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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Long Week

This week has been really busy and long.  On Monday I went and rode Razz with Charlene and we played the mirror game in the summerfallow field.  It was really good for both Razz and Dude as they needed to remember that the cues mean the same thing outside as well as in the arena and even when we go fast.  On the way back the farmer had come by to spray his field and so we were running up the hill to get away from him.  I'm sure he woulda stopped for us, but that is the first time I can ever say I got chased by a tractor.  It was good cause neither of our horses got excited over it too.

Then after I rode Bailey with Charlene again and we went out in another field that wasn't being worked and still had some straw bales left in it and so we rode around them like a barrel pattern, and Bailey was good there, but as we were quitiing, she bucked!  What a brat!  I kinda knew something was up cause she was acting strange the whole ride thinking she should find something to spook at and I never did really get after her and she let me know that was a mistake.  It is a good thing she only did one buck and landed back in the same spot and I landed on her as well.  I lost my stirrup and I thought I was a gonner, but luckily I didn't land on the ground.  I did hit the inside of my knee on the swells, but otherwise fine.  We had a really good ride after that so that was good.

On Tuesday, we put up the fence rails in the yard fence and Neil briscit tagget the heifer and moved them out of the corrals.

Wednesday I had a lesson on the flag with Razz and she was really grouchy, not sure what was up with that, but she worked really good.

Thursday I rode down with One Old Cowgirl to help them move  the Charlois herd two fields. Razz was awesome!  I have never moved cows with her and I was very happy with her.  She didn't turn away from cows, wasn't silly when we left the other horses, and I think she was happy to run after calves and get them back to the bunch. 

Then Friday, we went down to Airdrie and worked cows, she was a little stiff going to the left, but to the right she was almost perfect.  She is getting there, and I notice we are getting better cause we need to be more picky about her being perfect, not just getting a couple good turns and quitting.  I also think I put my back out cause I got my leg caught on a stopped cow as we were going around and am pretty sore when I sit for a while.   Jardi rode Kali on cows and she is sure getting good, but she is pretty afraid of the cows facing her.  I am sure she will get over that, but only so much you can do with her till she gets more confidence.


fernvalley01 said...

Wow !I am tired just reading all that! Hope your back is OK

Linda said...

LOL a girl has the right to be grouchy once in a while;)

Shirley said...

Man, you have been busy! At least you're getting in some good riding.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Saw you over at One Old Cowgirl, looked great. Razz is sure sharp looking.

lisa said...

You sure have been a busy beaver ;)

oneoldcowgirl said...

You have been busy. Thanks so much for the help.