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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Bit on The Trail

Last Friday night I went to my Mom's for scrap booking.  She holds it once a month at the church in Olds.  I have missed quite a few the past year and I am so far behind so I went.  She holds it from about 4 till midnight, come as long as you can.  And since I was in Calgary that afternoon, I got there about 4:30, so was pretty happy with that.  I worked hard and got quite a bit done, but am still about a year behind.  I only stayed till about 11:30 and so got home a little before 2.  I am not used to staying up that late anymore.

Saturday we decided to get together after lunch and go for a trail ride.  I was gonna ride Jessie and pony Razz since the 2 of them are attached at the hip and the both needed exercise anyways.  As we got there, Susan had both her kids there so the one decided to ride Jessie and I would ride Razz as long as Susan had a bridle for me.  She asked what I wanted and I said I guess a snaffle cause I knew she didnt have a hackmore.  Well turns out she didn't have a snaffle either.  So i borrowed a very mild curb (just a  small wide port and shorter shanks) and I put it on Razz and once I got it shortened up she seemed OK with it.  Char even noticed she didn't seem so mouthy and grouchy as she is with a snaffle.  So I asked her to back up a few times and just moved her around and she was OK, didn't really know what was going on but not upset.  So I climbed on and away we went.

Both Susan's and Char's dogs come along, they get along really well and just kinda stay close to the horses.  Its good exercise for them too, although Susan's dog only wants to go for a short trip around the field, specially if there is anyone in the yard still.

Jessie was good as always, although I forgot to mention she doesn't stand still (oops, I just am used to it now I guess cause it used to really bother me)  And both of them didn't even care if we never rode near each other so that made me happy.

Razz tried eating lots, but I kinda just let her do it as long as we stayed up with the others cause I wasn't sure how much I wanted to pull on her yet with the new bit.  Across the summer fallow fields there is not much to eat except dandelions and I guess they must taste good too. And we rode up beside Duchess and they nickered at each other, I think they must remember being together over the winter, was cute.

All in all it was about 2 1/2 hours and was nice to get out.  Not quite a show, but non the less I got to Ride so it was a good day.  Then after I got home and had supper we headed out to a hoedown.  I had never been to a hoedown before so we went up and it was a lot of fun, even if it was kinda cold but they had a bonfire.  And again never got home till after 2.  So Sunday was a stay at home do nothing day.  But now I am into branding season big time.  We are going to our first one tonight, then another Thurs, and then Sun, ours Mon, Wed, and Thurs.  Then a couple days off, but Neil's Mom and Dad's anniversary party is Sat so we are headed in Fri to set up then the party and more branding the Monday after.  And tomorrow I get to go help move cows again, I think I am gonna take Jessie, will have to see how that goes, but I'm sure it will be fin.


cdncowgirl said...

Wow sounds like you're going to be pretty busy!

What are you scrapbooking? This might sound stupid but the only people that I know that scrapbook have kids...

fernvalley01 said...

busy girl! Looks and sounds like fun though

Crystal said...

No Lisa, I hear you, most peole there are scrapbooking thier kids. But I am just doing a daily life, its in calender order and vacations and horses and pretty well all my pics go in my scrapbooks. Just a memmory book.

Shirley said...

It's nice that Jessie is good for other people to ride, she sure is a nice mare, and I bet she will like moving cows. That looks like a nice mild curb for Razz.
Have fun at all the brandings, busy girl!