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Monday, February 28, 2011

Catching Up

I seem to have been missing out posting, I am working on a few posts but havent finished them yet.  I cant believe I even missed out on Sunday Stills, I had photos of the tv shows we watch and everthing.  Oh well its not all bad, the weather was half decent so I have been riding :)

Saturday I went over to Kand K livestock and only ended up buying the coolest pink bucket ever!  I also bought some treats and a calender, I was thinking I should look at saddles, but Karen was in Olds with the saddles.  Which is probly okay considering I can't buy one till I have a horse sold. 

Afterwards I rode Razz and she just ran through the stop which she has never done before, not sure what was  going on there, but she was also bracing really bad at the corners at a lope and it was horrible.  We put on a twisted wire snaffle and martingale on her and then she was a little better, but she hasnt been like that before, not sure what was going on.  Then I rode Tom cause he was just folowing me everywhere and we had the best ride ever!  We had such a normal trot it was amazing!!  I needed that after Razz too.

On Sunday I put the same twisted wire on her and we had a fantastic ride.  Not sure if it was the bit or she just had a bad day on Saturday, but I was way happier.  We also worked the flag and it was probly her best time yet.  We are gonna have to do a lot more flag work in the next few weeks to get ready for the clinics we are going to.

Glad I got those two rides in though, cause its yucky out today, not sure how it can be windy and foggy at the same time though.  and it sounds like the weather is gonna be bad for a while now.  I am hoping not, but....it sure has been a lot of cold this year.

I also got a call about Gypsy and they are coming to see her on Friday.  Sounds like a good fit, so we will see.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cold and Info

The last few days have been cold again!  I am so sick of winter but if (and that's a big if) we can believe the weather people after Sunday it is going to warm up for the next two weeks. I sure hope they are right cause it has been to cold to do much around here.

I went and rode Tom and Razz on Tuesday and yesterday braved the weather and rode Razz.  Charlene called and said it was -13 so we went and when we got there it was -17!  but since we were there we rode anyways, it wasn't too bad while we were riding but afterwards it sure was cold!!!

I skipped out today and am hoping it will get nicer and go riding again tomorrow.  I am entered in a cow horse clinic on March 12 and 13, so I have to keep riding so we are both in shape for that.  We also looked at a cutting clinic the weekend afterwards but need to find out more about it because even though it is for beginners, we aren't sure if our horses need to be better than ours are.

I also have a question for you guys out there.  The Canadian Supreme is trying to get more people to go to watch, and they are starting with the 4H clubs and want to get some well known trainer/clinician to come up and give some talk or info and were wondering who to get.  They are trying to stay away from John Lyons/Parelli natural horsemanship types but want someone who everyone would want to see.  They are also trying to stay away from the Canadian trainers, cause they will all be competing there. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I was looking out the window the other day and noticed the frost on the bush.

Then I seen the frost on the tree and it was so pretty.

So I zoomed in and got as close as I could and still be clear and its so neat how you can see all the little icicles.

Thought it looked cool cause the sky was so blue and looks like it should be wrm out, but no it was cold again.


Well my internet has been down forever, well more like 3 days.  I can sorta go on with my phone but its painful.  I been trying to blog about the trip, but its hard when the internet is arguing with me.

Well an interesting week, I looked at that filly I mentioned last time on the internet but never could get a hold of her so I asked Jardi to phone and ask questions. 

Jardi and her dad were going up to Rocky Mountain House Sat to look at a horse Jardi was gonna take in for training and this Sandy called back and so, since she was in Eckville, we thought we would stop on the way home.  Jardi talked to the trainer and he really liked her so that helped too.

Yikes so busy, but she never had an arena so we run her around the round pen and Jardi got on her and walked around and we decide I left a check and we took her home for a week.  She knew Jardi so its not as risky as it sounds.

We got them home and this morning Jardi rode her and put her on the flag and she looked really good.  I got on her and she was soo soft and responsive.  A drop of water from the roof fell on her and she jumped but then went to turn and look at what got her.  So I was happy with that. 

I am going to go to the doctor tomorrow cause I think I have bronchitis or something so Jardi will try her again and then I will go on Tuesday and ride her again and by then I should have a pretty good idea if I want her.

Jardi said so far there is nothing about her she doesn't like, so that makes me feel better.  I didn't really want a baby but she seems like she has so much talent that I wouldn't ever be able to afford her later, so I will probly get Jardi to put lots of rides on her and hopefully I will be able to ride her some too.

The other mare I liked, Karcy, is not for sale anymore, so that takes her out of my calculations even though I woulda been able to show her right away and this filly will be a while, but I think more potential in her.

Her name is Delany and I am not overly fond of that, so I am also thinking I need a new name for her if I pick her, which I am not making a decision yet!  Really I havent decided.  Or so I keep telling myself.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Riding Razz and Kali

We went this morning over to the neighbors so Kali could get her feet trimmed and another mare, Katie, got new shoes.  Since this neighbor has a nice big arena we asked if we could ride there and they said sure.  Nice to get out in a big arena for a change.

I first rode Razz and she can sure go fast if I let her at the lope!! Its nice to know she can go really fast and I still have control.  I do notice I have a hard time stopping her straight when we go too fast, but Im sure that will come as well. And I think its all me.  Which is harder to fix.  But we will keep trying.

I also rode her on the flag and she acted like she was afraid of it again, I haven't rode her in a while and even longer since the flag, but I was kinda dissapointed at first, then she got some really nice stops and turns, so it turned out okay.

Jardi rode Ricki and Tangle and Katie and finally Kalis turn.  She was pretty good.  I warmed her up for Jardi and then cooled down Katie, and what a difference between the two of them.  They are both three year olds, but Katie is so much more bigger, and not only in size, but in movement and everything.  Kali is more quick and agile and feels like she could just dissapear out from under you at any time (but of course she doesn't)

After all that we were tired and hungry, but Jardi wanted us to help her worm all her horses which takes her forever cause there is 32 of them.  Me and Charlene caught them one at  a time then Jardi wormed them.  It didn't take too long with all of us.  Then I headed home exhausted.

I got Charlene to take all these pics, she never got one of me and Kali (thats Katie Im riding shes bay too)  Since she never rode too many, just cooled down some.  I think she did a good job and it was nice to see different pics someone else takes too.  Thats me in the turquoise coat, and Jardi in blue.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Stills--Old Churches and Graveyards

This week Sunday Stills is old Churches and Graveyards.  I spent most of the week at home so I have no recent pics even though I had planned to get the churches at Dorothy and Homested graveyard, was not to be this week.  I am feeling better now, so maybe i will go get photos of them and post them later this week.

This one is in San Juan, not sure what kind of church, but nice anyways:

This is a graveyard from some small village in St. Kitts that we seen on the Sugar Train:

Then this small Anglican Church in St Kitts.

And this graveyard at the fort in San Juan:

Thats all I have for this week, kinda nice to look at something warm again as well.  For more check out Sunday Stills.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


In Barbados we never took a tour either.  It was supposed to have fantastic shopping and a beach right close by, so we thought we would do that.
My Sister being a celebrity, with her glasses and shopping bags.  We went to a few stores, but never made it to the beach.
The houses there were like in St Thomas, all on a hill just look like they grew out of the greenery.
I thought I could match my nails to the ocean.
This building was pretty cool, not sure what it was, but I like the clock tower.

Me sitting on a pier with our ship in the background, not sure how my sister was inventive enough for this one, but its cool.
This dock led to the beach, but after walking forever, we gave up and went shopping so we never went to the beach, which is too bad cause it apperently was one of the best beaches on the whole trip.  When we go again, I want to spend more time relaxing at the beach.
This wasn't my favorite stop, but I think I was caught up on it because it is always talked about, and we never took an excursion so we never got to see more than just at the port.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I bought the bay mare.  All week since we went to look at her and pick her up, I have been trying not to like her.  It didnt work :)  Well I am happy with the choice I made, and Jardi thinks she will be a good fit. 

I was a little concerned I wouldnt get a chance to ride her for a long time and I didn't really want that so I mentioned it and Jardi figures if I ride her twice a week she will be fine or I can warm her up or cool her down.

We are gonna keep her in training till about July and then reassess where she is and give her some time off.   But as soon as it gets warm out I wll start riding her out.  We will bring her back and I will probly ranch cut on her in the winter series next winter then we will see how she is and decide what to do then.

She is so cute!  She is kinda small right now, which I am glad of, I want a shorter horse.  Right now she is 14 hands, I think she might get 14.2.  I don't know if you can see on her blanket, but its a 66!  its funny cause Razz is in a 76, lol.

Pretty happy with her, Jardi can find nothing about her she doesn't like, which is pretty good for a baby, I am liking her more all the time too.

Day At Sea and All Around the Boat

On our second day on the boat was a day at sea, it was supposed to be a stop in Dominica, but that got changed and so we had a relaxing day at sea insted.  In the casino was all these blue lions so I made my sister pose by them.
We watched and ice carving demonstration, but it was hard not to get distracted by the giant tv screen.  It was so cool, every day they played 3 differnt movies on it and you would watch them from the deck chairs or from in the hot tub!
This guy, from the Phillipenes brought a 300 pound chunk of ice onto the deck and carved it into a native american.  He was quick, it took him about half hour from start to finish.  Even so, it had started melting before he was done.

We spent the day learning about diamonds and other jewels and suntanning and swimming and at night we were gonna take some sunset pics, so here is my mom.
And she got me too, not the best outfit for picture taking, my swimsuit coverup, but we werent thinking of that.
They have this roof over one of the pools and hot tubs that closes every night and its nice underneath it, humid and warm, but not super hot.
The sunset was pretty but then it got stuck in the clouds, but I think it looks cool how it lit up the top of the cloud.
My ssister waiting for the elevators again.. She got her hair highlighted before we went, but I think it looks pretty natural.
These are the glass elevators in the lobby right when you get on the ship.  They are pretty cool.
Looking down at the piano bar from up a deck.
Me trying to hold up the ship made out of mosaics.  This was my sisters idea.
And the fish thingy that was outside of our dining room, so we got to see him everynight.
These pictures are mine and some are my sisters as well,  I combined them and took the best ones.  I like a day at sea cause there is a ton of stuff on the boat to do that gets missed when you stop in ports.  We played bingo and my sister won $300 twice!!  I never won anything, but was happy for her.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Back on Vacation--St Thomas

St Thomas is such a pretty place. 

We never took a tour there, but did some shopping and were amazed at the flowers, like this beautiful one.

We talked to some local Peurto Ricans and they suggested the gondola ride.

 It goes up to the highest spot and what a view from there. 

Im glad we  took it and saw all the different islands from up high.

We took a nature walk up there and saw all kinds of fun things from so high up.

We could see our boat and it looked neat from there.

Then at the top was this fun picture that my mom and sister posed behind.

All in all we had fun and we just happy to be away where it was warm.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vacation break, I got an award!!!

Before I continue I have to reveal that I have a award that I recieved from Brown Eyed Cowgirls .  She has a great blog on mostly barrel racing, but many other very interesting pony subjects.

The rules are 1.Thank and link back to the person who gave this to you. 
                       2. Share 7 things about yourself.
                       3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
                       4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Well link I have done, the seven things about me....hmmm

1. I love the carribean, not just cause I came home from a cruise there, but I went down twice before and loved every minute I was there.  I think I was born in the wrong part of the world.  I specially love the laid back atmosphere, the warm days and warm nights, and the color of the water is amazing!!

2. I love horses.  I am sure this is pretty obvious to anyone who reads my blog, but... I really do I love riding and driving and even the mundane (which to me is still fun) everyday care.  I actually really enjoy taking care of injured ponies, just spending time with them I enjoy.I also love the babies right on up to getting them started and helping them learn all new fun things.

3. I like driving.  I know this may seem an odd thing to add, but I really do, I never realized how much I did until I have to let  someone else drive and I don't like being not in control of the vehicle.  But this doesnt bother me on airplanes, never wanted to fly an airplane, but a helicopter would be pretty cool to fly.  I also like to drive fast.  I try to keep it below 120, but its hard unless  I have my cruise set.

4. I am not much of a writer or drawer (that is like artist, not the dresser kind).  I try.  But I still am not.  I know in my head what I want to say but in never comes out on paper the way it seems in my head.  Same with drawing.  Linda was gonna teach me to draw this winter (she says it is possible but I'm not sure) until I hurt my arm but now that its feeling better, I may still get to learn.

5.  I love learning.  I know all kinds of weird facts like frogs swallow thier eyeballs everytime they swallow.  That didn't sound right but its true.  Check this out if you don't believe me.

6.  I am buying a horse.  I mentioned I was interested in Karcy before, but there is another mare on Northern Horse I like as well, I may go try her out next week and see if I like her too.  I am also selling a horse.  Gypsy.  but I actually thought I might sell Dinero and gasp even Bailey.  I never thought that would cross my lips, but I am not riding her as much as before and shes too nice to sit around doing nothing and I don't think she likes it either.

7. Well almost done.  One more.  I love hobbies.  So much so that I have a million.  Cross-Stitch, woodworking, scrapbooking, traveling (lol), photography, blogging, sewing, word puzzles.  I will never get bored thats for sure.  And those are on top of all the horse activities I like.

Okay the worst part is out of the way, now onto giving this award away.  Well most of you guys already have this award, so I am actually gonna cheat here and give it to everyone of my followers:))  I love you guys and your comments, sometimes you just crack me up! and others times so supportive.  Thanks all.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Start of a Vacation...

Our vacation started with me going to ride Razz for one more time before I left.  I rode her and she was good then I got Jardi to give her a massage and we had a coffee then off to Calgary where me and my sister got a manicure/pedicure.  I chose a turquoise blue cause I wanted to match the ocean.  She had told her boys they could stay up as late as we did since it was the last night with them all before we left.  We watched Chronicles of Narnia:  Vogage of the Dawn Treader.  it was pretty good, but I guess I wasnt paying attention to the books when I read them cause I dont remember the cousin.  Anyways, we left on the plane at 7 am (which meant we were up at 3 to be at the airport by 4 cause we thought we needed lots of time to get through customs, but we were through in like 15 minutes, and so we got a coffee and breakfast muffin and sat in the chairs waiting forever for the plane to get there.  This is an Ice castle in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, it was kinda weird.  Thats my mommy walking by it.
From Dallas, we had a flight to Miami and in thier airport is fishes in all different shapes.

Finally from Miami to San Juan.  It seemed like it took all day to get there, but since its a 3 hour time change I guess it wasnt so bad.  But we were exhausted so we got to our hotel and headed to bed.

The next morning we had all day in San Juan, so we went to the beach and watched waves crashing on the shore, then we went to the Mall of Americas.  Huge place and super busy!  There was a pick a number at the jewellry store even!  And it was all locals, not tourists.  I forgot everyone speaks spanish there, although most can speak some english, more in the touristy spots.  I have a learn to speak spanish game I shoulda brushed up before we went cause I sure don't know much.

This beach was about a block from our hotel and was being cleaned every morning by people raking up seaweed and shells.  Kinda nice looking after they were done.  We did some shopping at the stores close by and spent the rest of the day by the pool.  Then the hot tub later on.

We tried getting lots of photos, but we were so busy shopping and looking around, the forst day we never got much, so we stopped at the park and mom posed on the cement lawn chairs (that are actually comfortable!)

Some of the trees down there are so pretty!  They had all kinds of flowers on them, these white ones sure looked nice.

We spent that night at the hotel as well, and then Sunday was the big day to get on our boat!