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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

Wow seems like all I ever blog about anymore is rain. We had another 1 3/4 last night. So much for the weather forecast of 1-3cms, lol. Not that we really needed any or will for the rest of the year.

Anyway I went riding yesterday at the barn and got to ride Dot again. I sure like her. We rode out in the stubble fields and they are a little wet, but not too bad, not sure how they are today however.

We are gonna try and move our cows up to Stettler again on Thursday. Hopefully this happens this time. Would be nice to get them up there so they can eat down the grass that is prolly belly deep already.

This morning everything was looking a little drier, except the cat, lol. Not sure where he got so wet, but it was funny.


fernvalley01 said...

Yes , the gov't seems confused about whether to provide drought relief or emergency flood funding ! Hope you get some sunshine and get the cattle hauled. LOL on the wet cat ,DOES NOT look happy!

Linda said...

I'm enjoying it being so green and not looking for smoke in the distance.

Shirley said...

Singin' in the sunshine here! Still wet in Beamer's pen though, and it has become home to mosquitoes.

CCC said...

Man that looks wet! I saw Dinero eating some long lush grass today. He looked pretty happy and bigger than I remember him. What's that they say about grass getting 80% of it's growth before the 1st of July and being high in carbs? Seems like everyone I know is getting bucked off this spring. I think all that lush grass is like over feeding oats. Watch out for that when you get him back, don't need another broken arm, eh?