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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Equestrian Challenge -- Day 5

Day 05- Your first fall

Well to tell the truth I don't even remember the first time I fell off.  I know we used to ride my grammas neighbors horse, me, my sister and my cousin all sat on her and she ed us around and if we were on the back we usually slid off when going up the hill, lol.  After a few times, we always made my cousin sit at the back (not sure how we got away with that but I was oldest so I got the front (the withers, not the best spot either really)

But after I really started riding on my own, I got a horse I called him Abraham, actually a friend named him and he was bad. He knew I didn't know what I was doing and so if you weren't paying attention (which I didn't know what to be paying attention too) he would just buck.  It didn't take much cause I had no seat and I didn't ever hang on to the reins.  After 6 times in one day, I decided I needed a new horse.  But of all the times I came off him I never did get hurt, I actually started landing on my feet!  I did ride him more in a smaller corral and he was better but still not good for a beginner either.  

I kept him over the winter and he learned me a lot!  I learned how to catch a horse, how sometimes metal brushes are nicer for horses than soft rubber (he hated the soft ones) and just in general what I did not want in a horse.

Sometimes I wonder if I had him now, I bet I would like him, and he wouldn't try much of that crap anymore, but he is gone and has been for 9 or 10 years so no point thinking about it.

I do have some pics of him, I might have to scan one in if I can figure out how.


Cindy D. said...

I like your perspective on your time with Abraham. Even though he was "bad" you were able to learn from him. I think that is cool.

fernvalley01 said...

They can all teach us something, even if it's what we don't want, I bet you would get along with him now or a horse like him,would keep you awake but that's not all bad