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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, May 18, 2011

Well the horses should be all ready to go for the year.  Well at least for a while.  I got teeth checked and floated on Bailey, Razz, Kali and Dinero on Monday and Tuesday.  They all got thier vaccines, and wormed on Tuesday.  And Bailey, Razz, Disco, Belle, and George got thier feet trimmed on Tuesday as well.  Oh and Bailey got a massage on Tuesday too.

I also got my back mostly fixed on Wednesday, I went to the chiro and you know its not good when he says "you sure did a number this time"  It sure felt better but he said there is too much to do at once, so I am going back tommorow again.

No baby from Disco this morning, but she is feeling a little more spry as she layed down and did a big roll, although not all the way over cause I dont think she would make it, lol.  But sure is a big belly view from the bottom.  Of course I never had my camera ready.

I have still been doing a little bit with Jazz everyday I am over at Jardi's, but I have been pretty careful cause of my back, but we tied her up yesterday and one little tug and she just stood there.  Even when we accidentally spooked her, she just spun around without any pressure on the rope.  So that was good, we plan to do that a few more times for really short and she should be good.  I still haven't really tried to lead her out of her stall cause I have been sore, but maybe this weekend.  I still have to get her to load too, but that shouldn't be too bad if she will lead good.  She picks up her front feet really good without a fight and I haven't been brave enough to do the back feet yet.

Ummm and the blogger ride.  I talked to Linda about it and we are not sure we want to risk horses coming in right now and gas is super expensive and it is a really busy time for some, so if it works sometime for you guys, we can plan it whenever.  It shouldn't take too much planning, and I am still willing to go around our branding as long as the risk has gone down for EHV.  Speaking of, we may have exposed our horses inadvertantly already and didn't know.  Where we go practice cattle, like we did Friday, there are cutters there who went down to the finals in Ogden, Utah where this outbreak started.  We are not sure they were at the arena, but we are keeping a close eye on our ponies thats for sure.  The arena phoned Monday to tell us they are not letting in any horses till its contained.  Which is good news, but a little late for us, maybe.  So far it has been seven days and nothing seems out of the ordinary but I am staying close to home till I know for sure.

Oh and one last thing, does anyone know a good chiropractor for ponies.  And has anyone used one, we are thinking since us humans go and get all fixed up, maybe the ponies need to too.  We get massages done on them, but we are interested in a chiropractor too, at least finding out more info on them.


Linda said...

We're sure hoping the EHV thing is contained too......it's a small fast world these days and everyone is so connected in ways they don't even realize.

Shirley said...

Sure hope your horses weren't exposed to EVH. Probably a good idea to cancel the blogger ride, maybe instead we can all meet up at Stampede or something.There are a couple of good chiropractors for horses in Alberta, I'll check out my contacts and get back to you.
Here's hoping for a bay roan filly today!

The 4 R's said...

The outbreak is definitely scary, hope your's stay well. We're ready for some baby pictures.

lisa said...

This is one time that I am glad the my horses stay on my property and I don't have other ones come to mine.

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad to hear that Disco is not rolling all the way over. That is very dangerous for a pregnant mare especially this late in her term.

What is the incubation period on this thing? Ten days I heard but that seems a little short for a virus. Hope your horses are clear and you don't have that worry hanging over you.

I have used and swear by good equine chiropractors. But considering where I live in relationship to you I don't think a referral will help. Someone closer must have ideas or know of someone with them.

fernvalley01 said...

I had been thinking about the ride as well, I really wnat to get together with you ladies, but... MAybe we will just wing it and do it another time .Hope your horses weren't affected. AN dkeep in touch. As for the Chiro I have one suggestion , Kevin of Bluequine is an osteopath and has done wonderful work on some of mine and many other horses .Also my sister in law is dealing woith a girls who works often with cutters and reiners ,I can get her contact info if you like

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like busy time, but at least you and the horses are feeling better with all the vet, dental and chiro care. :)