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Sunday, May 18, 2014


Today I figured it was time to see if my back was good enough to go riding.  And do something with Dee.  I went out to get Jessie and Dee stuck her head in my halter so I caught her, Jess was a little surprised I wasn't taking her.  Good for her.  So I just brushed and let her have some grass and tried to get some better pics, well shes good with brushing and didn't fuss when she stepped on her lead rope and couldn't move her head, and moved away when I asked.  She has an old wire cut on her hock but it wasn't at all sore, even when I curried it so that was good. Her udder needs a good cleaning but Ill wait for a warmer day for that. She has a white spot on her belly, like Jess.  And a dark spot on her shoulder.  Shes shedding out to be a darker yellow should be pretty.

Then Jess, I lightly brushed then saddled her and surprisingly getting on didn't hurt, that was shocking to me and made me feel a little less apprehensive.  Walking wasn't bad, specially dawdling walk which Jess is good at.  So we went out in the bull pasture planning to walk around the edges.  I could tell the bugs were kinda bad then we walked through a low spot and wow mosquitoes!  So I asked for a trot just to get away from them.  That wasn't good. I could handle it not bad if I leaned forward but that's hard for me to do now, since I know I should be sitting back.  Then we turned around and were walking back and i thought I would try a lope.  Bad idea that was super sore.  Managed about 10 strides and that was all I could take.  So we walked the rest of the way slowly and then I was afraid to get off and it was a little sore but not bad, I think I could do a short trail ride at a walk but that's about it, guess its time to chiro, too bad they aren't open till Tues afternoon.  I was thinking of going for a lesson Wednesday but I guess not :(

Also got some pics of Jess eating grass, her favorite treat.  Glad I came in when I did cause even though it don't look like it in these pics a thunderstorm rolled in and we got hail but not much rain.


lisa said...

Small steps and before you know it, it will be a lot better. Take your time, it is always better to be fully healed than not and have an episode where you set yourself even further back!

Shirley said...

Like Lisa said! Hope the chiro fixes you up, and stay off Bob!

Anonymous said...

Share these videos with as many people as you can. They must go viral.



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