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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jessie's Home!!

On Sunday we headed out to East Coulee for their monthly breakfast.  We met up with Char and Mike.  I love their food there it is so good.  Afterwards we headed out to the barn and since it was the end of the month I was supposed to take Jessie home but I had forgot my trailer and it needs work which is going to get done Friday, but Char nicely lent me hers and so we cleaned up the ponies and she put Dude in with Ricki now that he won't be with Jessie anymore and I hauled Jessie home.  When I got here, I caught Razz and turned the others into the pasture.  They sure never got far from the gate though, too much green grass.

Then I tied up Razz and got Jessie off the trailer and put her in the pen/pasture where Razz and Belle and Jazz and Disco were before so she could get a look around in there and then I put out Razz and Razz was pretty upset about her buddies being gone she didn't really care about Jessie.  But finally they did meet.

Jessie got a few kicks in at Razz but I think she was more excited than upset.  A lot more room to run around here than she had where she was boarded.

Razz kept coming over to the fence to tell me she really wanted to go out where her friends were.  I kept telling her she has a new friend to take care of for a while.

I like this pic cause its framed and they both are running, although there is no way Jessie can keep up to Razz, she is just too slow.

This pic is fun too, with tails up and feet off the ground.

Jessie was more interested in eating the grass than anything else though, she kept getting sidetracked.

And I love this pic of Razz, she is so pretty.  But I wish the cattle scratcher wasn't in the background.

I took a video of them running around out there.

And today they are getting along fine, eating out of the feeder together and the shed is plenty big enough for them both.  I think it will go well.  I kinda want to put a third horse in so when I take one out to ride (which if it ever stops raining I will) there will be 2 left and less distraction going on.  But not sure who, probly Kals for a while.


Country Gal said...

Love the two toned colour running through Razz's tail ! Awesome photos and video ! Yup raining here on and off waiting for the sun to show its self ! Have a good day !

cdncowgirl said...

I love that 'framed' pic too :)

Thanks for sharing the video, the footing in that pen sure looks nice.

Paint Girl said...

I love Razz, what a beauty! Nice action shots too! I can never seem to get good action shots!

fernvalley01 said...

great shots! Nice to see they settled in OK

Shirley said...

Like the airborne shot. The one with the cattle scratcher in it- why don't you try cropping it? I use Windows picture manager program on my computer and edit most of my shots. That photo would be really nice cropped on the right side and the bottom.

Jess Schira said...

The shot framed by the fence is wonderful. Nice job.

Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch said...

We love the pictures, Razz is a beauty (well, they all are)! :)