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Friday, May 10, 2013

Fridays For Sale --Ponies

So since I will have more money and time wrapped up in Jessie this year and I already had too many horses last year than I wanted to ride, its time for me to become serious about who to sell and who to keep.  If it were only a money issue I wouldn't worry about it, I can live pretty frugal and its pretty cheap for me to keep a horse here cause they are on pasture all year and with feet and worming and vaccines I think it costs me $225 per year per horse, so not really gonna save  a lot by not having them here, I would prefer they are somewhere they can be used.  I am thinking pretty much all of them are for sale, except of  course Jessie and Neil's horse George, and probly not Razz, but if the home and price are right I might reconsider.

First off The Broke ones :

1.  Bailey aka Baileys Coffee.  She is a registered AQHA mare, red dun in color and 9 years old this year.  She has done pretty much anything I ever do with horses, arena riding, outdoor riding, trails, mountains, barrels (somewhat, lol) ranch work, can throw a rope off her, if I get team roping this summer I will probly end up taking her.  She has a lot of energy and needs a job, not a horse to get on once a week for a plod around the property, the more she gets ridden the happier she is.  Super easy to catch (comes when called ), easy to trim, has never had shoes, easy to worm and vaccinate.  Leads, ties and loads easy.  Just a nice horse to be around.  Really like people.  But not for a beginner as she has waaay too much energy and too smart for a beginner.  If you know how to ride, you will like her.  Asking $4500 for her now.  More info on here here or just search her name in the search box.

2.  Kali aka  Dual Rita.  She is a registered AQHA mare, bay with a stripe.  She is out of Dual Pep and a Smart Chic Olena mare.  Super well bred, super cute, athletic and kind.  She is only 5 years old right now but in a couple years she will be an awesome kids horse.  She has had some cutting training, has the ability, just doesn't want to.  Nice arena horse, slower.  Good outside but doesn't like water puddles.  Has had lots of riding and just a generally nice quiet horse.  Asking $4500 for her.

3.  Disco aka Play Like Disco.  She is a registered AQHA mare that is out of Hottrodders Disco, a wonderful cutting stallion.  She is bay with very little white.  She is 18 this year, was rode till she was 8 or so then became a broodmare for a while.  She has had one foal here and then I got on and rode her a few times.  She was a little herd bound but otherwise  just walked and trotted off like it was no big deal.  Think it would take very little to get her back riding again or she is plenty healthy enough to raise a few more colts.  Asking $1500 for her, open right now.

4.  Jazz aka Strait Summer Jazz.  She is a registered APHA mare, black in color with 4 socks and a white face and 3 years old this year.  She has not been started under saddle yet but I plan to this spring get her started.  She is a sweetheart, has loved people since she was born.  Is halter broke and has had her feet done although needs a little more consistent work on that.  She was raised here, out of my Razz mare and a Strait From Texas stud who had to be put down from injury.  Asking $1500 for her if sold before started.

5.  Magic aka Miss Magic Hickory.  She is a registered AQHA mare, 5 years old and a pretty sorrel in color.  I had great plans for this mare, but ran out of time.  She is halter broke, kinda hard to catch need lots of work but I think will come around quickly if consistent.  Asking $1200 for her.

6.  Belle aka LT Belle San Tivio.  Belle is a AQHA registered mare who is sorrel with the rabicano gene.  She is halter broke, leads, ties, load super easy.  Has not been ridden in 6 years and is just scared when ridden so I never have done much with her, just cause I had 2 others at the time I could ride easy.  She has raised an awesome sorrel colt that is 3 this year and lives in BC now.  She is 10 years old and could easily raise lots more colts, she is a really good mother and easy breeder, easy keeper.  Not a troublemaker and stays out of trouble.  Asking $1000 for her open right now.

7.  I hate to put her in but we will see.  Razz aka Little Summer Razz DC.  She is a registered APHA mare, papers say buckskin but she is smokey black.  She is 7 years old and a awesome ranch horse.  She is super athletic, has lots of energy, no buck, willing to go all day everyday and not tire out.  Super sensitive and yet sensible at the same time.  And pretty to boot!  She also has done everything, super well broke, rides in a bosal, hope to get her in a bit this year.  She does not like the snaffle bit but will work in it.  She has done some cutting, lots of ranch work, trail rides, sortings   Asking $5500 for her to the right home.

So I am in no hurry to sell, but I really would like to get down to 4 or 5 here, I think that is a reasonable amount for me to have and that is what my summer pasture will hold (it can hold 6 if the weather is gonna continue to be wet like it has been)  I also am gonna list them on Northern Horse and on my Facebook page. I feel bad I don't have the time to spend with them all, otherwise I would keep them as pasture pets, but I know most of them, mostly Bailey, do not like that, they want to go and do something.


Cindy D. said...

I'll trade ya a jeep! LOL

Paint Girl said...

Razz is beautiful! And I can't believe how big Jazz got! Holy moly! I wish it only cost me that much to keep a horse a year, but I don't have the property nor the pasture like you. Makes me really want to move to more land! Someday!

Shirley said...

Jazz sure grew up to be a big pretty girl like here mama. Hope you get some of them sold, Northern Horse should be a good venue- bet you sell Disco first.

Anonymous said...

Can you provide contact info? We are interested in Razz and Kali. Casper_chc@yahoo.ca