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Sunday, June 18, 2017

What's Been Happening??

I dunno if anyone looked at my sidebar but I try to keep it up to date with whats going on, works well, I look at it often.  But it was full a couple weeks ago and now its almost empty.  I much prefer it this way.  Finished almost all the brandings, got 2 left, a clinic and a wedding and cows to go to Stettler place.

Both my nephews graduated this year, Tristan from grade 12 and he is going into Sait in the fall to take some computerized drafting course.  Got a full scholarship so that is pretty sweet.

Jaret from grade 9 and he doesn't know what he wants to be yet but hes got a few more years yet.

I been doing a bit of woodworking, finished Neil's golf caddy for his birthday, built a raised bed (I want 4 more but later) and started on the deck.

Sometimes while out there I have a few visitors, barn swallows and a deer (he was unwelcome)  We also have a couple baby bush bunnies in the yard, haven't gotten a pic of them yet but I will keep trying.

I took Pally to a few brandings, she is kinda fun not real ambitious but does what I ask, I may be taking her in the clinic next weekend.  I also got a pic of Neil while we were waiting for cows to mother up cause his mom always asks for a pic of him riding.

And a funny colored mushroom, the kids were bored lol


TeresaA said...

Congratulations to you nephews! They look like nice young men. :D

Shirley said...

Great idea with the events list on your sidebar- thanks for pointing it out, now I'll look for it :0)
Congrats to your nephew on his scholarship!
Pally looks like fun, now you need to have kids come ride her and go on long trail rides with you .
That mushroom looks like it's toxic!

4RRanch said...

Love, love, love scholarships. Looks like you are doing a good job with all the wood working projects.