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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Out In The Big Wide Open

So today my arena was perfect weather was warm and it was time to ride :)  Was later than i planned for having to give Neil a ride to pick up his tractor and cultivator cause he was finished farming.  But none the less I was going anyways.  So went to catch Easy and Pally and Pally walked away which was fine I didn't know if I wanted both today anyways.  So walked into the arena where I had my cones set up with pinwheels in them and he walked by them like its no big deal, yay new things aren't too scary.

Then I saddled and rode in the arena for about 10 minutes and he was kinda being a dork going towards the gate where Pally was but not too bad but I was getting bored and he was listening so thought we would walk out to the bull field.  Hes been out but everything is so different here and hes pretty used to flat ground and not watching his feet so I'm taking it slow for now cause no idea how hell react but if its bad it will be big sideways and I don't last too long on that.

He was actually pretty good, we talked to Neil, hes actually really good in the yard hes used to all that stuff going on he was a bit looky cause its all so different but never hesitated to go anywhere I asked.  It was only a short trip cause oh boy were the bugs bad, I had no idea they aren't bad in the yard but out where the grass was a little long by the water eww, shoulda wore bugspray.
(after he was tied up a bit he gets a treat and gets to graze for a few minutes, 
he's getting soft gonna have to ride him more if we wanna be fit enough to cut)

(Some pony was pretty sad she got left behind.  
Maybe this afternoon will be her turn)

Came back past Neil and then the north horses come thundering up, i heard them long before we seen them and then he wanted to go over there but I said no and we went back to the arena and rode around in there for a few more minutes till he was more settled.  Every other pony was calling its quite annoying, guess they all need more work.  When they are like that I wish I just had one, its frustrating cause there is nothing I can do about it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spring Storm

Part of the deal when I took Easy home was that I was gonna ride him every day.  Well almost he gets one day off a week, maybe 2 after a show.  Not all hard rides but he needs to be kept in shape.  Well since he came home and he was a bit of a nutcase I left him to settle in.  Then I rode him a few times and I will be honest I was a bit worried about riding him here but as soon as I sat my butt in the saddle he was like OK I know how to do this and just was like normal, whew!  Then I got busy and then it snowed and so I haven't rode him a whole lot.  I really got to get back to it.  Arena is way too wet to ride in now, hoping tomorrow or Friday I can work it and then ride.  I guess that's the downfall of dirt, if it was sand I could work it and ride anyways even if it was wet.  I really would like to show on the 8th and the 14th, will depend on if the barn is going to them shows cause I'm not confident enough to go on my own.  If I had been riding him more I probly could go ride out but not sure he's ready (or me) to walk on the soggy wet uneven ground.



(Monday, the poplar that looks like a weeping willow)

(Monday, looks way better)

Oh snow, we really needed moisture but if you know me I don't like snow, so was super happy when I got up on Sunday and there was no snow on the ground thought that was the worst of it, then headed up to the Mane Event with a neighbor and it was quite nice up there and come home and its white all over here :(  But while I was up there I went to see Brigitte Meyer of Vitality Equine and won a hat and a gift certificate!  Yay.  Will definitely have to use that, someday I think Easy would like that (maybe)  And visited with Louisa there as well, that was fun to have someone to talk to that understands this cutting thing and as well just getting into it.

So yesterday it was fairly nice out and I was bored cause too soggy to do much and so figured Id got for a walk (road is good) and get some pics of the ponies in the snow.  Well saw gooses and the ponies had no snow it had already melted!
(silly gooses in the snow)

(Razz, Jess, George)

(I love our 2 mile long driveway :) )

(An antelope track, never saw him though expect its bent horn)

(Razz watchin and Jess can't stop eating)

(the geese were back as I got home)

(hard to see but they are flying over the fence)

(the arena is pretty wet yet)

(lawn looking good, even see some new dandelions in there)

(A bit of water in the perennial bed, 
guess I won't have to water your rose for a few days Shirley)

(and melting out behind the house, new lake)

(and the bottom of our stairs needs to be landscaped 
feels like we are gonna get sucked in one day)

So toady will do another walk and maybe can work the garden tomorrow.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Great Outdoors

Been so much going on around here, been picking rocks in the arena I think they grow overnight

And then the young geese who I think are looking for a nest been waking my up at 6 with all their honking

And the goose nest we saw in the creek hill which now has been found by coyotes, she needs a better spot

Oh and I been working on the deck and one morning the crows were having a fit and I looked out and a horned owl was out there chasing them off, yay!  And he stuck around all morning while I was out there.  No nest in the yard but I think there is one in the creek.

And the house guy came and fixed our crooked window so now can work on the window seat as soon as I find baskets what a hassle finding big enough ones.

And I headed on a long tour to help a friend haul horses home and saw pheasants on the way (also saw other cool stuff but with a trailer hard to stop and take pics, like a bull snake)

And our cows laying on the hay field, we are half done calving now that's nice there's a pile of calves out there and I haven't even been out riding out there :(

(have to look hard at this one she was a long ways down in the brush by the creek.)

And then last night we had a few neighbors over for turkey supper and the one brought me a cool colored rose and another a houseplant (I'm so bad I don't even know what it is) I said they dont have to bring anything but they did.

And I got a package int the mail, totally forgot about it, its from the Alberta Equestrian Federation rewards for riding or driving my horses.  I didn't realize I was supposed to send them in when I got them so sent in 4 at once and got all the prizes too, not very many hours last year, stupid sore back but this year is better already.

Now it looks like rain today but I'm hoping to ride first and then on to the Mane Event in Red Deer tomorrow should be fun!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Saddle Fit for Pally...and Riding Her

I been fighting this week with figuring out a saddle for using on Pally.  Not only is she shorter than my other horses but her back I quite short.  I had at first tried my cutter on her, it fits Easy good and he's not really that big, maybe 14.2
(some horse pics are not flattering at all!)

But that is a hand and a half taller than Pally and the saddle is just too long for her.  Which is too bad cause handy to use the same saddle but the cinch is too long so that would be a pain to have to switch them up as well.
(umm shes a little fat)

So the next day I figured I would try my other saddles on her in hopes one would fit.  First was English, haha I knew it would be short enough, might be a bit narrow but dont really matter Id rather not ride her in it anyways.
(It's cute on her but not right now)

Then on to the old barrel saddle I have.  Its super comfortable to ride in but I still would rather not ride in a barrel saddle all day long and it is a bit long for her but seemed to fit her otherwise so its a contender probly would work.
(cutest pic I have of her :))

Then somehow I forgot I had a my round skirted ranch saddle.  Its been in my trailer and I use it on Dee and used to be on Bailey but I dunno why I didn't try it first.  It seems to fit and way more comfortable for me.
(not sure of just the thin felt pad but it seemed like enough and not too long either)

So I cinched her up and thought might as well try the bridle on her too.  Well I guess her head isn't that tiny, pony bridle was on last holes and its OK but the throat latch was too short.  Didn't help I left the halter on but wasn't even close so I am moving to a regular horse bridle, Bailey had a small head so hers should fit decent, maybe today will try it out.
(after I ride they get a bit of grass,
 not that they need it but they love it so much I give them some, 
makes up for getting no grain)

(and I just think this is cute can see her head through her legs :)

Shes kinda a dork when you go to get on tries to walk around in a circle and then when that doesn't work she tries to throw her head into mine, haha of course shes short so it only hit my shoulder.  I hit her neck away and she quit that but still walked around.  So after trying her on the mounting block I put her butt against the fence, that kinda annoyed her specially since I wouldn't let her walk ahead.  Got on and just puttered around trying to figure out if the saddle fit and how her steering was.  She's pretty soft in the mouth.  I think her bad habits will go away quickly when she realized I am smarter than her (at least I hope I am)  Nice to ride super smooth, just did a short ride since shes so fat we need to work our way into longer rides.  I plan on riding her and Easy everyday so it hopefully wont take to long.  Not sure I'm ready to venture out in the big world alone with her yet shes quick and boy can she turn.
(Sorry kinda long and I woulda cut it shorter but I dunno how anymore, 
I'm sure I did at one time but not anymore so you can see how she is trying to get on,
 it was windy and the camera moved some so you get to see arena dirt for some
 then me riding.  Watch Easy in the background what a dork)

Easy is not ready for the big world yet either although I think he'd be fine, he stepped on the gas line outside the arena and pop up he went all 4 feet haha I laughed at him, hes not used to watching where his feet are, but it doesn't bother him, next step hes back to his normal self.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Neil's Birthday

Yesterday was Neil's birthday.  He booked himself a doctors appointment to get the results of his blood work back, why book on your birthday???  He said he wont forget the date that way.  Pretty goofy not what I wanna do on my birthday.  But I went with him and we went for lunch and then we went to look at a truck we had decided this spring was the time my truck needed to be replaced since it had a lot of kms on it and no warranty left and it needed a few repairs (and new tires) and we thought get rid of it before spending a lot of money on it.

So I had a list of wants and needs in my new truck and this one has everything off both lists :) totally didn't expect that but its perfect.  We even got 0% financing, that's pretty sweet too.  I'm super excited I just wanna drive everywhere haha, one would think it was my first new vehicle but its just so much more than the last one that we kinda cheaped out on.  Also has auto start, dont think I could live without that now that I've had it for 9 years.  But if below -4*C it turns on heated seats and steering wheel as well :)
(whole view)

(metallic steel, looks dark blue to me)

(inside, so many electronics, 
and so easy to change whats on the dash)

(gear shift is a button, 4wd, trailer brakes built in,
 no navigation but that can be added if I wanted, 
not sure I need it yet)

(cloth heated seats, with center console, also has heated steering wheel)

(cubby holes under back seat floor mat, 
removable and holds 8 beer and ice haha)

(fold flat floors and split rear benches)

(bedliner included)

(pretty fancy dual chrome tipped exhaust)

(20" tires, not sure if they are better than 16s or not
 but he said everyone wants them)

I can't wait till I get to haul with it too, can haul up to 9200 lbs, that's crazy!  My trailer fully loaded with horses and tack is less than 6000 so should be no problem at all.

Afterwards we headed to Brooks for supper with his family so we could take it for a drive, drives pretty nice on the highway even if we were detoured through a gravel road cause of an accident and made my truck dusty, it's gonna be hard to keep clean being so dark, no different than my green one I guess.  We went back to his moms after for cake and presents then headed home it worked out real good.
(we went to Denny's it was good)

(Neil and his weird eyes had the 
honey jalapeno sriracha bacon burger)

(he got a branding torch from his mom and dad, 
tried lighting it with a lighter)

(Neil and Carlos having cheesecake)

(I got him a wallet and these coffee print for his office)

I laughed at Neil case I got a new truck for his birthday he just said wait till you see what happens on your birthday....not sure what that meant????