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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Central Show May 4/5th

Well this weekend went about as good as I expected.  I knew it wouldn't be good after not going for a lesson since Tuesday and not riding either.  I felt kinda bad for Jessie that she never got ridden, kinda unfair for her as well.

Saturday got there bright and early cause I didn't know where i was going and so thought early is better than I can kinda relax before I go.  It is very spread out there, lots of trailers there when I got there so I had to park kinda far away, which was OK, I kinda like off by myself   I got Jessie ready and rode her a little bit just to see how she was and all seemed good, so I got off let her stand and eat her hay bag for a couple hours and watched and visited with other people there.

It was about a class before mine and I got her ready again and headed inside, I warmed her up and she was feeling pretty good, kinda a little lazy even, I thought that was good, but I did not let it fool me, I still loped her lots and she was puffin pretty hard.I let her rest for the rider in front of us and then it was my turn.  It was good going in but then she didn't stop. at. all.  I was so angry with her she was just all over the place.  I shoulda picked up my hand but I am always so unsure about it.  It wasn't good, but we had one more class to go in.

After the class we walked for a couple minutes and then I made her work again and made her stop and she was doing good, not as good as she can but she was listening.  But same thing in the class, no stop but she was better at not just randomly trying to make the cow move.  There was improvement so I was feeling good about Sunday.  She stayed over in their barn that night and I went to my Moms and had a nice visit with her.

Sunday I got there early as well, just cause I wanted  Jess to eat before we had to ride.  She was happy to see me and all was fine.  A couple classes before mine I got her saddled and went in to the warm up pen.  They also have an outdoor pen which I guess the cut in sometimes if the weather is nice.  Anyways she was kinda a dork, I went to see if the cinch was tight and she leapt sideways across the parking lot.  She is not like that.  And when I went to face her so I could put the reins on her neck she jumped backwards again!  I knew after that it was not gonna be a good day.

I loped and loped and loped and stopped and loped and stopped.  and she was listening pretty good.  Then we went in and it was bad again, just like Sat morning.  I was actually embarrassed to be riding such a bad horse.  I put my leg on her and she ignored and and just flopped around.  It was BAD.  But one more class to go that I was not looking forward to.

I only had the settling of the herd and then one horse then me, so I let her walk till she was breathing normal and then I loped her some more.  And stopped and stopped, till she was thinking stop if I even wiggled.  Then we went in and she was still not stopping so I got mad enough I picked up my reins a couple times (3 maybe  and she was way better after that.  I was still not happy with her though cause she knows better.  We left the pen and cooled her a little then went to the outdoor where we loped some more and stopped and backed up and didn't  let her turn.  She wasn't happy with me either, but she was doing better so we quit.  I unsaddled her and hosed her off and she got a little grass till she was dry.  It was very warm out so that was like 10 minutes.  Then we loaded up and headed home.

I had turned Razz out Sat morning when I left and so now Jessie is by herself and I think she might stay that way till I can get a bigger pen and put 2 others in with her.  I also guess I was not very clear with Doug about the show cause he wasn't there Sunday and I did not know that.  But I got another lady to help me and she was good.  It is kinda like I was told about Central shows, Saturday was good and busy, but Sunday was about half as many people and only 2 people who can help, the rest of the turnback help was just other cutters who brought extra horses.  Which is fine but they were not near as good as keeping the cow in the middle and I need as much help as I can get right now.  There was also people who brought other horses and just rode them there.  It was really weird, I kinda wished I had brought another horse along if I knew that was allowed.


Lauren @ She Moved To Texas said...

Sorry it didn't go as well as you hoped.

Shirley said...

I guess it's all part of the learning curve- what you need to do to keep your horse sharp, and what to expect at shows. I reckon your next show, you will be better prepared.

Paint Girl said...

Definitely a learning experience! The more you do it the better you will get.
Come see my blog.... I have a surprise over there for you!! :)

lisa said...

Practice as they say makes perfect, and I know you will get better and better. Just remember that everyone has bad days and it is always good to make mistakes because that is how we learn!