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Friday, June 30, 2017

Moving Cows

Tuesday Neil headed up to the north place to check fences and fix the gates that were driven through last winter.  He said everything was good so Thursday he organized a trucker and we were taking 45 pair up there.  He told him we would be ready at 9.  I thought was a bit early for my liking but oh well get it done I guess.  He got the cows in, we had 10 to vaccinate so we cut them out and the dry cow and got them done that was quick then sorted calves and cows and we thought he shoulda been here but of course neither of us has a watch so we go get his phone and he got a call from the trucker.  He was almost here and his truck just quit him, would hardly pull an empty liner so he turned and went back to the local trucking place and they were looking at it he had no idea on time.  Ugh.  Not his fault but still we were ready this time lol.  So Neil called another guy and he said he would be out in about an hour had to go get truck and that would be no big deal.  Perfect (lucky really)  So he got her and we got loaded and out of here.  He took a load, Neil took the leftovers and I had the flat deck with the bike on just in case something went wrong.
(the shovel from the Forestburg mine)

2 hours later we were up there and all the cows mothered up in no time and so that was nice, we had a visit and they cleaned out trailers and I unloaded mine, bike was staying up overnight.  I took a few pics while Neil checked one spot and then let the cows out and then off we went to Halkirk for supper.  We were a bit early for wing night (darn it looked good) but I had philly cheese steak and Neil had hot hamburger and it was really good, specially since we missed lunch.
(the house up there finally caved in)

(cows in the corral waiting for Neil)

(Neil coming over the hill on his bike)

(after that trail clinic I couldn't help but find trails through the trees up there)

(pretty thick in some areas)

Got home did chores and that was enough for one day.  Today Neil took up 3 bulls and had some trees to chop down that were leaning on the fences.  Now those cows will be happy up there till October.  We may take a few more in our trailer up there as the summer goes on cause a lot of grass up there but hard to say what will happen yet.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Well I made my 300 hour mark with rides with the Alberta Equestrian Federation.  Seems like it took way longer than it shoulda, haven't been riding as much this past year as I would like to or have in the past.  But I got there and now on my way to the 500 hour mark is the next reward.  With all the horses I have it shoulda took no time at all haha but we are continuing on.

I also headed to a trail clinic over the weekend, fantastic place and what a good guy, he is very mindful of the reasons he does stuff and has no trouble explaining it all till we all get it.  Very interesting guy to ask questions to.  We had a bunch of obstacles there and that was kinda fun, it wasn't about the obstacle really just making sure your horse was looking to you and going forward.  Very cool how we went about it, taught them to relax first then bring in a scary object, get them to look at you and relax and scary thing goes away.  Very neat.
(nice big pens to keep the horses in)

Also worked on releasing the poll and then getting a sidepass out of it.  Was easy but hard lol.  Easy to understand hard for me to release at the right time but we did get it a few times.  My timing is not right but I am working on it.  Then he has a short trail course with stuff in it and steep hills and we all went on it.  Pally is pretty cool she was going up the hill a little fast and I asked her to slow down and she just stopped.  Half way up a steep hill.  Was crazy. Didn't even rush out of it just walked to the top, that was cool.  Then his other short course has a swinging bridge, rain, pond with fountain (Pally didnt care for that one), vines, a slicker on a post, a rope gate and a block bridge.  She did everything but had to follow right behind his horse to do the fountain one and she rushed pretty fast through the rain but never thought of refusing so I will take it.
(the cabin at we stayed in, belongs to a friends cousin)

He took some pics but I haven't seen them so hopefully I can get them cause that would be super cool.  Thinking of going to another clinic or 2 in September if I can find time.  Id like to take everyone lol, but specially Razz, get her to slow down and maybe into a bit.  I am gonna try some of the stuff on her and see how it goes then when I am struggling can ask him about it.  The 2 day ones are only $150 and include 2 hour and a half sessions to work on whatever you want each day.  Pretty reasonable.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Breeding Mares

I made a plan a long time ago that I wanted to breed Jess this year.  I had pretty much decided last spring who I wanted to breed her to on the suggestion of her previous owner, so all last year we watched his colts and liked them, they are decent, and they look good and they are winning.  So I phoned up the owner and made a date for Jess.  Took her down last Friday and got the tour and left her there.  Bit weird not having her at home here.  Pretty excited about this foal, I'm not even sure I care if its a colt or filly.
(Jess was just happy for grass didn't care about a whole lot of other stuff going on )

(Dually Cat, he has a big pen right by the house)

I also don't really like one foal they seem better when there are 2 so I was on the look for another mare I liked, probly said this before but I was planning on buying this fall an in foal mare but then along came Nita and shes perfect (except she jumps Texas gates) I can ride her, she is short and she is decently bred.  And now I can get my Hesgottabefamous colt that I have always wanted.  So I took her down Friday as well since its sorta on the way.  I just love going down there I always come away with more knowledge then when I got there.  She knows quite a few of the stallions on her papers, her cousin even owned one of them so that was kinda cool.  They were collecting off a stallion when I was there, the new guy Fix N To and he was so funny, rather noisy and excited until he was done he fell asleep on the dummy lol.  Then they bred a couple mares, always something going on there.
(they gave me a whole folder full of info)
(the stallion poster)

(Barrel incentive, not sure I will get any of this but kinda cool anyways)

(and of course the new guy)

After we went out to see Famous and hes so quiet and nice, I still like him.  She said his offspring are not much taller than him, and willing and handy.  Sounds perfect.  Said a race barn in Edmonton has 4 in right now and they are so easy a monkey could ride them.  Sounds perfect for me :)  I decided to put her in the group and Carol said if it doesn't work she can be in her own pen but she likes her herd so I think it will be best.  I'm hoping for a colt out of this cross.
(they are already cutting hay down south, I know they are ahead of us but wow crazy)

Super excited for next year and the couple years after that!!  Fingers crossed all goes well and both get bred easy.  My worst fear is Nita will catch and Jess won't.  But I will be patient and try not to worry.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

What's Been Happening??

I dunno if anyone looked at my sidebar but I try to keep it up to date with whats going on, works well, I look at it often.  But it was full a couple weeks ago and now its almost empty.  I much prefer it this way.  Finished almost all the brandings, got 2 left, a clinic and a wedding and cows to go to Stettler place.

Both my nephews graduated this year, Tristan from grade 12 and he is going into Sait in the fall to take some computerized drafting course.  Got a full scholarship so that is pretty sweet.

Jaret from grade 9 and he doesn't know what he wants to be yet but hes got a few more years yet.

I been doing a bit of woodworking, finished Neil's golf caddy for his birthday, built a raised bed (I want 4 more but later) and started on the deck.

Sometimes while out there I have a few visitors, barn swallows and a deer (he was unwelcome)  We also have a couple baby bush bunnies in the yard, haven't gotten a pic of them yet but I will keep trying.

I took Pally to a few brandings, she is kinda fun not real ambitious but does what I ask, I may be taking her in the clinic next weekend.  I also got a pic of Neil while we were waiting for cows to mother up cause his mom always asks for a pic of him riding.

And a funny colored mushroom, the kids were bored lol

Monday, June 12, 2017

Bottle Baby

Its been a lot of years since we have had to feed a calf.  But this year so many twins and we have a set still on the cow, one we transplanted and this one we never found a cow for so he is getting bottle fed.  Its been about 5 weeks now and he really sucks the milk back which makes it a lot easer but still what a pain at least twice a day.  We are gonna get some calf feed when we get a chance to go to town next and that should help some but 3 months is the minimum we have to bottle feed and that seems like forever.

Good thing he is cute!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

2017 Branding

Early in the morning, 6 I got up and did chores.  I normally don't get up that early but I should so I can ride before it gets too warm.  Anyways I took Pally over to the neighbors to help gather.  We were there by 8 and it took about an hour.  She was pretty good.  Shes fun :)  She does want to lean towards the trailer and she wasn't fond of going through the slough but we did and she wasn't too hard to convince to go away.  I also stayed on her to help sort the cows out, they like to use horses and she wasn't great but not bad.  Probly never done that before and she's the same height as the cows lol.
(Dusty likes his job)

(Cookie has a creepy  blue eye)

Then after we branded there then went and ate we came home and got the food in the oven for our branding and went out to catch the horses.  They decided they wanted none of that so we were kinda late but a neighbor showed up grabbed our quad and gave us a ride back in while leading the horses it worked good.  They were not that good to gather, we had a little smaller crew and I think the cows knew lol.  But we did get them all in, Razz had to work hard though and she's fast and jumps over holes, I was glad for my cutting horn.

(my Mom even got a pic of me working)

(He was so adorable, trying to throw rocks at gophers and 
gigling when they would pop out of the hole)

We were short a couple people, 2 were not feeling well and one had a graduation so I helped brand for a bit, been a while since I did that and there is a lot of steps.  Good thing Karyn came out and helped finish up the food.  I got back about half hour before everyone else and so we got the food all out and sorted and then we ate.  No one stayed too long I think we were all tired.  I had a bath and bed finally at about 11, I sure slept well too.

I found we went through less beer but more food being the second branding in a day.  I think I like only one a day.  Or we should go first next time.  Specially since we had 2 the day before as well.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

My Trailer is Home

Been to 3 brandings now, just getting started, this week is gonna be a busy one but after it we only have 4 more so that will be kinda nice.  I took Razz to one and Jess to one.  Was planning on taking them Wednesday to the breeders but I may be exhausted but that means I need to wait till the 15th so not sure yet what I am doing there.  I have no branding pics not sure why was working but usually get a few. I will try better this week.

I took my trailer in to get a few things fixed up and a few things added on.  Ha more than a few I had a whole page.  Well one was an inspection and they found one of my axles was bent so I asked if that was warranty and he said usually not but he will ask.  And ask he did and turns out they said yes!  so they actually replaced both and the tire that was worn.  They also rewelded the step into the tack area, added a blanket bar and replaced a saddle rack.  Ad finally got my door organizer hung up.  And I wanted them to find some way to hold open the back divider if I wanted and so he did that was perfect I love it.  And the jack was pretty crappy and the coupler had gotten seized so they fixed that and replaced the jack.  Wasn't cheap but cheaper then I expected so I am happy with that even if it took longer than I expected.  I wanted them to put another tie hook on and they forgot (and never charged me either) but I may take it back cause now I see they have neat shelves that attach in the tack area and I may get a couple of those put in as well.

(I missed having it home)

(back divider holder opener)

(new welded step)

(door hanger partly full)

(and the blanket bar I love! 
 only got one saddle in there now but can fill it up again :) )