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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Branding Season

So its has officially started.  We are now into branding season. I went to my first one here yesterday.  I took Jessie and she was good.  Not fast, but really well behaved.  I say not fast cause a  calf got away and we were running after it and we just couldn't seem to get around it, but we did get it in with another calf and a few cows that run back too.  We sorted in the pen and I stayed on Jess and she was a little flustered with all them cows and calves in the pen all around er, but she stayed calm and did her job.  Then we took all the cows through the underpass of the highway and vaccinated them and brought them back and then went to branding.  Which they don't brand or castrate cause they are purebreds, but we vaccinated and ear tagged.  I was tired when we got home that night though.  And Jess probly thought it was weird cause I put her in the trailer when we were done cause it was raining a little and I didn't want my saddle wet but she ended up in there for like 4 hours.  I think she musta slept the whole time cause she wasn't even in a hurry to get out when we finally got home.  I been hosing her burned leg and gave her a couple shots of penicillin and it seems like her leg is tender if I touch it but otherwise she seems fine on it.

Glad I went to a lesson on Monday cause it looks like it will be a while till I get to go again.  Doug is going away for 7 days and so I am keeping Jess at home in shape till he gets back, no point in having her over there just sitting, so I get more chance to take her to brandings and stuff this year :)  But that also means I am gonna miss the Olds show on the 8/9th of June but that is kind of a relief cause we are so busy these next 2 weeks I don't need that extra stress.  We have another branding tonight, then tomorrow morning we are retesting our 2 bulls that never tested then Neil is taking them to town with 3 cull cows if they don't test and then we have to go branding at 3.  Friday Neil is taking another bull to get his feet done and I am building deck and cooking for branding and we got to get our cows moved to our branding pasture cause Neil wants to ride his horse before it really matters this year, and I might take Bailey, she is who I was gonna ride all summer and still will after Jess goes. Saturday I think I am going to my Moms for a scrap booking, its actually Fri and Sat but I cant take 2 days and go this time of year so I will go for one.  Then Monday a neighbor is branding his 14 in the morning and we are branding in the afternoon.  Tuesday is another branding, and then Wednesday is another branding and then Thursday Jazz is going to the trainer and both Friday and Saturday are more brandings.  Whew.  But after that there is only 3 more we need to go to, the 22, the 26th and not sure on the last one.  I only get to ride at the branding on ours, and wed and Friday next week.  Oh and probly 2 of the later ones.  I really only like to go to ones I can ride at ;)  But go to the others anyways, lol.

Other than that not much is going on here, no time for anything else right now I guess anyways, but lots of visiting and I love seeing the neighbors and catching up from last year.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eagles Nest?

So last week Neil said he thought he knew where an eagle or an owls nest is and he said its kinda in a coulee and he couldn't get there on his Bob but I could probly see it off a horse better.  So of course me and Jessie went out there and tried to find it.  We walked out of the yard heading North and out through the gate to the pasture where our hay and crop fields are.
 (for some reason I love this pic where the road splits)

 Past Neil working up my "outdoor arena" for the summer, also known as our summer fallow field.  We plow ours up once a month or so depending on weed growth rather than spray it cause we don't have a sprayer and we do have a cultivator.  Which works perfect for me cause then its nice soft dirt to ride in if I wanna.
(a 60 acre arena :)

Then on towards the dam that we walked across and it was supposedly down that coulee, but the dam was seeping so we stayed up top and there was no way I could see any nest in any big trees down there, so we just went a little further and wondered if I was imagining the directions, lol.  We walked all the way to the edge of the coulee, which Jessie didn't really like and I don't blame her I wasn't overly fond of riding that close to the edge but I just wanted to see if she would, its not so steep we couldn't go down, just much steeper than I ever care to go down.
(Jessie was pretty sure we were gonna have to walk through that GIANT lake, lol)

I came home and told Neil I never saw it and he said that was where is should be so then I was curious how I coulda have missed it if it was so big.  Well the next day I went basket stuffing at my neighbors and on the way home picked up Neil from a farther farm field and on the way back we stopped to have a look.  And its there all right but the tree/bush had leaved out so much the nest was pretty hard to see, but it sure does look big, Neil says at least 5 feet across!  Well I will have to go look this fall after the leaves fall off.  But while out there I also saw these 2 different kinds of wildflowers that are really pretty and have no idea what they are.

(the light spot is the nest, hard to see with all the leaves)

 ( pretty white flowers, kinda like a lily or crocus )

(tube like purple flowers with tiny leaves)

On the way home from that ride we made the tour around the farm field and came  into the yard from the East through the bull pasture.  I love doing that when i can make a circle and not come back the way I left.  I got a couple pics of our yard from out there but its not quite right cause there is a ridge out there so we look like we built in a hole but its not really.
 (our yard comin from the East)

(my baskets I stuffed just gotta wait for a non windy rainy day to hang them)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Pasture

I moved the horses to summer pasture last week.  I love how when I go out there and call they all come running :)  So I go out there and before they come they have to look and make sue I'm not being suspicious or something, lol  I don't know  what they think of as suspicious but they always stop with heads raised up high for a minute or two and then come running.  Before they come I got a chance to get a few pic, Disco at the waterhole and the others while they were watchin me.

Then they started comin :)  Looks so cool when that many horses come running, specially since I know none of them will run me over.

Then they stopped to get pets and then I turned around and started walking towards the gate and they knew what was up and so they headed over there.

After they got through the gate they run around to check out the corral gate and it was closed of course so they ran around for a while then settled eating the tame brome grass by the gate.

Got a few too many out there now, but probly on Sat after the couple days of cold weather we are forcasted is over I will bring in Jazz and Kali and Bailey so I can start riding them for brandings and stuff.  And work with Jazz a little on her loading skills for when she goes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feeding Heifers

We put our replacement heifers on grass a few weeks ago and the grass was only kinda green and so Neil got a feed mixed up that he has been feeding them every night till the bag is gone I guess.  They were pretty well trained to come running at the sound of his Dodge, but the other night we were heading out somewhere and we took the pails on the way so we had his Chev.  They were not so sure about this new vehicle, but it didn't take long till they heard the sound of the grain being poured and the buckets rattling around that they came running.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Week Already???

Wow where has the time gone?  It seems like it was only yesterday that I last blog and here it has been a week!  Well what all has happened, I went for a lesson Friday and it was good, we worked cows and was not perfect but he was happy with how much I could work a cow with little instruction.  We still don't know what happened at the show, part of it was she was fresh from not working cows and part of it was probly me being nervous, he says I lean when I am nervous.  I never knew that and so will have to go watch some old videos and see.  But it makes sense, I used to be nervous at lessons and now its just the norm but been to a lot less shows and they count for something so I guess I still get nervous.  But the plan is still on for her to stay there at the end of the month.  Although not sure how long, he mentioned about 5 months to me but said a couple months to her previous owner, guess we will see how it goes.  In a way I want longer but in a way shorter, so I dunno what I really want.

After the ride went to Chars for a trail ride and we rode out for a couple hours, it was good.  Then she asked if I wanna stay over and go for another ride in the morning before I left home.  So why not?  I don't get to ride with others much its kinda a nice change.  We rode for another couple hours in the morning.  Jessie was surprised when I said trail ride and it turned kinda into a mountain ride with all the steep coulees there, lol, but she was real good as we were trying to find new trails.

Then I went home and rototilled my garden, still have a few more days to improve the soil so I wanted to do it a few times.  That was a long day and I was exhausted and my knees felt like the were gonna explode (although I'm not sure it was from either of those things, but it was awful no matter what).  Then Sunday we headed to Brooks for a BBQ at Neil's Mom and Dads, it was nice to sit around a fire and just relax for a change.

Sunday I don't know what happened, lol it seems like all the days run together and I can't remember anything, although I do know I took a short ride on Jess, I wanted to get her out and moving cause I was afraid her hocks were sore from all the hills so moving was good.  Not thinking my knees were still sore and about 15 minutes out, I was done.  Although still not at home and so it wasn't really a fun ride for me but she was good and just ambled home without my help.   Monday I went to Calgary with my sister and returned my cans (for $88!) and went to the new Target and just visited and shopped.  It was good, but late as I didn't get home till 11:30.
 (rays of Sun on my way home from Calgary)

(Neil's birthday gift a little late, a Tardis robe, he loved it :) )

Tuesday I know I went for a lesson and it was on the flag cause he had used up all the cattle already.  He has some cows not good for young horses and so he just turns them out if they are not working so he don't mess them up.  But the flag was pretty good, I actually felt for the first time ever when she was drifting off, that was cool I could pick it up and fix her all on my own, one day I will be able to run the flag on my own.

Wednesday we tested bulls, but the vet got here and forgot we asked him to bring the footrot vaccine and so he had to go back and get it.  So we had an hour and  a half to waste and I tried to get the rototiller going and it wouldn't run, so I thought maybe mow the lawn and couldn't get that going cause it needed a new air filter, shoulda gone with my instinct and went riding.  But by then it was too late so just sorta cleaned my kitchen (could probly should spend days and clean my house its kinda a pigsty since I been so busy outside) We got 2 bulls that need to be retested, he thinks they will be fine in a retest but couldn't pass them this time. And 2 that need their feet trimmed, and one of those is the same one, so if he don't retest, we wont trim his feet, just sell him for bologna ;)
 (Pretty hard to test bulls when they lay down in the chute!)

 (Finally got the new hub on the old trailer and it is back up and running again.  
Although it hasn't been for a test drive yet)

(Crazy kitty tried to help us test bulls, maybe the only time he is glad he is castrated??)

Thursday I shoulda gone for a lesson but went for a real nice trail ride instead.  We were just loping along at her nice slow arena lope, although it felt slower than her arena lope, and all the sudden I looked ahead and saw a bunch of wire, I say whoa and sit back, even used my horn and she stopped immediately which is good cause her nose was about 6 inches from the wire.  I guess she can stop when I mean it!  I got off and tied the wire to the fence.  She is so different than my ranch horses, I know Bailey and Razz woulda seen it coming and just gone around it, but Jessie is still expecting perfect ground all the time.  Glad I had seen it though  I generally don't look at the ground, that's the horses job.  But anyways I was on my way out to where Neil said he saw an Eagles nest.  It was across the dam and then down the could a couple hundred yards I thought.  The coulee was wet at the bottom and pretty steep so we just stayed up top but I must be blind cause I did not see it.  I asked him when i got back where it was and that is where is shoulda been so I will have to go back and maybe take my camera and hopefully see it.  I guess that is also on the way to the tee pee rings.  That was a pretty long ride, about hour and a half, don't sound long, but since we loped for a lot of it, it was a nice ride.  And Jessie got to eat grass after we were home so she was happy.  Also rototilled the garden for a second time, needs something added to it so it is not so hard, I can only get about 4 or 5 inches deep and then its like rock.

And then today, Oh ya!  We also booked Jazz in to the trainer, she is going on the 6th of June, she will just get basic riding.  I have to talk more about it when I get there and make sure he rides her out or she will stay a couple months.  I would like him to put her on the flag and cows if she is ready as well, but outside riding is more important as she has to be rode outside at home.  I actually never talked to him, lol, Char mentioned I had a filly to come and made all the arrangements  seems weird to me but It will work out good.  I am excited but nervous as well.  Oh and we booked our branding for the 3rd of June, that should work for both the show the weekend after that and for taking Jazz.  Sure will be an exhausting week though!

OK, today, I went to town since I have been avoiding it forever and I forgot it was a long weekend or I woulda waited, but I needed stuff ( like the air filter for the mower) and I wanted to ask the hardware lady about my deck plans, she says they are good so now I will make up a list of materials and then buy them and get started next week.  I would like to be done before we brand, but somehow I doubt that will happen.  And had coffee with friends, seems like so long since we got together it was just nice.  Then got home and put the mower together and mowed the yard/jungle.  Sure looks good now :)  I love my yard.  I also got some peat moss for the garden (since I could not find zeolite) and have to rototill it in, maybe tomorrow.

Haha Cindy if you lived closer, I would trade for  jeep, I kinda do want a vehicle to just bomb around in and just leave my truck hooked to the trailer.  Would be handy really.  I still haven't listed on Northern, I should, but with 25 pages of horses for sale it seems a bit redundant to list more.  Wish they had a way of splitting them up into young/prospect horses and mature horses.  I hate looking on there for a horse and they have a baby listed as a ranch horse, maybe will be one but obviously not one now, just annoying to me, but maybe not to others.  One day  when I am not busy I will list them though.  I had Belle and Bailey listed last year and only one response, so doesn't really seem worthwhile.  And had  Jazz sold as a baby and the lady backed out after I already told others she was sold, I was really upset at that, so I am kinda not overly fond of that website right now, although better than Kijiji I guess, there are all kinds of nuts out there, I would not list a horse on there unless it was pretty well bombproof (as my Gypsy was) cause there all kinds of crazies on there that want a cheap horse for their kids and don't know anything themselves.   Those people always worry me.  But enough of a rant for tonight, lol.  I need to find some new homes and so list them I will.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fridays For Sale --Ponies

So since I will have more money and time wrapped up in Jessie this year and I already had too many horses last year than I wanted to ride, its time for me to become serious about who to sell and who to keep.  If it were only a money issue I wouldn't worry about it, I can live pretty frugal and its pretty cheap for me to keep a horse here cause they are on pasture all year and with feet and worming and vaccines I think it costs me $225 per year per horse, so not really gonna save  a lot by not having them here, I would prefer they are somewhere they can be used.  I am thinking pretty much all of them are for sale, except of  course Jessie and Neil's horse George, and probly not Razz, but if the home and price are right I might reconsider.

First off The Broke ones :

1.  Bailey aka Baileys Coffee.  She is a registered AQHA mare, red dun in color and 9 years old this year.  She has done pretty much anything I ever do with horses, arena riding, outdoor riding, trails, mountains, barrels (somewhat, lol) ranch work, can throw a rope off her, if I get team roping this summer I will probly end up taking her.  She has a lot of energy and needs a job, not a horse to get on once a week for a plod around the property, the more she gets ridden the happier she is.  Super easy to catch (comes when called ), easy to trim, has never had shoes, easy to worm and vaccinate.  Leads, ties and loads easy.  Just a nice horse to be around.  Really like people.  But not for a beginner as she has waaay too much energy and too smart for a beginner.  If you know how to ride, you will like her.  Asking $4500 for her now.  More info on here here or just search her name in the search box.

2.  Kali aka  Dual Rita.  She is a registered AQHA mare, bay with a stripe.  She is out of Dual Pep and a Smart Chic Olena mare.  Super well bred, super cute, athletic and kind.  She is only 5 years old right now but in a couple years she will be an awesome kids horse.  She has had some cutting training, has the ability, just doesn't want to.  Nice arena horse, slower.  Good outside but doesn't like water puddles.  Has had lots of riding and just a generally nice quiet horse.  Asking $4500 for her.

3.  Disco aka Play Like Disco.  She is a registered AQHA mare that is out of Hottrodders Disco, a wonderful cutting stallion.  She is bay with very little white.  She is 18 this year, was rode till she was 8 or so then became a broodmare for a while.  She has had one foal here and then I got on and rode her a few times.  She was a little herd bound but otherwise  just walked and trotted off like it was no big deal.  Think it would take very little to get her back riding again or she is plenty healthy enough to raise a few more colts.  Asking $1500 for her, open right now.

4.  Jazz aka Strait Summer Jazz.  She is a registered APHA mare, black in color with 4 socks and a white face and 3 years old this year.  She has not been started under saddle yet but I plan to this spring get her started.  She is a sweetheart, has loved people since she was born.  Is halter broke and has had her feet done although needs a little more consistent work on that.  She was raised here, out of my Razz mare and a Strait From Texas stud who had to be put down from injury.  Asking $1500 for her if sold before started.

5.  Magic aka Miss Magic Hickory.  She is a registered AQHA mare, 5 years old and a pretty sorrel in color.  I had great plans for this mare, but ran out of time.  She is halter broke, kinda hard to catch need lots of work but I think will come around quickly if consistent.  Asking $1200 for her.

6.  Belle aka LT Belle San Tivio.  Belle is a AQHA registered mare who is sorrel with the rabicano gene.  She is halter broke, leads, ties, load super easy.  Has not been ridden in 6 years and is just scared when ridden so I never have done much with her, just cause I had 2 others at the time I could ride easy.  She has raised an awesome sorrel colt that is 3 this year and lives in BC now.  She is 10 years old and could easily raise lots more colts, she is a really good mother and easy breeder, easy keeper.  Not a troublemaker and stays out of trouble.  Asking $1000 for her open right now.

7.  I hate to put her in but we will see.  Razz aka Little Summer Razz DC.  She is a registered APHA mare, papers say buckskin but she is smokey black.  She is 7 years old and a awesome ranch horse.  She is super athletic, has lots of energy, no buck, willing to go all day everyday and not tire out.  Super sensitive and yet sensible at the same time.  And pretty to boot!  She also has done everything, super well broke, rides in a bosal, hope to get her in a bit this year.  She does not like the snaffle bit but will work in it.  She has done some cutting, lots of ranch work, trail rides, sortings   Asking $5500 for her to the right home.

So I am in no hurry to sell, but I really would like to get down to 4 or 5 here, I think that is a reasonable amount for me to have and that is what my summer pasture will hold (it can hold 6 if the weather is gonna continue to be wet like it has been)  I also am gonna list them on Northern Horse and on my Facebook page. I feel bad I don't have the time to spend with them all, otherwise I would keep them as pasture pets, but I know most of them, mostly Bailey, do not like that, they want to go and do something.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

And Another Change of Plans

I gave Jess Monday off after the show cause I was exhausted and I think she probly needed a day off as well.  And I needed a say away from her to rethink and not be so disappointing   I feel like I lost a lot of trust in her over the weekend, kinda awful when I try to do it right and she just does whatever she wants.  But then Tuesday I went out through the bull field and out to where our cows are.  Neil was moving cows but he was at the gate before I saw him so I never got to help.  He hadn't planned on it, but 20 cows without calves were just standing close to the gate so he moved them so it is easier to check on them without looking through all the ones that have calves already.

It was a good ride took over an hour, we walked and trotted through the summer fallow field then walked over to where the cows were, some thought they should leave but most just watched us making sure we aren't chasing them or their calves.  She was so good and just walked out in a fairly straight line and was moving off my leg when I asked.  I was happy with her again, at least for a outside horse.

Then yesterday I went for a lesson and we got chatting about what is the best for us cause what we are doing now is not working.  Jessie is not finished and Doug said he showed her as a 3 year old and only once as a 4 year old so she does not have a lot of show experience.  And neither do I so putting us together is just not working.  He figures I have 2 options....

1.  I can sell her for about 13 000 (he says he can find a buyer tom) and then buy a finished just go out and show and win for 30, 000.  I said no way can I afford that and he said maybe something for 20.  Well that is still another 7000 that I don't really have to spend on a horse and still have to take lessons.  Although I did find this cute gelding on Northern this morning for 20 and he has lots of earning should be pretty good even though he is only 5.  Tempting!

or 2.  I can put her in training, probly about 5 months and he will ride her and maybe his assistant will show her.  He will let her show but if she needs schooling in a show he will do that too.  That also gets expensive but will be cheaper than buying a horse and he really likes my mare and thinks we can do good together.  So I guess that is what we will do.  I will keep taking lessons until the end of the month and the leave her there and will still go take lessons while she is there as well.

We worked the flag and it went good, wish they had flag shows, lol we would be so good!  And I will go back Friday and hopefully work cows.  I also got thinking I am having a hard time stopping my body when we work cows, my brain says stop but I cant relax enough in my body so I have to work on that.

And today had a nice ride on her again, went out north and checked the fence.   Then I seen a patch of crocus and it made me think of Shirley and her dandelions so I came back with my camera and took Jess out there for her photo shoot by the crocus :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Peace River Trip May 1-3

So we headed up to Peace River last Wed for the funeral of Neil's Aunt Jeannie.  It is such a long trip up there.  I wish it had been another time so we coulda spent a couple days going up and back rather than drive so far in one day.  But we made it up there and headed out to Pauline's after checking in at the hotel and having supper and we had a nice visit with the family there.
 (the motel room, kinda old but really clean and with memory foam mattresses!)

Thursday was the funeral and then at the grave site they buried both Jeannie and her husband who had passed away a few years ago.  It was a nice ceremony, all the kids and grand kids got a rose for Jeannie and a sheaf of wheat for Milton that they put in the grave as well.
(This cloud looked like a duck, thought it was neat)

Afterwards was a get together in the legion and we stayed all evening getting a good visit in with more family and friends of hers.  We don't see them that often so it is nice to see them even if not for the best reason.  I am glad I went even if it was kinda a quick trip and at a bad time for me.
 (pretty well all we saw on the way up and back until we hit the prairie.  
But a pretty nice twinned road most of the way up there)

Every time we go up there, I want to see bears cause we don't have any down here.  I have only seen one little one running away in all the times I been up there.  I tried to talk Neil into stopping and picking one up so we could take it home but he wasn't too keen on it and then we never seen any :(

But on the way home we stopped at the Valleyview School and saw the bench they put in in honor of Neil's cousin who died a couple years ago.  He was the superintendent and designed that school I guess, kinda neat to see that.
(the grass wasn't even green when we left and almost ready to mow when we got back!)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Central Show May 4/5th

Well this weekend went about as good as I expected.  I knew it wouldn't be good after not going for a lesson since Tuesday and not riding either.  I felt kinda bad for Jessie that she never got ridden, kinda unfair for her as well.

Saturday got there bright and early cause I didn't know where i was going and so thought early is better than I can kinda relax before I go.  It is very spread out there, lots of trailers there when I got there so I had to park kinda far away, which was OK, I kinda like off by myself   I got Jessie ready and rode her a little bit just to see how she was and all seemed good, so I got off let her stand and eat her hay bag for a couple hours and watched and visited with other people there.

It was about a class before mine and I got her ready again and headed inside, I warmed her up and she was feeling pretty good, kinda a little lazy even, I thought that was good, but I did not let it fool me, I still loped her lots and she was puffin pretty hard.I let her rest for the rider in front of us and then it was my turn.  It was good going in but then she didn't stop. at. all.  I was so angry with her she was just all over the place.  I shoulda picked up my hand but I am always so unsure about it.  It wasn't good, but we had one more class to go in.

After the class we walked for a couple minutes and then I made her work again and made her stop and she was doing good, not as good as she can but she was listening.  But same thing in the class, no stop but she was better at not just randomly trying to make the cow move.  There was improvement so I was feeling good about Sunday.  She stayed over in their barn that night and I went to my Moms and had a nice visit with her.

Sunday I got there early as well, just cause I wanted  Jess to eat before we had to ride.  She was happy to see me and all was fine.  A couple classes before mine I got her saddled and went in to the warm up pen.  They also have an outdoor pen which I guess the cut in sometimes if the weather is nice.  Anyways she was kinda a dork, I went to see if the cinch was tight and she leapt sideways across the parking lot.  She is not like that.  And when I went to face her so I could put the reins on her neck she jumped backwards again!  I knew after that it was not gonna be a good day.

I loped and loped and loped and stopped and loped and stopped.  and she was listening pretty good.  Then we went in and it was bad again, just like Sat morning.  I was actually embarrassed to be riding such a bad horse.  I put my leg on her and she ignored and and just flopped around.  It was BAD.  But one more class to go that I was not looking forward to.

I only had the settling of the herd and then one horse then me, so I let her walk till she was breathing normal and then I loped her some more.  And stopped and stopped, till she was thinking stop if I even wiggled.  Then we went in and she was still not stopping so I got mad enough I picked up my reins a couple times (3 maybe  and she was way better after that.  I was still not happy with her though cause she knows better.  We left the pen and cooled her a little then went to the outdoor where we loped some more and stopped and backed up and didn't  let her turn.  She wasn't happy with me either, but she was doing better so we quit.  I unsaddled her and hosed her off and she got a little grass till she was dry.  It was very warm out so that was like 10 minutes.  Then we loaded up and headed home.

I had turned Razz out Sat morning when I left and so now Jessie is by herself and I think she might stay that way till I can get a bigger pen and put 2 others in with her.  I also guess I was not very clear with Doug about the show cause he wasn't there Sunday and I did not know that.  But I got another lady to help me and she was good.  It is kinda like I was told about Central shows, Saturday was good and busy, but Sunday was about half as many people and only 2 people who can help, the rest of the turnback help was just other cutters who brought extra horses.  Which is fine but they were not near as good as keeping the cow in the middle and I need as much help as I can get right now.  There was also people who brought other horses and just rode them there.  It was really weird, I kinda wished I had brought another horse along if I knew that was allowed.