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Monday, December 3, 2012

Equestrian Challenge -- Day 2

Day 2 --  Current riding goals

This is a challenge for me.  Right now I am wanting to get cutting.  Have for the last year but its been slow going.  Much slower than I care for it to be.  But I am learning patience along with cutting ;)  My only specific goal in cutting is to go to a bunch of shows next summer (as many as I can) and over the summer get consistent.

But at the same time I am still working on the other horses, for instance wanting to get Razz into a two rein then into a spade one day.  And with Kali am gonna get her jumping this winter so that is another goal I gotta get done, pretty new to me as well.  Been around jumping a lot but never really done it.

And always looking to improve my riding.  I need better balance.  And I need to work on being more consistent and demanding, rather than just letting my horse decide sometimes.  I have for a long time if they are not being bad, not expecting more.  But now I know it is actually easier for them if they know exactly what I want all the time, but its hard for me.


Cheyenne said...

Just go for it!.........You can do it.

fernvalley01 said...

once you get going you are gonna be a busy girl!