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Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 Alix Cutter Rally

Last Sunday I loaded up and went out to Alix for there first annual cutter rally.  I had planned to have  a friend come but she came up with some lame excuse for not going so I went anyways more to spite her than for myself but turns out I met some fantastic people there :)

I got there about 10:30 and registration went till 12 so I unloaded and registered, got my hands of poker and then came out and saddled up.  I had parked right beside a lady on a cute buckskin she was riding so I asked if I could tag along with them and they said sure.  She came with a couple and thier Clyde and a cutter.  We all left and it was just the 3 of us travelling together the whole ride.  We saw about 4 cutters and a couple riders ahead of us and everyone else was being us.
(following the sleigh up a hill)

(a funny selfie)

(me in the middle)

(We got a poker stand lady to take this one of us all)

(and us 2 riders)

The snow was heavy and crusty and pretty deep in some places.  I kept off the trail where I could see the stubble most of the trip but Jessie being herself worked harder than she needs to.  One day she will relax but I can't complain at least shes trying :)  I forgot to use my map my run to track it but somone said about 18kms.  Pretty good ride through nice country.  Its not to far from our north place so thats kinda cool.

Afterwards we came in and drew our last poker hands and they had a free hot dog and hot chocolate lunch with a Christmas tree burn.  That was kinda cool but they didn't burn as fast I thought I think they were outside so the needles burnt fast but the trunks and branches were wet.  Kinda cool job for the firefighters to do.
(a paint with a cutter)

(2 more riders)

(a nice team)

(awful pretty mules, hear they were good ones too)

(and always a gypsy somewhere)

(Jess was sweaty so she got a cooler as the wind came up as we got back)

(cool murals on the hall wall, kinda cool there's a cutter in there)

(and she deserved her goodies today,
 while I got rid of her sweat marks and a lot of fur)

And before I left I exchanged numbers with the three people I met who are part of a trail riding group and the invited me along so I am following them on Facebook and the first ride is May 13.  Gotta make a list of what I am doing this summer, its gonna be a full one :)
(really liking this app, only thing it doesn't have it a gps)

Oh and I finally talked to the stallion owner for Jess and he answered all my questions and I his and I just have to phone him in June when I wanna bring her down, easy peasy so far.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

More Learning and Riding

I went to Calgary Friday I had booked a dentist appointment and me and my sister were gonna go shopping and then play video games all night long.  Then in the morning I had another Energy Equine seminar.

Well I went and we went for lunch and got visiting and next thing we knew it was dentist time.  I had 2 small cavities and they were gonna fill them both.  Well turned out I had a third he couldn't see so he did that one as well and I had a tooth I was making a decision on. I decided the best choice was for it to be pulled he thought a root canal with a post and a cap cause there wasn't much tooth left.  I was suspicious how long that would last and so I just said remove it and so he did it that day.  That wasn't in the plans but now I guess I don't have to go back for a year so that's a good thing.  But I wasn't really up to a lot of shopping although it didn't really hurt was just not there lol.  We went to Costco for a few things and Walmart and then got supper and back to sisters house.  We ate then played more Diablo, we found out how to play with 3 players so her boyfriend plays too it's fun.  Then finally at about 1:30 we were all yawning and rubbing our eyes and decided we should quit.  I remember playing all hours of the night I guess we all got old.

Saturday the seminar was great again.  It was on the shoulders and the neck and that is what Jess needs so much so I paid lots of attention.  So much to take home and use on her it will help a ton I'm sure.  They had a sweet barrel mare named Honey and she was really sore but she sure tried.

Then it ended early and so I stopped by Irvine's but they had no one that wanted to help me so didn't get what I wanted, may have to order online.  Then home.  Still got home by 5 and we had a virtual moonlight ride planned and since it was niceish out I figured we should join in.  I went out at 6:30 when there was still a little light left and tacked up Jess and we rode down the road and back up and down and back up and finally the moon peeked out. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be and it was really dark out but I got some pics anyways.  I finally used the flash when we got back so she's actually visible.  Then as I put her away in the pitch black I was cold.  It was about -6 and didn't seem bad when riding but after when I was on the ground again it was cold.

Came inside and couldn't resist getting another moon pic, this time with the real camera.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Drive Through Dorothy

Last week after the retreat I stayed at my Moms Sunday night cause I didn't want to drive home in the dark on snowy roads at -30.  It worked good.  We went out for supper and had leftovers so the next morning my Mom went to work.  I think its weird she works and I don't (not regular hours anyways).  I picked up Tim's and we had coffee and bagels with our leftovers for lunch.  We visited and toured her church.  Its slow on Mondays cause the pastors take the day off cause they work Sundays.  She said she actually gets the most work done on Mondays cause no one is there to bother her.  Except me that day.

I toured through Drum and the snow covering the hills at Dorothy was so pretty I had to stop and take a few pics.  I don't often catty my big camera along but I had it this time.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Srapbooking Weekend

ON the 3-5th we headed up to Sundre for our annual scrapbooking retreat.  Its always a fun time and somewhat productive as well.  This year I was so behind I don't even know where I was so I figured I would just start with the beginning of 2016.  Of course had no pics printed but luckily Walmart online is back up and running.  So I used that and it worked really well.  Armed with 500 pictures I was ready to go.

I never did finish them all like I was hoping :(  But got about half of them, a couple months worth.  Its fun looking back on the memories we made.Now I'm trying to go through the rest of the year and finish up printing them so I am ready next time.  There was 9 of us this year was a nice amount.  And back to Rustlers who have such great food and so much of it!  And the pool and hot tub are a great reason to go there.  And nothing like eating around the pool.

They had a sewer back up last fall and because its a bed and breakfast that means they had to throw out everything.  They have got it back to its framed in walls now but what a pain.  We like going there best cause they have everything under one roof.  And large windows around the conference room that we could watch the snow fall on the pines, so pretty.
(I got to share a room with my great aunt nice cause we don't see her often. 
 I warned her about the pic ans she was fine with it :))

I took a long time to post cause I ended up with a chlorine burn and a few others did too, nothing major just felt like an itchy sunburn but we figured she should know first.  She was pretty concerned and had the pool guys out to make sure everything was OK and it is now.  Even went swimming last Tuesday and it didn't bother me except just getting in the hot tub but I'm good now.