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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Equestrian Journal Day 3

Day 03- Your Best Riding

This one kinda confuses me.  I don't think I have done my best riding yet, I kinda like to think every ride is better than the one before it.  I guess there are some rides I liked better than others, like the Sunday morning at the Leon Harrel clinic I was at in August, somehow everything I did just seemed to come together right for me.  And there are some rides that are just awful, like when I was working with Razz 2 years ago, just some days were like hitting a brick wall, luckily that happens less and less now.

But since I do so many different kinds of rides, I dont know even how to answer this, so I am hoping my best ride is still to come, and if it already has happened I will be very sad, cause I think I can do better, both at cutting as well as ranch work.


Marissa said...

I think this question is way tough. I don't think that you should ever stop learning, or stop getting better at the way you use your body. There may be some awesome rides where everything just clicks (like your ride at the clinic) and there may be some shitty rides, but in general they should all head towards being better each time!

I guess the exception to this is when your learning something new...those can be super cruddy at first, but so rewarding when you finally get what you've asked for!

Louisa Valentina; said...

I agree that this one was tough & confusing. I kind of thought that maybe if you showed lots you could be like "my best riding was at this show when I won" or something haha, but i'm in the same boat as you *hopefully* every day is a better ride than the last (but we all know that, that doesn't always happen haha)

lisa said...

Good luck on the riding! I am so sorry that I didn't read your last post so, I will say Happy Birthday to you now!

cheyenne jones said...

It is tough, it seems sometimes its a case of two steps forward, and one back?
I am so old now......(not!)that I have realised the more I learn, the less I know, and my horses always come up with something new. My riding has always been terrible, my horse always moves well, so whats the answer? As you say keep learning!

Shirley said...

Think of the best rides you have had as stepping stones to even better rides.