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Monday, June 14, 2010

More and more Brandings and Babies

We just came home from another branding today. This one is on an old wild horse ranch past my old house. Wow. I know I used to live out there, but i forget how much country is out there. We took the scenic route there, not bad we only had to open one gate in 65 kms, at least of half was on "roads" where cows graze. The corrals are pretty weird too, five boards and about 7 feet tall. Makes a person feel pretty short climbing over them. I never got any pictures cause of course I forgot my camera and was way to far to come home and get it.

Apparently we are rescheduling our trail ride for the 23 so far. We have three of us who want to go so far. Me, Hailey and Richard. Hmm will probly get more before the day comes. Sounds like about 12- 15 were gonna go on the original day. Woulda been kinda fun, sounds like Keithly was gonna bring Henry. Wonder how hes doing with them.

I went out to see the foals this morning and Belles baby was in quite a funny mood. You could tell he was up to something as soon as I got out there. He started out with this look:

And proceeded onto this:

And then this:

And finally the teeth look:

He kept on making the faces as long as I was out there. It was just so cute.


fernvalley01 said...

He is quite the cutie pie. Sounds like a great drive , there sure are some huge properties out that way

CCC said...

Good pictures, good subject.

Chelsi said...

What a cute face! Such a pretty foal too!

Shirley said...

Still no name for the li'l gaffer?