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Monday, December 24, 2012

Equestrian Challenge Day 11

Day 11- Find a horse for sale online that you would want to buy

Lets see, its been so long since I looked for a horse cause I do not need anymore horses (if I keep repeating it, I am hoping I will believe it!) But if I were to get another horse it would either be one of 3 things..1.a sibling to my paint horse Razz.  2.  A team of drafts to drive, preferably Belgians.  or 3.  A young cutting horse to put in training.  So that is what I was looking for for this challenge.

1.  I have never seen a horse by Razz's sire for sale online, so I had no idea where to even look.

2.  Drafts are also hard to find online, I generally go to a sale at the beginning of May each year that is all about drafts and driving, so if I were to buy a team, it would probly be at their sale.

3.  So for this challenge I am going to pick a couple 2 year old cutters.  Since the NCHA Futurity was last week, I will pick from there, cause that is where so many go through.  And since the sale is actually over these horses are not for sale anymore, but I can provide a price they sold for and will be kinda fun to see how they are doing in a year or 2.

First is a roan mare (now this was an amazing horse, I almost didn't look at her just cause she is a roan, but I could get over the color for how cool she works as a 2 year old, I can only imagine her as a 3 or 4 year old. She sold for $15000 so kinda out of my price range (I wish!!)
Spoonful of Savvy 

I also like this sorrel colt.  He inst as dramatic in his moves as the mare, but he is so quiet and makes it look so easy that I think he would be awesome.  And his papers say so as well, both his sire and dam are NCHA earnings and have sired foals with earnings so that helps when looking at young stock.  He sold for Oh my I just looked!  Wow, can I pick em or what??? $75, 000!!!! Holy crap, maybe the mare was in my price range after all.
Jeweled Cat

OK now that I just about had a heart attack for picking that expensive of a horse, I guess I better go out and get a job, lol I think I need it for my next new horse!


lisa said...

Merry Christmas!

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, wish prices would get back up around here. That's some serious cash.

Merry Christmas.

Janice said...

You do have good taste and a really good eye,that Gelding is a beaut.Dropped down to read a couple of your other posts. I like your tree,my curiosity is killing me..... if it's OK to ask.... what was in the big box????? Happy New Year Crystal hope to get to see you in 2013.

Shirley said...

I love that red roan mare! But then, I like roans...
You planning on going to any cutting shows this year?
And like Janice said, inquiring minds really want to know what was in the big box!

lisa said...

Hope everything is good on the home front, Now I am wishing you a Happy New Year!

gtyyup said...

I'd love to ride a horse at that caliber just one time!!!