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Monday, January 21, 2013

Back At It

So it kinda feels like the last 2 weeks have been a write off for riding.  After I fell off I was feeling kinda ouchy for a bit and so only got a ride in last Friday and that wasn't a great one, but it was a ride.  Then getting all caught up in the Arizona thing, which I am still looking into.  Then last Monday and Tues in Great Falls, and I just wimped out Wednesday I was exhausted but I did stop there and brushed Jessie but seemed like everyone was there and got busy talking, then had appointment with my bank so had to go before I got a ride in.  And then Thursday I got Kali and Jessie's teeth floated and Susan come with me and got 2 of her horses done as well.  I also asked what I need to cross the border and it sounds like all I need is a Coggins test (which I knew) and a health certificate within 30 days of leaving :)  They filed a lot of Kal's teeth and a little off Jessie, so I took Friday off and went scrap booking at my Moms and so was just tired Sat and it was stormy and got cold.  But I sucked it up today and went after the chiro.  He said I was not that much out, I was glad since I didn't think I was out that much but was worried after the fall.

 I left Kali there to get a few rides in on her and Susan may ride her a bit when I am gone.  I wanted to get a few rides in on her since it has been about last March since I rode her so I tacked her up and lunged her and she was fine, so I got on and she was a little forward, too be expected, but seemed like she forgot all steering.  As soon as I touched her mouth she would stop.  Which was nice but rather unexpected.  So I rode her at the trot for quite a while  and she got a little better but I think a few more days and she will be back were we were before.  I probly could have gotten more done today but she was already starting to sweat and I did not want to wait for hours for her to dry off.

On Feb 1st we are going on a cruise for 2 weeks and so that will kinda mess up my riding but it will be worth it to get away for a while.


Marissa said...

I think everyone is hitting that post holiday slump.

After the humble and jumble of holidays, its suddenly all over and winter is just...winter. Its no longer the season for celebration and such. It's just short days with long freezing nights, cold temperatures and nobody wants to be outside in it. I have been trying to get out to the barn, but between work and running errands and being SO DANG TIRED I can't drag myself there once its 25 degrees and 6:30 at night.

I really felt bad about it, especially since I'm leasing pony, but I was talking to my trainer and she said that honestly she gets it, and if she worked all day, she wouldn't get her butt out to the barn after work either! She said that since she's there literally all day, its not nearly as bad haha.

fernvalley01 said...

At least you are thinking about riding more, I am thinking about hibernnation! 2week cruise! Lucky lady

Shirley said...

If you are thinking about taking a horse across the border, you may need to find out what each state you are going through requires if you have to stop and unload in that state for any reason.
Where ya cruising to?

Gina Gao said...

I believe everyone is at the point where they just want to rest and take it easy for a while.