blocks down and I wanted it tinned and the roof done and fixed the door.  Well the door was easy then we started tinning, it was the tin we pulled off the old house so that was kinda cool, we didn't have to buy any, I will have to buy stuff for the roof cause its a weird shape but it will be so nice when its done.

Neil also had an old pump house he wanted the roof redone so we got that done.

He also had a lot of fence that needed to be rebuilt and so that got done.

And I was building a garden shed, we kinda got stuck on the rafters, but I think I got them figured out now.

And the deck. its pretty well done, just waiting on John to come build the roof part then I can do the railing.And we made a bunch of jam and pickles.

And we did some other fun stuff like target shooting, we built a target and that was kinda cool.
My Mom got to drive the Quad for her first time ever.
We put up our |Canada Flag up on the garage.

We got 2 new cats, they are so fun they fit right in.

I still need at least a month more decent weather and then I may have everything done.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Atlas Coal Mine

So we have lived about 1/2 hour from the atlas coal mine at East Coulee for at least 16 years  And we went one year about 8ish (I cant remember lol) years ago to a ghost walk that was there in the tipple.  Which is where they sort the coal.  Ever since then I have wanted to go to the rest of it so this summer when My Mom and Clint were out I thought was the perfect time.  Neil and Clint went golfing in Rosebud and we were gonna meet them in Drum for supper so we had a couple hours of time left.  And so I suggested the mine, everyone seemed happy about it so off we went.  It was really good.  There was only 5 people in out tour group so that was really nice we got more info and time to ask questions.  My mom didn't take the tunnel tour with us because she didn't think she could walk the 200 steps down from there.   She did a train trip tour instead and said it was really good too.
(Its now a national Historic Site so that's kinda cool)

(the Tipple)

(inside the tunnel, it was hot in here until we actually got in the dirt part, 
then it was chilly but she said about the same temp all year round +5*C)

(looking down from the blacksmith shop)

(the forge)

(and even a power hammer way back when)

 Our Lady took us right through like we were miners, from the showers to the tunnel, through the blacksmith and up and then finally in to the actual mine.  Was at least a 20 minute walk to the mine everyday.  Then they had to go tho the tunnel they were working in, the mine was I believe 8 miles long and 5 miles wide, kinda crazy.  They only worked in the winters and were the cleanest guys around cause the showered every night before going home.  Sounds like a tough life, they recruited Jaret as a blacksmith helper cause he could lift 2 pails of teeth for the cutters and take them up to the blacksmith shop to get repaired.
(the mine plan)

(The tipple from the mine entrance)

(On the way down, you can see the tunnel we came up in on the right side)

(and more tunnel and the mine site, and the train with my Mom in it)

(we all got a helmet and a light from an actual miner that we wore inside, I was number 15, a single German who earned $70.33, not bad pay I musta been a hard worker cause they paid per tone of coal you got out)

Glad I went, even if it took a while for me to get there.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Mounted Shooting

Wow we have done a lot of touring this summer, I gotta go through my pics of Atlas Coal mine but that was a super cool tour right nearby.  And seeing the Biplanes from Vimy that was cool too.  But we also did a bunch of horse stuff, like going to a mounted shooting competition down in Brooks.  I don't compete but Neil's cousin and his wife do as well as a friend of Neil's from Hanna and a friend of mine.
(Micheal First Pattern)

(Michael Second Pattern)

(Miranda second Pattern)

(Miranda another second pattern)

We found out when Miranda msged me and asked if we were going, well sure we can go and visit cause way closer than where they live lol.  Micheal's Mom and Dad (Cathy and Bumpy) were coming down and so we visited with them as well.  Neil's Mom and Dad came and his Aunt Doris as well.  It was a family reunion lol. My nephews came as well cause they never seen it before and they thought was kinda cool.
(I don't know who she is but her horse coulda been Razz!)

(Denise and her Bandit, 
we missed later on when she did the shotgun class woulda been cool)

(and I don't know who he is either but he has one of those compression hoods on, 
I guess he can be kinda spazy but it seems to work so far)

(and a mule, they run so weird)

I got a few pics, was nice cause it was in the outdoor arena so pics turned out really good.  Jaret wanted me to get a pic of a balloon bursting but I wasn't fast enough, maybe next time I will try to do a burst shot and maybe get one.  Looks like a fun sport, might be cool to try but I still like cutting more.