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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Stills- Rust

Rust, hmm what can I say but its happens.  No matter what if you have metal around it will rust.  That being said I hardly even notice it anymore cause its always here.  Like even on those pics of Easy yesterday the gate was rusty.

And in the pasture my horses are in there is a freestanding panel and its just rust colored.

And horses, even Easy is kinda  a rusty color, I call him Red but not in those pics he isn't as dark as he seems, I wonder what his summer coat will be. (I wonder that about Pally too, oh well we will see soon)  And this cute filly where I board, shes always there, I realy like the bay colt in the back but shes always got her nose in my way when I take pics.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fridays Hunt Version 5

This week we had The Letter E, Weeks Favorite and Sky.  So perfect.

Of Course my Letter E is gonna be Easy :)  Just cause he's so awesome and I really like him.
(Easy on left, with the 3 year old gelding he likes to bug)

(aww he's so cute :) )

(and outside playing with a mare from his barn)

And then for the Sky.  Taken on Wednesday we have had some pretty sunsets this week with all the clouds and the chinooking weather, perfect for taking pictures of.

And the Weeks favorite, is one of the peacock they have at the barn where Easy lives.  Hes a goofy bird, he flew up in front of my horse this week and Easy never even flinched, me I jumped though.  Never seen him with the tail feathers open but maybe that's more of a summer thing?

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Craft Room Planning

So since I did the plan on Sunday stills, i got more info.  Some from you guys :) and I have these 2 books which are great, for heights and spacing and what to do with all the started projects.  And unstarted ones,  I think I have enough to never buy anymore (but I will)

So the new plans have cupboards above all the counters except where the sewing machine ans pressing/planning spot is.  Extra lights over that spot and lights under cupboards specially by the scrap booking station.  Desk tops are 18 inches wide and 32 inches high with 35 inches high where ironing and the sewing machine inset into a desk (probly not the set up I have now as its not made for my machine and it just wont work (I've tried) but I have found plans to make a desk into an inset sewing machine holder at 27" high)  Wall lights by window seat and bookcases on each side.  Window seat is 12-15 inches wide and probly 17 inches high.  I also marked all the registers and plug ins and the modem plug on the plans so I know where they are.  Probly wont put any curtains on the window but its still an option later on.  Id like to remove closet doors but not sure hubby will like that.

I have been trying to work on some smaller started projects I have and get them out of the way.  Smaller ones work better for now as I am putting them away every night so they don't get coffee stains on them.  One day I will find a way to leave them out safely.  I actually finished one that was on my resolution list (yay) but that still leaves lots more to go.
( seed package from resolution list :)  
I see when I started it last it wasn't centered, 
probly why I quit but it all fit so I guess it'll work)

(Love this Eeyore bookmark)

(just started this magnet one, see my horsey floss holder)

(and a while ago was gonna make shirts for all the babies 
oops no ones gotten one yet,
 although I did make a few blankets and give them away)

I have many many horsey cross stitches I have collected over the years, some I have done but many not finished yet.  I can only work on them for a little bit at a time cause my thumb gets sore from holding the needle, trying to work my way up so it doesn't but still only can get about an hour in at once.  I have a whole bunch of cross stitches that are done that I need to do something with but that's a whole nother story.
(so many but I love them all)

I have lots of wood projects going on but I have a hard time doing that in the winter, my shop can be heated but its not insulated so it still is cold unless by the stove.  And if I wanna cut or sand too much I prefer the door open or doing it outside so I wait till warmer weather.  But I do plan on building a window seat in the dining area this spring as soon as the snow goes, no need to bring wetness inside.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Stills --Bitter

Well it was pretty hard for me to take pics of bitter this week.  After Sunday got kinda nice and so waited till today in which it looks bitter out but in reality was really warm.  Sun is even trying to come out now.  But we headed to East Coulee for breakfast, I love there Sunday breakfasts, once a month we try to go every time.
(the river)

(no snow on the grass)

(water filling the ditches)

(and mud, yuck)

Friday was so warm down in the valley, between Dorothy and East coulee, the grass was showing even the river was melting.  Was warm here to but not quite enough to lose all our snow but it sure shrank down.  And now is back up again.
(Dorothy hill, I like when I'm not driving :) )



(and closest)

(and back home starting to clear up)

Still snowing but the sun is trying to come out, we will see how the rest of the week goes, Im hoping for warm of course :)  All week been thinking about bitter, other thing it reminds me of is old people, specially old ladies don't know why they can be so bitter (not all of course) Must be regreting stuff not done I always figure.  Hope next week is more cheerful ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fridays Hunt 4

Well I'm a day late again.  For Eden Hills Fridays Hunt, might as well be Saturdays hunt for me.  been a long week after going to the Dentist (hey I coulda used that for D) she did a lot of work and I had a 2 day headache afterwards, that was kinda miserable and lost a riding day out of it too :(  But I'm back together for now.

  Of course took me a long time to think of something that started with a D to get picures of, then on Monday I thought of deer, of course, well you know how that goes, no deer to be seen anywhere around when I want to see them.  Probly see them tonight haha.  But anyways I finally realized I go through Drumheller 3 times a week and they like Dinosaurs.  There is the Tyrell Museum of Paleontology there and if I had time I so woulda gone there to get some pictures but of course not.  So I got a few that were wandering around town ;)
(this guy looks better in the summer when vines are covering him)

(And the FasGas Protectors)

(My favorite one in town breaking out of the IGA)

And then the Weeks Favorite, I got while shooing Beautiful, I got our house, I sure like it with the frosty trees and the newness :)  And we got eaves troughs last week so when it all melted yesterday it went in them instead of straight down.

(You can still see the old house for a while yet)

And Beautiful, well had to go with Hoar frost for this one, I got a couple close ups, not my best ones ever but seeing as they were taken this week gotta go with what the week gives you.
(Tried to get some blue sky but pic when kinda fuzzy in the background)

(and this one looks like ice crystals)

All n all a good week and can't wait for next week :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Saturdays Show

Well first the tree.  I dunno why I call it a Jesus tree, always have.  It just has the shape and all by itself reminds me of a tree that would be in Jerusalem.  And its pokey makes me think of his thorns he wore when he died on the cross.  Neil thinks I'm crazy but he calls it that too now.

And the show.  Not a great success like I was hoping.  But all in all not bad since its been forever since I have shown.  I made lots of mistakes but halfway through the third cow I figured it out.  Bit late by then but usually I think of it afterwards.  I was kinda frustrated he wasn't stopping straight and realized if I actually rode him he would have.  So he was babysitting me which is nice but not winning worthy. I wasn't in the right position so he was trying to make it easier for him to keep working the cow.  I also put my hand down on the second cow when there was too many cows out front, I didn't even realize it until Doug said and then I can't pick it up again or its a lost point.  Well I lost that cow cause he picked one when I put my hand down and it was not the one I picked.
(missed first cow, too bad it felt good I'd have liked to see it)

I went by myself and got there way earlier than planned (its closer than I thought) so I got to watch almost the whole thing.  Met a nice couple people beside me who were new to cutting as well, that's kinda fun.  Shes leasing a horse while looking for one to buy.  And I got to meet Loiusa too that was super fun.

I went back for a lesson today, he got Sunday off but I coulda (maybe shoulda) given him Monday off as well.  Of course I didn't think of it till I was halfway there so we had an easy ride and worked the flag a little bit.  If I let him get lazy on the flag he sure will, always turns with it but doesn't stop straight or back up like he knows he supposed to.
(after the run the herd holder gave me my hat back, 
Easy wasn't sure that was a good idea)

Doug says wasn't bad, figures it will take me a year before I can go in the show ring and ride him like I should without getting super nervous and letting him do it all.  I told Easy he has to be patient with me cause I'm trying.  He seemed to agree.  Kinda like when I told him he better be good cause he was expensive, he looked right at me and I'm sure he was saying "I'm worth it"  Well so far so good :)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Stills--Solitary

Well solitary I know well.  Especially yesterday when I go to go to a show and none of my friends can come.  Well I was going anyways, was entered and my horse was getting hauled so off I go.  Seems like a lot I do is all by myself.  Its a good thing I like my own company but would like some friends sometimes too.
(Our neighbors tree by his branding corrals, 
about 2 miles off the road I see it every time I go home.  
There's a story saying someone hauled water to it everyday
 when it was small that's why its still there.)

(and this one on the other side of the road in a different neighbors, 
it looks lonely to me)

This week I picked the trees around our place, they must get lonely too, reminds me of Bob Ross on PBS, he drew a lot of landscapes out of his head and every time he drew a tree he drew another one beside it so it wouldn't get lonely.
(and this is our "Jesus" tree beside the road, that's our yard in the background)

(and a closer pic, apparently it was snowing)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Fridays Hunt Try 2

Well its Friday again so time for Fridays Hunt at Eden Hills and this week the 3 were starts with c, indoors and weeks favorite.

First is the Letter c.  Hmm that is me!  But I hate selfies cause I am no good at them and hardly take them unless my pony is in them too so I got Collection.  Not mine, but at the barn I been riding at.
(that's a lot of bridles)

I don't take many indoor pics unless its a family occasion but this week happened to get a reward in the mail from the AQHA All Breeds riding program.  Its for riding any kind of horse except a registered Quarter Horse.  500 hours, that's a lot of hours on mostly a paint horse of course I been in the program since 2005 so 10 years but oh well at least I get rewarded and there is no time limit. I got an email saying they couldn't deliver to a post office box and could I give a street address, I gave my moms and they used her address and my town and so it got delivered to my box anyways lol.  Whatever works.  So my inside shot is the reward, its donated by John Deere and its kinda ugly but I'll probly use it anyways.
(My letter stating why I got a bag)

(and the actual bag in bright green and yellow)

And honestly I think the weeks favorite is my collection one although I took a pic for Sunday that I shouldn't share yet but it turned out real cool so here it is.
(the hawks nest by our driveway, unoccupied obviously)

Can't wait for next week :)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Practice, Practice and More Practice

I have been riding twice this week so far.  The drive is getting to be a bit long.  But at least the weather has been nice this week.  Rode in just a hoodie :)  Monday we worked cows and it was good and not so good haha.  I started with a black cow and she was fast, run around the pen about 3 times but we were right there when she stopped.  Did a couple turns on her and was real good.  Second cow was a bit trickier.  She was quick!  She liked to turn and sneak away, I got behind and even though I never realized it I apparently look at my horse when its too much.  She really was too much cow for me right now.  But I didn't fall off and even though we lost the cow I did learn something.  My horse is awesome!  And the third cow, she was the best of the bunch, she was real turney but we stayed with her through it all and ended good.  I thought maybe he was too good for me but Doug says no I can ride that and so I guess that's a good thing, just keep looking at the cow!  He even was saying cow....cow....cow a few times I was just too concerned with staying on.  Well now I know just watch the cow and I will get back in position.
(map my run working cows)

Went back yesterday, a little worried about it and it showed in my work.  I was not stopping like I shoulda.  We did get there and at least once I noticed when I looked away so now I need to keep working on staring at the cow always!  

Going showing Saturday, hoping the weather is gonna be warmer than forcasted but if not oh well I'm going anyway.  Doug entered me in the 2000 limit class which I wanted to be out of this year, ugh guess not showing at all wont help that right?  But now I got an awesome pony I can do it.  I just gotta get there.  I'm kinda nervous but I guess that's good right?  Just watch the cow, stay level with it and stop when it does.  Don't worry about turning the horse will turn.  (I hear that about 5 times every lesson)

Well only 4 hours and 4 rides in the horsemanship challenge, I wanted 14 rides and  16 hours by the end of the month but don't think Ill quite make that but it'll be close.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday Stills- A Day Late

This week for Sunday Stills was supposed to be our crafting space.  Well mines kinda a mumble jumble from moving and so its not really how I want it although I do have plans....haha I have plans for everything I think.  For now my old craft space in the basement of the other house, which is kinda mess as I been trying to go through it, still have a lot to do there.

(looking in from doorway, that was supposed to be desk space with bookshelfs up top)

(and the closet I took doors off so rubbermaids could fit in)

(and there is my desk with a bookshelf)

Anyways here t is the new house crafting space, for now sharing it with they hubby his big shelf and sorta his office until we get the garage built.
(from the closet, Neil's cupboard)

(towards the closet, probly do the same thing, 
I kinda wish we didn't get closets in the spare rooms)

(and my messy sewing area with projects going on)

And here are my plans for how its gonna look one day.

Maybe next week Ill actually be prepared and get it up on Sunday.