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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back At It

On Saturday I called for a lesson and it was good so away we went.  It had been so long that I wasnt sure how it would work out. I knew we were gonna do the flag cause its been forever and I wasnt really expecting much.  But much to my surprise Jessie was really good.  A little slow to stop on one end, but shes always that way going right and then tries to turn in, once I can get her to stop quick enough and stand straight she is so cool, she even had some draw when going left :)

Doug thought I fell of the face of the earth cause I hadn't been in so long so I told him Neil was sick and I got to do all the calving and then it was branding season.  He got hurt as well and was off for a couple months and still a little sore so I am glad I didn't go any earlier than this.  He actually competed in Calgary and got 3rd, I thought that was pretty good for coming back, but he said it was a good little horse, total show horse that's way better at a show than at home she loves it.

I also told him we had been moving cows and helping sort cows and he said that's good for her to do the same job in a different environment.  And I mentioned she pulled a few calves at branding and was so good and I asked if she had ever been roped off and he said definitely not and so that was good she really was a good as I thought she was.  He was quite surprised she was that good first few calves.  I like I can use my show horse for more than just showing I always thought it was good for them but now I know it is.

We went to Strathmore afterwards and stopped at K & K Livestock and I got a new saddle pad.  I knew I wanted one for a long time and I wanted to try the impact gel ones cause I heard how good they are and so that's what I got.  Jst plain black and beige and I will mostly try to keep it for showing but I wanna use it a few times first to make sure I and Jessie like it.

Then we stopped for lunch and bought KFC for supper (and lunch on Sunday) and then headed home.  Was a longer day than planned but it was good.  I never thought of it till I was back home but I shoulda brought my iPad so I coulda got my friend to video, she like it cause then she can watch and video at the same time.  Maybe next time I will do that.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pony Update

I have been riding, mostly everyday and only Jessie.  I try to go for about a 4 mile ride in about 40 minutes.  I am good about the time, but the mileage I am usually a little short, somehow on my way home its shorter than the way out so I gotta go till I'm at least 2 1/2 miles from home and that might get me to 4 by home.
(they all eat together so thats good they get along now)

(I let Jess graze the yard after we ride as a treat)

I been using my map my run app to track where and how long we were gone.  I love it.  I try to make a different circle everyday, sometimes north, sometimes south and sometimes east.  I rarely go west cause I would have to ride beside where my other horses are in the pasture and I think Jess would do it fine she would just be drawn to them like a magnet and actually be harder work for me.
(The other two hooligans)

(Cant keep them away)

(hard to get pics when so close)

We mostly trot as soon as we leave the hay corral.  We trot for at least half mile then I let her walk.  Most times shes kinda lazy at a walk and just moseys along and kinda angles towards the fence no matter where it goes, but at a trot I can keep her attention better and have no problem going in a straight line towards where I want.  But I want to get there at a walk too so we do walk and when she tries to angle off, I make a big deal of moving her back sideways like a sidepass while walking (I am having a brainfart as to what its called right now) rather than just pick up on her and direct her straight with my reins I use my legs and its coming but super slowly.
(Dee feet still need a little work)

(But Razz's are almost perfect :) )

We do lope some but not a lot as I been trying to still get her to stop good and the ground is just not meant for stopping like that on the prairie.  I do ask her from the trot and she is good at doing it every time so that's what we do.  
(Even the pasture horses want in, mostly to get away from bugs I think)

I haven't gotten to riding Dee and Razz regular yet although my nephews are coming out next week and probly wanna ride Jessie so I guess I will have to if we are gonna actually go somewhere, so that is my goal this week.  

I am also entered in a few clinics in August that I wanna take Dee to so I should do something before then as well.  One is Aug 9th, same guy we went to last fall when I took Jess.  And another is a neighbor girl who moved to Turner Valley and runs a barn out there, I have never been to one of her clinics before but it sounds like lots of fun and its the 12-15th so right after the other one, I'm pretty excited to go.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Moving Cows

We have a piece of land up towards Stettler that is just grass and we didn't use it last year because we had so much grass at home but usually we have cows up there.  This year it got a little late but we finally got 47 pairs up there.  We hired a big truck and Neil took his stock trailer and I took the old one and away we went.  
(he looks like going in the ditch but there really is an approach there)

Its not a big piece, but its all tame grass and they get a lot more rain than we get so it holds a lot of cows.  The trucker was coming about noon so about 10 we went out and got them in, Neil had sorted them out a week ago.  And we separated cows and calves and bulls too.  We ended up with 47 cows, 46 calves and 2 bulls.  We could not see another calf anywhere bauling and so we hauled them up and figured wed look up there as we mothered them up to find the one who doesn't have a calf and take her back home.  We never heard anything in the field the last few days bauling so I don't know what happened there.
(odd pic of the calves in Neils trailer)

(My truck and trailer in lots of grass)

We got loaded and up there about 4 and let them out, left them in the corral for half our or so and no noise whatsoever so we looked through them, we saw what might have been a dry cow but hard to tell for me in a corral.  So we let them out and went home, stopped in Stettler at Smitty's for supper even though we were not entirely clean but we were hungry.
(Neil witching for water while waiting for cows)

We had to leave the bulls behind, not enough room, kinda sucked but Neil went up with them early the next morning which turned out goo cause he could check on them cows and there still wasn't an unhappy cow up there. So he left them and looked at home and nothing crying here either, so I guess all is well.
(the cows love the trees to rub off bugs)

(happy cows and calves in long grass)

We took all cows with heifer calves up there and the plan is to just take them to the Stettler Auction Market in October on the way home, rather than haul them home and then a few days later haul them to town.  We are hoping it will only take one trip home that way.

Friday, July 18, 2014

My Calgary Stampede Day

I headed to the Stampede on Sunday.  I was going to the Reba concert that night so we decided not to go super early cause we knew it was gonna be late.  We got there about noon and boy was it HOT!!  We took pics of us in the frame, we went through the new Agrium building it was kinda cool.

We walked through the building with all the selling stuff, didn't buy anything and then through the art building, always some really nice stuff and some slightly weird stuff.  Then we walked by the Bell Adrenaline ranch and last year it was on water this year BMX but we had time so we grabbed a drink and went to watch it.

Got a few videos of it, it was really pretty impressive even if I have no desire to usually watch that kind of stuff it was still a good show.

Its amazing how much time there is to do stuff down there if we don't go on rides or to the rodeo.  I woulda loved to do the rodeo but seeing as it was showdown Sunday I'm sure it was sold out and if not I couldn't afford tickets to it anyways.  Then the best part of the night, the reason we went on the last day....REBA!!!

She was sooo good, not sure if she has any new songs, but she did a kinda neat concert as a progression of her career, from her first song, her first video, her first movie, her TV show, her Broadway show, it was pretty cool.  She never sang all her songs but lots of them she did.  Got some video of part songs too.

And after that it was still daytime, haha unexpected but we had a couple more things we wanted to do...

And then home for the night and not enough sleep.