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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Stills- Rust

Rust, hmm what can I say but its happens.  No matter what if you have metal around it will rust.  That being said I hardly even notice it anymore cause its always here.  Like even on those pics of Easy yesterday the gate was rusty.

And in the pasture my horses are in there is a freestanding panel and its just rust colored.

And horses, even Easy is kinda  a rusty color, I call him Red but not in those pics he isn't as dark as he seems, I wonder what his summer coat will be. (I wonder that about Pally too, oh well we will see soon)  And this cute filly where I board, shes always there, I realy like the bay colt in the back but shes always got her nose in my way when I take pics.


Shirley said...

Good one, never thought of using horses for this challenge, but sorrel sure is a rust colour. Our horses are starting to shed, so winter can just hurry up and get outta here!

Linda said...

I thought of using sorrel horse for rust...we even had a Rusty once. I heard a saying this weekend that I'd have used if I had seen it before. Rust never sleeps....don't think they were referring to a horse though.