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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Well today we had our first blizzard of the winter.  Seems weird to make it all the way to January before a blizzard comes, and a short one at that.  But before that....

Yesterday I headed out riding.  I rode Jessie and my friend rode Kali again.  She really likes her, I wish she needed another horse cause I need to find her a new home.  But anyways, Jess was good and we had a nice ride, and bonus the farrier was there so I asked if he would pull Jessie's shoe, she lost the right front a day or so ago and I doubt I am gonna have time to get to my farrier before I leave and so i was perfect.  And even better he trimmed her all up :)  No shoes on her for now, but that is perfectly alright with me.  The arena was getting kinda dusty but still soft so it was alright.  I see the water truck come as we were leaving and so that will be nice, I hope I have a chance to go back tomorrow to ride.  As I was putting on Jess's blanket again I noticed the tail flap was missing, so I pulled out her new one (which is identical to her old one, lol) and put it on her and took her old one home to wash and sew it up.  I like keeping an extra blanket there just for that reason.  Not knowing a new blanket was probly nice in this blizzard as well.  When I got home, Neil said there was a horned owl in the carraganas, he had been there all day, I laughed and said hes sleeping!  But I got a couple pics of him and he is pretty blended in there.

Then the blizzard, it was windy all night and my room is cold at night when it is windy, can almost feel a draft blowing, sure was glad for the electric mattress pad last night!  I am glad for it most nights, but specially when it is windy.  This morning I got up and couldn't even see the power pole out the front window, when I thought to take a pic it was getting a little better but still nasty.

Then after lunch the sun came out and it looks so beautiful!  Still cold but I think its supposed to warm up tomorrow.  The fence of my pens look like I painted them white!  I kinda like the white look actually.

The cows were all huddled in coulees and so Neil never went out to feed till after lunch and so this morning we packed out suitcases for the trip.  Wow is mine ever shoved full, I probly brought too much but I hate not having enough.  I just hope my suitcase is not too heavy.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Stills -- The Letter F

We did a letter challenge this week on Sunday Stills and for the life of me all I could think of that began with the letter F was Fuzzy.  So I got a couple pics of Kali's super long fuzzy hair.  And how much lighter she gets in the winter.  I was noticing she was really light but then I rubbed her fur and saw all her dark summer color underneath.  I never seen that on a horses winter hair before.

And then with my brain freeze all week on Friday night I was driving home and the moon was so big and bright I was wishing moon was the subject this week and then I remembered it was a Full moon so it gets in as well.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Pony Work

Well I been riding Kali for the last few days and today we switched and I rode Jessie and my friend rode Kali.  She really liked her so that was good.  I think that's cause she feels safe on her cause she is super slow and kinda lazy and she has nice movement and she is always well behaved.   Always makes me feel like I been doing something right if other people like my horses as well.

I rode Jessie and she was kinda silly.  She kept rushing and then she tries to cut the corners and then drops her shoulder in the turns.  So of  course I had to make her work and carry herself correctly and slow down.  Once she had it at a slower lope, I asked her to speed it up and she was good then as well.  But of course by then she was pretty sweaty.  I been trying to lope early and then just trot and walk later so she isn't as wet when we are finished.  So we did more trot work and we since the cavelleti's were set up we went over them a few times and then I made them a little higher and we went over them a few more times.  She is funny how she will stub her toes on a pole just laying on the ground but over the jumps she doesn't hit them at all.

Sure feels like Jessie is huge after riding Kali for a few days.  I kinda prefer Kali size, she is sure a lot easier to get on and off.  I still have been working on massaging her sore shoulder and today I noticed that she is sore on the other side of her neck as well so I been working on that as well.  I don't really know what I am doing, but as soon as I hit the sore spot I know cause she reacts to it and then she starts to lean into it so she must like it.  I would like to do more, but my fingers get sore.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Winter

I took yesterday off cause it was miserable.  And I did laundry and more laundry and more laundry.  I washed the regular stuff then the coolers I used at the vet and then all my summer clothes so I could pack for the cruise.  I store them in a rubbermaid for winter so they smell like plastic when I open it.  And then had to try on the stuff and decide what I wanted to bring.  But it was good and warm in here while it was cold out.

But today I headed  back and rode Kali again and she is getting more predictable as long as I make sure I ask for exactly what I want when I want it and she does it.  But I think riding her is more of a workout that my exersize video.  I realized today my abs are sore and I think its cause she is rather unpredictable so I am always holding my core solid in case she just stops randomly or turns or whatever she decides to do.

A friend come out who hadnt rode in a while and she was gonna ride Kali but she rode Jessie instead and will probly ride her while I am gone so that will be good for me she will get worked and good for her cause she wants to get riding again and Jessie is so calm its good to ride her.

I am getting the same "I dont wanna go away" vibes like I had before we headed to California.  Part of me knows it will be lots of fun and sure will be nice to be in warm weather for a while.  And part of me knows it hasnt been that long since I went away and I have so much else to do.  But I will go and I will enjoy it :)  We are going on back to back cruises and are stopping in Half Moon Cay Bahamas, St Thomas, San Juan Peurto Rico, and Grand Turk the first trip and Cozumel Mexico, Belize, Mahogany Bay Isla Rotan, and Grand Cayman.  I have been to a few of theses ports before but it don't really matter where we go as long as its warm out!  2 weeks is a long time to be away especially in the winter for us but the airfare is the expensive part so we are doing 2 cruises and it will be like 2 vacations at once with only one airfare.

The pics are of Jessie and Kali in their pen at the barn I board.  I tried to get them together, but Jess has been chasing Kali away and so they don't get to close unless they have too.  And this last one of the cats sleepin together on a saddle.  they were both sleeping until I got my camera out of course.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Back At It

So it kinda feels like the last 2 weeks have been a write off for riding.  After I fell off I was feeling kinda ouchy for a bit and so only got a ride in last Friday and that wasn't a great one, but it was a ride.  Then getting all caught up in the Arizona thing, which I am still looking into.  Then last Monday and Tues in Great Falls, and I just wimped out Wednesday I was exhausted but I did stop there and brushed Jessie but seemed like everyone was there and got busy talking, then had appointment with my bank so had to go before I got a ride in.  And then Thursday I got Kali and Jessie's teeth floated and Susan come with me and got 2 of her horses done as well.  I also asked what I need to cross the border and it sounds like all I need is a Coggins test (which I knew) and a health certificate within 30 days of leaving :)  They filed a lot of Kal's teeth and a little off Jessie, so I took Friday off and went scrap booking at my Moms and so was just tired Sat and it was stormy and got cold.  But I sucked it up today and went after the chiro.  He said I was not that much out, I was glad since I didn't think I was out that much but was worried after the fall.

 I left Kali there to get a few rides in on her and Susan may ride her a bit when I am gone.  I wanted to get a few rides in on her since it has been about last March since I rode her so I tacked her up and lunged her and she was fine, so I got on and she was a little forward, too be expected, but seemed like she forgot all steering.  As soon as I touched her mouth she would stop.  Which was nice but rather unexpected.  So I rode her at the trot for quite a while  and she got a little better but I think a few more days and she will be back were we were before.  I probly could have gotten more done today but she was already starting to sweat and I did not want to wait for hours for her to dry off.

On Feb 1st we are going on a cruise for 2 weeks and so that will kinda mess up my riding but it will be worth it to get away for a while.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Stills -- Big Sky

This week we are taking big sky pictures, not a problem in my part of the world, lol.  Actually this was taken last Sunday before I knew what the challenge was but I think it fits in perfect.  Kinda looks stormy but was just sun over low clouds with rays.

Then since we were in Big Sky Country (Montana) on Monday and Tuesday I figured I had to get some shots there.  This one is over the railroad track just cause I like trains.

And this one in Shelby of a house on a hill.  I just kinda thought it looked neat, half hidden up there.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Equestrian Challenge Day 13

Day 13- Most Embarrassing moment

Most Embarrassing Moment.  Well  I dunno.  I have stuck my foot in my mouth so many times that I just forget about it and move on now.  Although I do remember when I have done stupid things, like when I fell off Gypsy and I knew my saddle was loose and I didn't tighten it and of coarse it slipped.

Or golly I don't even remember anymore.  Not sure if that's cause I am getting old or cause I just don't get as embarrassed as I used to get.  Now I try to be more careful about what I say (don't always work, lol)  But since I cant remember any bad moments, hmm I am sure there are some and they will come to me as soon as I hit publish!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Great Falls

So Monday morning we headed down to Great Falls with our neighbors.  Neil was just gonna make a quick trip with Craig down to pick up the heater he ordered but then Elaine said she wanted to go and I should go to so we all headed down.

We stayed at the O Haire Motor Inn which I had never been to but has a sip and dip bar in it.  We missed em, but apparently on every night but Monday and Tuesday they have mermaids swimming in the pool that you can see from the bar.  The whole hotel is decorated with original formica and tile from when they opened, kinda neat to stay there for a change.

I only had 3 things on my list but of course came home with much more than that, lol.  I wanted jeans, boots and cherry coke.  I had Neil picking up cherry coke if he went down anyways (figured jeans and boots would be a bit much o ask, lol)  I got 2 pair jeans, some pink boots (which I have worn the last 2 days and are super comfy!) a couple shirts and some tail wraps for the ponies.

Was a good trip and I enjoyed the time away although we were not thinking on the exemptions of how long we were down there.  Apparently after 24 hours you can bring home $200 and after 48 you can bring home $800.  well me and Neil had about $800 between the 2 of us so we ended up paying $41 in tax but I still think we made out better but just not as good.  Next time we will be more careful.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Equestrian Challenge Day 12

Well after a long break I am back at it again.

Day 12- Favorite horse color

My favorite color.  Hmmm, I love a bay horse, so pretty.  But honestly since I have seen all these palomino and other dilute horses, my favorites are any of the ordinary colors, Bay, Black, and Sorrel.   I actually never realized this till I got Jessie actually.  Since my first horse was a Red Dun (as well as my second actually) and I have had lots of colors and am back to the plain colors.  Never did really like a roan or a grey and still don't really, not saying I wont have them cause have actually owned both, but still prefer plain.

Although I have come to believe a good horse can come in any color (and my favorite horse is a dilute but don't look it)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sundsy Stills -- Old Barns

This week we had to find old barns.  Not such an easy project in my area.  For the life of me I could not think of where one was, then the thought came to me I probly pass one everyday on my way to ride.  So I go out there and get a picture.

Oops its actually the house, so I look across the yard and sure enough I am sure one of these, probly the shorter longer one is a barn.  But its so droopy in the middle it hardly looks higher than the fence.  And no way I can get there unless I walk the half mile in deep snow, and that wasn't gonna happen, so here it is.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Back On

So today I finally got back to the barn to go riding again.  I really wanted to go yesterday but it was so windy and I heard there was snow in Drum and roads were crappy so I stayed home.  But today it was -17 and I didn't know if I was gonna ride cause it was so cold.  But since the sun was shining I thought I would see anyways and I was going to town to pick up our beef anyways so going right by and it just seemed wrong to not stop.

So I got her out, she was happy to see me and come to the gate as always :)  I sure like that.  And I got her all tacked up and we went to ride.  I got on at the mounting block, lol.  Walking was good, and then I tried the trot.  That actually was good too.  I am sure my form was a little off cause I know I was leaning forward a little so I did not hit the back of the saddle.  So since I was feeling good I thought I would try the lope.  I figured it would hurt a little and boy did it ever, but I managed to make it one lap and then it was quitting time for me.  Whew I coulda quit after one step, but that woulda been unfair to Jessie I did not want her to think she was being bad so I made a lap in one direction only.  I did a little more trotting and noticed she was kinda sticking her head out to the right side, specially when going left, so I made her bend to the left a few times and she did that fine so I don't know what was going on there.

Until I pulled my saddle off and she was silly when I brushed her and so I checked her back and it is sore right behind her withers.  My first thought was her blanket but it has a neck so it cant pull behind there and so I wonder if it is either my English saddle not fitting right or else it happened when I fell off.  But after next Thursday I will get the Energy lady out and hopefully she can figure out something or I will need to find a chiro or massage therapist for her.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Arizona

So thank you all for all the tips!  I need all the info I can get.  I have never bought property before so this is kinda scary to me (really scary actually)  And since I wrote that post I got an email from the Realtor on the mls site with and enclosed document on buying property in Arizona.  Lots of good info in there, she clears up a lot of stuff for me.  Like I do not want a pool, she says they are just a huge liability if you are gonna rent or be absent part of the year.  Which I am, the absent part, haven't decided about renting yet.  I wish I could attach it here, but have no idea how, although it should be possible it is an adobe document.

And so anyways the whole real estate buying process is kinda confusing to me although she does try to explain it, as far as I know here the Realtor does everything then the bank approves the loan and then you get a lawyer to sign papers (of course this is me who has never bought real estate remember so it may be slightly wrong) but she says no lawyers are involved an escrow agent is used (whatever that is!)  She also says not to look at short sales cause they take forever and often never do go through, so at least now I know what they are.  But apparently regular sales and foreclosures are easy and take between 2 weeks to 30-45 days.  So really not that long.

I have also talked to pretty much everybody I run into about it, apparently one of our neighbors just bought a house in Maricopa (with a pool) and spends most of his winters down there.  He just loves it.  And I know we have at least 2 other neighbors that have properties in the area as well.  I have heard all kinds of stuff and some of it I just throw out but most of it is still somewhere in my mind.  I have been thinking that this winter/ summer will just be a info gathering session and if gonna go for it it will be next fall.  I guess I am curious about water, and someone to watch it when I am not there, as well as whatever HOA fees are?  But am reluctant to ask the Realtor yet cause I am really not looking to buy yet.  oh and it throws me off when they list lot size in sq feet!  I am bad enough on how big acres are, But really square feet?  Had to Google them to change to acres, lol.  And an Arizona room, that just sounds odd, makes me think sun room, but I dunno.

On your comments, Ummm thanks LT for pointing out the distances  I never thought of all the traffic, and I guess I can not read aerial views cause I still don't see the power lines you are talking about (not that I doubt they are there, I am just not sure what I am looking for)  But I will definitely look at an area closer to where I want to cut.  Although to tell the truth I would probly be happy to just be able to ride, so I guess I need a place near where I can ride out.  Hard for me to tell what is too far away, to me they don't seem that far, but I also don't think of Arizona with mountains, even though I know that is not true.  Like I found some cool places near Show Low, is that far from stuff?  Or Florence and Casa Grande, even though it is farther south?  And seems like all the perfect places are farther away, although I am trying not to look at anything outside that area you and Cindy say.

Lisa, I am not worried about dry heat, that is what we have here all summer, and dry cold in the winter, so I am def used to dry,  lol.

And Lisa W.  if I go I will probly not take the hubby and if he does come someone will have to do our chores the whole time cause the cows still need to be fed and we are NOT bringing 185 cows down with us.  So no worries about stuff going on at home cause there will be someone here.  I would probly only bring 2 (or 3) horses down for a few months in the winter (4 or 5) if I could get away with it.  Neil has no desire to move even temp so that makes it a little harder on me and why I am so hesitant or I would prob be down there already looking at places.

Cindy, I am not expecting pasture, to have that would be awesome though!  I have looked on her website and yikes I found some places I really like!  I can see how this is gonna be harder to avoid than I was thinking ;)  And looking at the properties I guess I need to learn my geography a little better so I can know when looking at a place if its close to where i want it.  I will def ask more questions as this goes on.

And Janice I hear you, its the stuff left behind I worry about, both animals and property.....as well as snakes, sure don't care for them.

Well I have found a few properties I kinda like in all sorts of price ranges, so I guess when i go to look no worries on what I want will be available.  Kinda funny though how they put so much emphasis on the house, I am more interested in the property.  Not that I want to live in a dump, but gosh it sure dont need to be fancy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So just a couple days ago I got looking up properties in Arizona.  No real reason but I was sick of winter and everyone said it was super cheap down there, so I thought I would look.  Wow is it ever!  Amazing how much cheaper, no wonder so many people I know have places down there.  But the worst part is I found a place I absolutely love!!!  How can I I have never been there, I know does not make sense.  I seen one place I thought was pretty nice, but then somehow stumbled upon this other one and its even bigger and the house looks decent and cheap!  But I just put it out of my mind cause Neil does not want to go there ever.  But I kept thinking about it and so yesterday went and looked at it again cause not much pictures of the place but in reading the description it said tack room and corrals, hmm.  I thought it was just a mobile on land with nothing else.  So I go look up the birds eye view and not sure where property lines are but there is definitely another building, maybe 2!  Interesting, I am sooo tempted to call and ask more about it!

Kinda scares me how much I wanna move there now.  When really I have never even been there!  But boy to be able to ride all year outside and there is lots of cutting there :)  and lots of blogger people there.  No reason not to go for winters :)  But I am holding off for now even if I don't want to cause it really is a scary thought and I have no idea what to do about it in the summer time or anything about being down there, but I am sure gonna look into it more.

I don't even know what to look for really, but it has its own well, which is always good.  Has wire and chain link fence, which is really just a bonus, never expected any fences.  Says cooling is refrigeration  not sure if that means air conditioning or not, but whatever I don't have it here so why need it there.  Guess I will try to talk to people who have a place down there what they think is important.

And yesterday in my email was a document on all the info that Canadians need to know before purchasing property in another country, specifically Arizona.  Still so tempted and am now saving up :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Falling Off

So yesterday I fell of Jessie.   Been 2 years since I fell of last, and I hope its longer till the next time.  Ouch!  Landed on my right hip, on the back.  Sure hurt when I did it, so I laid there for a couple minutes till I figured I could get up without falling back down.  Poor Jessie I think she thought it was her fault.  She stood there with her head raised up and never moved till I started talking to her then she kinda relaxed.  Aww  I felt so bad for her.  Wasn't completely her fault.  We were loping around the arena in my English saddle and it was going good, I was feeling confident (never good to feel to confident, lol) and so I thought I would go through the middle, I just hardly picked up the reins to get her to turn and she turned almost right back the way we were going!  Well I said whoa cause I could feel myself falling, but was too late fell off the side and landed just like I was riding but on my back.

I was hurting so I just quit there, was pretty slow going to untack her and feed her, but she was being really quiet and gentle.  I still feel kinda bad for her, not sure if anyone ever fell off her before, she thinks it was her fault I think.  I turned her out and went home.  Was pretty stiff by the time I got home so didn't do much last night and I actually found a comfy spot to sleep and didn't want to get out of bed from worries of stiffness  but wasn't that bad.  Think it helped I iced it last evening and then had a electric mattress cover that I laid on all night.  I feel good enough I might go back and ride today.  In my ranch saddle.  No chances on English when I feel kinda sore, I don't want to fall off again.  Well ever, but certainly not 2 days in a row!

I finally got my camera back that I left on New Years and I tried to take some pics of Jessie in the arena before we rode but got a goofy one of her cause I asked her to stand still while I walked away so her head is up high and then the next one she started coming towards me.  Think I need some help to get decent pics of her.  Was gonna take some outside but after the fall I did not feel like it, so maybe today will be better.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Stills -- One Tree

I totally thought this would be easy with there being so few trees around here, but seems like all the trees are in bunches.  I tried to get the one at the end of our driveway but it too is more than one, but I like how it turned out anyways.

Then i remembered our neighbor has one tree by his branding corral so I got that one too.  It is a pretty cool tree but I was 2 miles away with so much snow between the  road and there that I tried to zoom in but it isnt quite as good as it could be.  but here it is anyways.

A little late this week, but it is still Sunday here for an hour or so :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blogging Break

Well I guess I took a blogging break.  Never really intended to just got caught up in real life.  Umm Christmas was good everyone come out here for the day so it was kinda busy, not sure I want to do that again, having the people here was fine, but others  cooking in my kitchen I did not like, and even now there is stuff I don't know where it is.  For all you nosy people ;)  the big box was my present from Neil.  We had decided we were not gonna get gifts for each other this year and buy a new TV and TV stand but then he comes in with this big box for me and I kinda got in a panic cause I didn't really have anything for him.  So I just wrapped up a all hard soduko book and a scarf I had gotten a long time go for him but forgot to give him. So when I opened the box I was surprised to see a corner feeder filled with all kinds of goodies, from bubble bath to lotion to chocolates.  All good stuff.  And then he fessed up he broke one of my corner feeders in my pens and this was to replace it, lol.  I don't use them in the winter so I never noticed yet.

All other gifts were good as well, got a breadmaker and mmm homemade bread is so easy now :)  and a Eeyore housecoat, a horsey clock, a bunch of horse kitchen stuff.  oh all good things.  I was pretty happy.  And then me and my sister went boxing day shopping again. It didn't seem as busy this year, but it also was -23 all day so I think that kept some would be shoppers at home.  I finally got the TV stand I wanted with the fireplace in for less than half regular price and also bought a tablet (as well as some other smaller stuff).  Havent used the tablet much but it seems kinda cool, like a big phone without the phone part, lol.  We got the TV on New Years Eve and so that is all set up now as well.  We went to a friends house party and that was a lot of fun, I even played a game even though I am not much of a game player and I do have to admit it was fun.

In other life I been riding lots, started riding in my English saddle on Jessie so when I get on Kali (hopefully next week) I won├Ęt be totally out of sorts.  Its been going OK  if I could just relax it would probly be better but I keep thinking I am gonna fall off and then tense up, but its getting better each time.  I rode with a hunter jumper girl yesterday and she said my western bridle looks funny with my saddle, lol but I am just glad I don't have to worry about keeping her head correct cause she already knows that, I just have to think about staying on.
(sorry poor quality pic the light was in the wrong spot no matter how I stood)
Otherwise all is just getting back to normal here, I joined a picture a day group on Facebook and so that is interesting, even though I left my camera on New Years so I been using my phone and just not real happy with the pics it takes, they are alright but nothing compared to a real camera.  I kinda been skipping Sunday Stills, but not intentionally, just haven't been on here in a while and so missing out, but I do plan on still doing them.