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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Peace River Trip May 1-3

So we headed up to Peace River last Wed for the funeral of Neil's Aunt Jeannie.  It is such a long trip up there.  I wish it had been another time so we coulda spent a couple days going up and back rather than drive so far in one day.  But we made it up there and headed out to Pauline's after checking in at the hotel and having supper and we had a nice visit with the family there.
 (the motel room, kinda old but really clean and with memory foam mattresses!)

Thursday was the funeral and then at the grave site they buried both Jeannie and her husband who had passed away a few years ago.  It was a nice ceremony, all the kids and grand kids got a rose for Jeannie and a sheaf of wheat for Milton that they put in the grave as well.
(This cloud looked like a duck, thought it was neat)

Afterwards was a get together in the legion and we stayed all evening getting a good visit in with more family and friends of hers.  We don't see them that often so it is nice to see them even if not for the best reason.  I am glad I went even if it was kinda a quick trip and at a bad time for me.
 (pretty well all we saw on the way up and back until we hit the prairie.  
But a pretty nice twinned road most of the way up there)

Every time we go up there, I want to see bears cause we don't have any down here.  I have only seen one little one running away in all the times I been up there.  I tried to talk Neil into stopping and picking one up so we could take it home but he wasn't too keen on it and then we never seen any :(

But on the way home we stopped at the Valleyview School and saw the bench they put in in honor of Neil's cousin who died a couple years ago.  He was the superintendent and designed that school I guess, kinda neat to see that.
(the grass wasn't even green when we left and almost ready to mow when we got back!)


fernvalley01 said...

If you came through Valleyview, did you come past here?? Gunn(highway 43) Would have been great if you could have stopped . But it sounds like it was a fairly quick trip

Crystal said...

Ya I figured we went right by your place somewhere up there, but we were in too much of a hurry. Although I did tell Neil next time we are stopping to visit you guys for sure.