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Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Stuff

Since I was thinking of barrel racing and I realized my cutting saddle was too flat for it and I almost slipped out of it I was slowly working towards getting a new one.  I looked up a bunch and tried a bunch (what patient sellers, lol) and finally headed up to Stettler to try one that was more than I wanted to pay for a fun hobby.  I had no great ideas it was gonna fit, I actually told the lady I was probly wasting her time cause it wouldn't fit.  She said no problem she was gonna be there anyways and shock of all we put it on and wow was not too tight!  Hokey smokey!  I was so shocked!  I rode around in it for a while and wow did Jess ever move out.  It was like nothing before It was so weird.  Its a Martin Crown C and she said they were designed to sit quite a bit farther back and so that was kinda weird to but it sure seemed to work.  She talked about shims and Sheri Cervi's video on saddle fit and so when I came home after buying it and stopping to pick up shims I had to look it up.

Pretty cool and a totally different view on saddle fit.  Kinda made sense and the way Jessie liked it I figured had to be a good sign for her anyways....never had so much trouble with saddle fit as with her.  My cutting saddle fits her OK when shes fit but not very good when shes fat.  Which she likes to be fat, lol.  Anyways I took it for a spin at home the next day since it was nice out and still big giant steps and I got a few pics too.

And then the weather turned and I had to turn out the horses cause we had no water in the corral and so never got a chance to ride in it again.  I been using it this week and boy does it make me sit a lot different and the stirrups don't go short enough for me....I need to get them fixed but I don't wanna give up my saddle and so am thinking I will use my other stirrups on this saddle for now.  It was sitting a little low in the front so now I use a shim and its pretty perfect.

But before that, my trailer broke down, I didn't think it was that bad, I thought it needed a wheel alignment and so I booked an appointment.  I took it in and turns out it had big issues, the evener was only attached on one side, the springs were broken and pretty much he told me I shouldn't use it anymore.  Well I was thinking of trading it in in the spring and so I just decided to get it fixed to work again and took it in to trade.

I went to Airdrie Trailer sales.  I saw they had a used 3 horse Aluminum  which is what I wanted. I figured I would go look at it cause looked pretty new and it was a 2014 model how used could it be??  Well I went there on like the coldest day of the year and looked at it he was pretty sure it didn't even have a horse in it.  The lady bought it took it home and then took it there a week later pretty sure she needed a bigger one.  Well it was pretty plain but still nicer than my old trailer.  A few features I really like and so I went for it.  I like the dividers are solid and they have springs to hold them open when loading, that was nice my old trailer was frustrating if you didn't park perfectly level you had to hold them open while loading.  And it has a door stop to hold the door open, it has one big wide door which I wanted.  I also like the tack room, it has a step into it which is nice and no carpet although the salesman didn't like that I do now I don't have to worry about walking in there in the winter with wet boots.  The spare tire is in there as well which takes up a lot of space and there is no blanket bar but I have an idea of how to make one work in there.

I hooked it up after paying and headed home!  I was super excited!!!  I used it the next day actually to haul horses for teeth to the vet and then hauled 3 horses down to Brooks a few days after that to ride and could hardly tell I was pulling!  yay.  But the brakes are set a little strong and I don't know how to fix them its kinda frustrating.  But other than that I love it!!!  Im super excited about it :)


lisa said...

Parelli saddle pads use the same kind of concept. The have air and shims. Works great. Nice trailer! We need a knew one also. We try to buy one that is conducive for cattle and horses. Lucky you!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yay for new stuff!

fernvalley01 said...

nice new trailer, and very cool about the saddle!

Shirley said...

Shayla rides a Crown C also and loves it. I have yet to try it out.
Love the trailer, aluminium is the way to go.
You should be able to adjust the level of the brakes on your brake controller in the truck, isn't there a dial on it?
By the way, you also have the word verification nonsense now. Looks like blogger is arbitrarily putting it there for everyone who uses the pop up window for comments.

4RRanch said...

Looks like you got Christmas early. Great buys.