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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ugh Horses

So I look out my window yesterday and notice Magic standing with her front leg cocked.  That isn't normal for a horses so I figure I better go check on them and then since Bailey and Razz need to go to the vet tomorrow I would bring them in at the same time.  Well first thing I see as I walk to the gate is Bailey, she just somehow know I am coming out and it always waiting :)

Then I get out the gate and turn around and the two lazy ones, George and Disco, are hanging around by the windbreak.

And Razz and Jazz start walking over to me as I go out there.

And then I see Magics foot has been scraped off in the snow  (I am imagining that is what happened) and it looks like some proud flesh is growing.  No wonder she don't want weight on it.

So I get them all in and get a better look at it and I think she is gonna have to stay in the corral for a while and I may have to try to treat it with something.  I know honey works, but am pretty sure she will not tolerate me putting it on, am kinda hoping the vet will have some kind of spray that I can use on it.  I sure would like to hose it and put stuff on and wrap it but I doubt she will allow that.  Ugh.  Any other horse would be so much easier, but of course it isn't them.    Just makes me feel sick, poor girl.


Cindy D. said...

oh wow, Ugh is right!

Country Gal said...

Ouch to for Magic . Our horses hooves used to crack with the cold winters so I would lace them with Vaseline to keep them moist and stop them from splitting and pealing ! Hope Magic will be ok and gets better soon . Lovely photos . Have a good day !

Louisa Valentina; said...

ouchie :( that stinks - especially since you just come home and are settling back into the swing of things, guess there's never a "right" time for stuff like this.

cheyenne jones said...

Sorry to hear this Crystal. Bad timing, its gotta hurt the poor thing, good luck to you and Magic.

Linda said...

We always use slack lime (used in cement) on proud flesh. We just throw a handful on and it WORKS! I had a foal get cut up one summer and he wasn't halter broke but I could get close enough to do that and he healed up without even a bit of a scar.

Shirley said...

Maybe this will be a good time to work with Magic to get her used to being handled. Horses seem to know when you are trying to help them.