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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Practice, Practice and More Practice

I have been riding twice this week so far.  The drive is getting to be a bit long.  But at least the weather has been nice this week.  Rode in just a hoodie :)  Monday we worked cows and it was good and not so good haha.  I started with a black cow and she was fast, run around the pen about 3 times but we were right there when she stopped.  Did a couple turns on her and was real good.  Second cow was a bit trickier.  She was quick!  She liked to turn and sneak away, I got behind and even though I never realized it I apparently look at my horse when its too much.  She really was too much cow for me right now.  But I didn't fall off and even though we lost the cow I did learn something.  My horse is awesome!  And the third cow, she was the best of the bunch, she was real turney but we stayed with her through it all and ended good.  I thought maybe he was too good for me but Doug says no I can ride that and so I guess that's a good thing, just keep looking at the cow!  He even was saying cow....cow....cow a few times I was just too concerned with staying on.  Well now I know just watch the cow and I will get back in position.
(map my run working cows)

Went back yesterday, a little worried about it and it showed in my work.  I was not stopping like I shoulda.  We did get there and at least once I noticed when I looked away so now I need to keep working on staring at the cow always!  

Going showing Saturday, hoping the weather is gonna be warmer than forcasted but if not oh well I'm going anyway.  Doug entered me in the 2000 limit class which I wanted to be out of this year, ugh guess not showing at all wont help that right?  But now I got an awesome pony I can do it.  I just gotta get there.  I'm kinda nervous but I guess that's good right?  Just watch the cow, stay level with it and stop when it does.  Don't worry about turning the horse will turn.  (I hear that about 5 times every lesson)

Well only 4 hours and 4 rides in the horsemanship challenge, I wanted 14 rides and  16 hours by the end of the month but don't think Ill quite make that but it'll be close.


Janice L. Grinyer said...

This journey of yours has been really fun to follow - and the mapping LOL the red circles :D

Good luck for Saturday, but I think you got this. Eye on the cow, your butt will do what it needs to do on feel and intuition! xoxo

cdncowgirl said...

I'm excited to hear about the show!! :)

Oh, and 4 hours & 4 rides... well I'm at 0/0 :( Hope that will change ASAP!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I'm curious how you were able to map that without Google Maps giving away your exact location. Was is because it was in an arena, or is there a way to turn off the labels of streets and whatnot? I won't post my trail riding routes, because then everyone would know exactly where I live and my riding routines. I have hundreds of people who read my blog, many local, but have no idea many of them are because they never introduce themselves in comments. I've had people who read my blog just show up at my house unannounced once they figured out where I lived based on pictures, so I'm more careful now.

Shirley said...

That sounds like so much fun!Keep your eye on the cow and your horse will take care of you! Hope you draw good cattle at the show!

fernvalley01 said...

sounds like you have a great horse, and a great coach! with that they sky is the limit, because YOU KNOW DARN WELL YOU CAN SIT A HORSE!