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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Horse Head Wreath

So I been missing from my blog for no reason...have lots to say just never manage to get on her and write stuff up...but this week I made a horse wreath and had to share.

First I took a piece of #9 wire and tried to make a horse head shape...for me this was the hardest part of the wreath since I am no artist.  But I got what looked fairly decent.

  Then took smaller clothes hanger type wire and kinda weaved it through to make something to attach the garland too.  I copied my pattern on the wood in case I want to make another one sometime.

(I put more wire in that this, it was too far apart)

Then I started attaching garland.  I used artificial, 2 9 foot rolls.  I used the mini green zip ties just cause I had a million of them but also had green wire if I wanted to use it.

I finished it and fluffed it up and made the edges a little smother.

 Attached the shiny garland for the mane and put in a few pinecones and put the halter on..  Think it turned out pretty good.  A little roman nosed, and the whole head could be bigger with a red Halter,  but I like him


4RRanch said...

Very cool. I've seen some of these and was thinking about trying it but it looked like too much work. Nice job.

Shirley said...

I think I'd like to try that! Since I live near forest I might try branches though.