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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cutting Clinic

On Sunday me and Charlene went up to Airdrie to watch Jardi and Susan in a clinic with Leon Harrel. It was pretty cool, and spectators were free to get in and they fed us lunch and supper! But I think there are no spectators, because I ended up video taping the competition at the end, and Charlene was taking pictures for them. He was so positive in everything he said, and they both said there was huge improvement from Friday. I shoulda gone then and seen the difference.
Here's Jardi on Twister

and Susan on Princess

the pictures are kinda dark, but when I print them i think i will lighten them a little, still trying to figure it out on the computer.


CCC said...

First time I've seen Jardi in a hat. She looks good.

Beth said...

Someday I'm going to try cutting. Looks like fun!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How cool. You might want to try using Picnik. It's what I use to edit my photos if they need it. It's free to use, unless you want more of the bells and whistles. But the free version gets the job done :)

By the way, I am loving your new header. Three Mamas and their three babies. Looks so pastoral and lovely!