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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kali and Dee

A week ago Saturday I had planned with a girl from Facebook that we would meet and she wanted to try out Kali.  She wanted to trade her ranch type horse that never liked being in an arena, so I figured it would be a good trade if we all got along.

We met in Forestburg at the little arena there and it was all easy to find, they have just converted a hockey arena into a riding arena a year or 2 ago so its still a work in progress but it worked for what we did.

We got there about 1 and got Kals saddled and I rode around on her she kinda jumped a bit whenI first got on her but I had pinched her skin in the cinch so I don't blame her but after that she was really good and just did whatever I asked her to do.  So the girl who is kinda beginner got on her.  She wanted to use her own saddle and that was fine and she was good for about 15 minutes then Kali wouldn't turn. It was kinda frustrating, I was puzzled so she got off and I got on and she was pretty hesitant for me, I wasn't bluffed by her and kicked her pretty hard and she tried to rear up (in slow motion of course, lol) and then I knew something was off.  I saddled Jess and ponied her around and she had her ears back the whole time and so then I was suspicious it was the saddle.  And sure enough it was pinching her pretty bad.  So I put my saddle back on and got on and she just relaxed and was back to normal, whew!

I showed her where it was pinching and how my saddle didn't pinch, then we saddled her horse and her saddle fit her horse and I showed her that.  She was surprised what a difference it makes.  I wasnt surprised, there is much more to know and if it fit it wasn't a big deal at the time.  Her mare was pretty nice, faster than Kali which I prefer better anyways.  So we made the deal and I headed home with Dee.  I put her and Jessie in the corral for the night since they traveled together fine.  I fed them and they are good.  Jess was a little upset with me for not letting her back on grass.  But Dee just settled in fine like it was where she came from, didn't even make a fuss over the horses in the pasture, just looked around corral and stick her head in the bale feeder (that was almost empty)

I came out in the morning and Dee is the boss, haha poor Jess.  Sunday we headed to Olds for Mothers Day then Monday caught up on everything and Tuesday moved cows and put Bailey in the corral and she's boss of everyone in there, and so poor Jess is still at the bottom, she doesn't like it much but its good for her.  Wed I hurt my back so I haven't had a chance to ride her at home yet, I'm sure she will be fine but I want someone here just in case.

Should be a good deal, shes registered appendix and pretty cute, super friendly, easy to catch and didn't get upset when I took the horses away and she was by herself so that's always a good sign.  Her previous owner pulled her ears and she just stood there didn't try to get away at all and I been doing a bit with her here and so far her temperament is nice.  She is already vaccinated and wormed and had her teeth done this year so that's nice as well.  I got her winter blankets and they need some repairs so they just got added to my pile of ones needing repairs.

Not sure I'm super keen on the name Dee it doesn't really seem to fit her well, shes more like a Dolly but I don't like that either, lol.  I better decide soon or it will be stuck with Dee.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I hope your back feels better soon. I love palomino coloring. Did you swap saddles too?

Shirley said...

So will this be your ranch horse? Double bred Doc's Dee Bar, she should have a nice temperament and be athletic too. I used to have a mare called Double Leolita Doc that was bred that way, I raised really nice babies off her before I sold her to Dave Fraser.

Crystal said...

No saddle swapping, I was using my cutting saddle on her and it was staying with me. She got hers off Kijiji and was going shopping again to find one that fits better, the guy that was with her knew what she should get and shes got a coach so I think she will find one that works. I talked to her a day later and her coaches saddle fit her so she has one to use for the meantime.
Im hoping she will turn out to be a nice ranch horse, I would like another easy horse, lol.

cdncowgirl said...

She sure looks nice and from what you said about how she's been acting I bet she will be a nice horse.

You'll have to let us know what you end up naming her :)

CDH said...

Pretty girl! You could call her magic? I see that's in her pedigree. Magic D!