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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Done the Fall Fair Series

Well I loaded up Jess and headed to the barrel racing Thursday night and it was fun.  And I could feel Jess pushing to the far side on the way to barrel 2 but I thought it was me not taking my right leg off fast enough and putting my left on.  But we got it done and our times were not bad, 21.772 and 20.700.  Not our fastest runs but that's all I am good for now.

Well that was part of it but I shoulda known better.  I know her, if shes doing it OK but not right I and should just get on her and make her do it.  But shed been so nice I didn't.

Big mistake.  First run at finals she pulled the same thing again but as I went to kick her back I lots my stirrups and it was not good so we just quit.  I was mad by then.  Partly at her but also at myself.  I worked her pretty hard after our run and she knew that wasn't a good idea and she was tired.

I let her catch her breathe and we went out again.  This time no more goofing around I just loped and we slowed up and we had a very nice departure from barrel one.  Yay!  And then leaving barrel 2 was not nice but I got her straightened out and we finished with a time of 21.4040.  Slowest but I was a lot happier with that.

And I think shes done with barrel racing for a while cause the winter cutting series starts up in January and I plan on doing that with her.  Although I plan to ride Jess and Bailey and so maybe we will do some with them.  Although I am pretty sure it will be more crazy and more fast but I will start slower with them I think.

I am also on a waiting list for a barrel clinic in January I kinda hope I make it in should be interesting.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Wow! You sure are getting a lot done with your horses. I'm still baffled over how my husband's horse Rock could have come from a barrel racing background. "Get the lead out" is not in his vocabulary.

Shirley said...

The more you do with them the better! Keeps them from getting sour. But I bet you will enjoy getting back to cutting.