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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fridays Hunt Version 5

This week we had The Letter E, Weeks Favorite and Sky.  So perfect.

Of Course my Letter E is gonna be Easy :)  Just cause he's so awesome and I really like him.
(Easy on left, with the 3 year old gelding he likes to bug)

(aww he's so cute :) )

(and outside playing with a mare from his barn)

And then for the Sky.  Taken on Wednesday we have had some pretty sunsets this week with all the clouds and the chinooking weather, perfect for taking pictures of.

And the Weeks favorite, is one of the peacock they have at the barn where Easy lives.  Hes a goofy bird, he flew up in front of my horse this week and Easy never even flinched, me I jumped though.  Never seen him with the tail feathers open but maybe that's more of a summer thing?

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TeresaA said...

lovely photos. I love the sky- it's stunning

Anonymous said...

Easy is quite the handsome guy. The skies are amazing! Beautiful. The peafowl tend to have their tails up when they are dancing for the girls during the breeding season. That's usually when they do their yelling too. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt!

Crystal said...

Oh maybe that's why, hes the only peacock around, they got females ordered but haven't arrived yet

Patty Woodland said...

Yeah - he needs a peahen to show off to for those feathers to come up. Erm. Oh and the screeching! Sounds like a dying cat. Easy is a beautiful equine heh

Linda said...

Easy is easy on the eyes. All I remember about peacocks is the. Screeching noise they make.

Crystal said...

Odd I didn't know they made a noise, weird. Even the dogs and cats don't seem to bother him, maybe when there is females around it'll be different.

EG CameraGirl said...

Beautiful sky shots! How neat to have peacocks!

Shirley said...

Awww Easy has cute li'l ears! Lovely skies and yes peacocks do screech.