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Friday, December 19, 2014


Well its been three days since I started the feeding with the ponies and now I remember why I dont feed grain everyday.  Specially when I have to seperate them to do so.  Of course I am lucky they are good ponies and getting into the routine, I have yet had to catch a horse and move them, they just kinda separate themselves.

First day Bailey hardly ate anything and I was a little concerned but that was a lot of stuff for a horse that hardly even got oats.  So I never worried to much and gave it back to her the next day with a little more oats and the new tea and hindgut stuff.  She ate most of it and left a little and I left the feedpan out there and moved the other horses in and they ate it haha probly shouldn't have but there was hardly any left.  And today she ate it all, even licked the pan clean.  I also notice less swelling in her glands and that probly is why shes more interested in eating if shes feeling better.

Jess ate her tea no problem, of course it smells so good I cant see why she wouldn't.  I'm sure I could put anything in her tub and she would eat it lol, there is a reason shes not skinny lol.  But I am still glad she likes it.  I want to switch her to the co-op feed but since its pellets even she suggested waiting cause it will just turn to much with liquid on it.

And Razz, poor girl just gets plain oats.  She could be on the ration too, but I will also wait till I put Jess on it too and move them both to it gradually.  Will be a lot easier when I just go back to feeding grain after I ride.  Whew 10 days is a long time.
(my feed room)

Would be easier if I had a barn...or at least a feed room.  I have to bring everything inside cause it will freeze.  The hindgut stuff freezes almost instantly after I put it in the tub so I make sure its on the oats so she can get it.  The teas don't seem as bad but there's a lot more of it.

Oh and Lisa it was 160 total.  She charges 60 per horse and then whatever supplements you get are added on and they are cheap, both teas were $5 each.  I actually debated getting the virus one for myself for when I get feeling crappy she says works real well on people in 3 days.  And the hindgut I don't remember but not much more and then a little for travel since she lives in Thorsby but it was split between 3 of us so was cheaper.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Horse Treatments

Today I had an appointment with Shauna Cole of Perfect Lead Therapy and Nutrition.  She does Reiki and whatever else needs to be done.   I wanted her to work on Jessie cause she had been sore in the neck and I was sure something was wrong and I also took Bailey cause she was being sore as well.

Started with Jessie. She said she thinks she is a horse who will take me far, she has a winning heart.   But she also internalizes stuff and that's why she sore and she keeps stuff inside.  She was suffering from some hind-gut issues, and parasites as well as being sore in her neck.  She also said giving her aloe vera juice the day before and the day of a competition will calm her...that I get at Walmart.  And she gave me raspberry leaf tea for her for much of the same reasons, but I give it everyday once a day in her feed.  She says she should be on the working horse ration she helped develop with Coop and said its cheap and very basic but perfect.  Made with peas instead of corn and apple flavor rather than molasses, so much better for horses.  Said her hocks and stifles are in really good shape.  Had an issue with her ovary on one side and that's why her side of hip gets sore.  Also said her scapula was rotated which is probably why I was having so much trouble with her saddle fitting.  I'm pretty excited to see what the next 10 days hold I am hoping to see a huge improvement.

Then Bailey.  She was a whole nother story.  She has a virus infection.  Her neck and glands are all swollen up.  I kinda thought something was weird but she had no running nose.  She also had lots of issues with a sore back (no surprise there that's why I was there)  But turns out it had nothing to do with her back it was all internal.  She had stomach, front gut and hind gut issues. Figures maybe ulcers or the start of ulcers...I always wondered about that with her, she has that kind of personality.  She could benefit from the aloe vera as well and she gave me a virus fighter tea for her as well.  She was pretty worried about her guts so gave me a digestive liquid I should give her everyday for 10 days and it should cure it.  Also said just oats are a good feed for her.

She said she hates all these supplement people give their horses everyday cause then when they need treatment they have so far to go to get something to work.  She prefers just feeding and then giving them what they need when they need it.  Kinda makes sense and works for me cause my horses are on a pretty plain ration and we have very little issues so I will stick with what she says.  She likes most of it cause its cheap and it really works.

I kinda wish I had taken Razz as well but I might call her again end of January for Jess and then get her to look at her then.  She figures competition horses every 6-8 weeks and other horses a couple times a year.  Probly the best 160 bucks I spent on my horses this year.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Done the Fall Fair Series

Well I loaded up Jess and headed to the barrel racing Thursday night and it was fun.  And I could feel Jess pushing to the far side on the way to barrel 2 but I thought it was me not taking my right leg off fast enough and putting my left on.  But we got it done and our times were not bad, 21.772 and 20.700.  Not our fastest runs but that's all I am good for now.

Well that was part of it but I shoulda known better.  I know her, if shes doing it OK but not right I and should just get on her and make her do it.  But shed been so nice I didn't.

Big mistake.  First run at finals she pulled the same thing again but as I went to kick her back I lots my stirrups and it was not good so we just quit.  I was mad by then.  Partly at her but also at myself.  I worked her pretty hard after our run and she knew that wasn't a good idea and she was tired.

I let her catch her breathe and we went out again.  This time no more goofing around I just loped and we slowed up and we had a very nice departure from barrel one.  Yay!  And then leaving barrel 2 was not nice but I got her straightened out and we finished with a time of 21.4040.  Slowest but I was a lot happier with that.

And I think shes done with barrel racing for a while cause the winter cutting series starts up in January and I plan on doing that with her.  Although I plan to ride Jess and Bailey and so maybe we will do some with them.  Although I am pretty sure it will be more crazy and more fast but I will start slower with them I think.

I am also on a waiting list for a barrel clinic in January I kinda hope I make it in should be interesting.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Stuff

Since I was thinking of barrel racing and I realized my cutting saddle was too flat for it and I almost slipped out of it I was slowly working towards getting a new one.  I looked up a bunch and tried a bunch (what patient sellers, lol) and finally headed up to Stettler to try one that was more than I wanted to pay for a fun hobby.  I had no great ideas it was gonna fit, I actually told the lady I was probly wasting her time cause it wouldn't fit.  She said no problem she was gonna be there anyways and shock of all we put it on and wow was not too tight!  Hokey smokey!  I was so shocked!  I rode around in it for a while and wow did Jess ever move out.  It was like nothing before It was so weird.  Its a Martin Crown C and she said they were designed to sit quite a bit farther back and so that was kinda weird to but it sure seemed to work.  She talked about shims and Sheri Cervi's video on saddle fit and so when I came home after buying it and stopping to pick up shims I had to look it up.

Pretty cool and a totally different view on saddle fit.  Kinda made sense and the way Jessie liked it I figured had to be a good sign for her anyways....never had so much trouble with saddle fit as with her.  My cutting saddle fits her OK when shes fit but not very good when shes fat.  Which she likes to be fat, lol.  Anyways I took it for a spin at home the next day since it was nice out and still big giant steps and I got a few pics too.

And then the weather turned and I had to turn out the horses cause we had no water in the corral and so never got a chance to ride in it again.  I been using it this week and boy does it make me sit a lot different and the stirrups don't go short enough for me....I need to get them fixed but I don't wanna give up my saddle and so am thinking I will use my other stirrups on this saddle for now.  It was sitting a little low in the front so now I use a shim and its pretty perfect.

But before that, my trailer broke down, I didn't think it was that bad, I thought it needed a wheel alignment and so I booked an appointment.  I took it in and turns out it had big issues, the evener was only attached on one side, the springs were broken and pretty much he told me I shouldn't use it anymore.  Well I was thinking of trading it in in the spring and so I just decided to get it fixed to work again and took it in to trade.

I went to Airdrie Trailer sales.  I saw they had a used 3 horse Aluminum  which is what I wanted. I figured I would go look at it cause looked pretty new and it was a 2014 model how used could it be??  Well I went there on like the coldest day of the year and looked at it he was pretty sure it didn't even have a horse in it.  The lady bought it took it home and then took it there a week later pretty sure she needed a bigger one.  Well it was pretty plain but still nicer than my old trailer.  A few features I really like and so I went for it.  I like the dividers are solid and they have springs to hold them open when loading, that was nice my old trailer was frustrating if you didn't park perfectly level you had to hold them open while loading.  And it has a door stop to hold the door open, it has one big wide door which I wanted.  I also like the tack room, it has a step into it which is nice and no carpet although the salesman didn't like that I do now I don't have to worry about walking in there in the winter with wet boots.  The spare tire is in there as well which takes up a lot of space and there is no blanket bar but I have an idea of how to make one work in there.

I hooked it up after paying and headed home!  I was super excited!!!  I used it the next day actually to haul horses for teeth to the vet and then hauled 3 horses down to Brooks a few days after that to ride and could hardly tell I was pulling!  yay.  But the brakes are set a little strong and I don't know how to fix them its kinda frustrating.  But other than that I love it!!!  Im super excited about it :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Barrel Racing

One other thing I took up this fall was barrel racing.  haha I knew I wasn't gonna be that fast but |I wanted to ride and there was no cuttings till January so this gave me a chance to do something different and make a purpose to riding.

We went in the first day and boy I felt kinda stupid...I hadn't been to a jackpot before I didn't know anything about what to do but I showed up early and the parking lot was already full, oh boy.  Well I parked next to some super nice people who let me know what I am supposed to be doing.  I paid and got Jess ready and we went inside.   Only got to warm up for about 15 minutes and then they closed the arena for working and set up.  There is a small practice arena out back but with 60 people in it there wasn't a whole lot of room to work.  Which is alright Jess was fine without a big warm up just get her muscles warm and brain thinking.

I used my cutting saddle cause it was all I had and I put on a Billy Allen bit cause i figured it had more turn than her regular bit.  Well peewee and youth went and I was 14th in.  It was kinda chaotic, we loped up the alley and then she saw the tractor as we went in the arena and went right and I had to push her back left and then we were on pattern.  Wasn't bad, pretty slow but I was amazed at how nervous I was!  Well I guess when there is more than 30 your second run is optional and it cancels out your first run, well there was 40 so that was it.  My first run was 22 something and the winner was 14.826 so I decided I needed to go again.

My goal was 20 seconds and I was kinda dissapointed we were so slow it didn't feel that slow.  My second time was 21.083.  Not a lot faster but I was pretty happy for our first time out and we never had any gate issues and we never hit a barrel.  Actually those were the least of my worries was hitting a barrel since I can move Jess's shoulder wherever I want so no worries about that.  But I was glad that I went.

The second time I went with my neighbors and that was kinda fun since I could get someone to video me :)  The first run was too slow starting and then I was too wide because I wasn't looking at the third barrel (stupid I know better) I had too long of reins and I kinda knew it but I was just going with what I had...that and its been such a long time since I rode two handed I forget what to do.

The second run was a lot better, faster start but then i asked for her to rate and we almost stopped (oops too much) and a big bobble on the way to second and then I almost slipped out of my saddle on third barrel and shoulda let go of the reins more on the way home.  The video is a little shakey cause she was getting help from her nephew lol.

I had to laugh my friend I went with called my run cute...gee thanks and another girl said aww cute lead departure, lol.  And she said I actually need to kick my horse, Hmm.  I guess I needed to go faster but it felt super fast to me.  Then we came to the conclusion if it feels slow I will go faster but not ready for that yet.

Then my white trailer had to go to the doctor so I missed the next one and then they cancelled one and then it was bad roads and so I got this Thursday and if I go to that I made enough to go to the finals on Saturday and so that is my plan.  I am hoping I can talk someone into coming with me to video again but not sure who yet.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hanna Rodeo Parade

One of the things I've done while I was missing was the Hanna Rodeo Parade.

Again this year I wanted to ride in the Hanna Rodeo Parade.  Its an all horse parade and its always fun.  81 horses in it this year both ridden and in wagons.  I always think its a fun day and everyone's horse behaved well.  I don't know a lot of the people who ride in it but its fun anyways.
(thats the lady who bought Henry)

There was a few things the town or other businesses wouldn't allow which was a bit silly, like the Westview motel has a big gravel/weedy parking lot that is always used for parking and this year even though it was empty wouldn't let anyone park there said they would tow.  So no biggie we all parked in the IGA parking lot but was silly.  And the town wouldn't let them block off main street for an hour for the parade so traffic was still going down it...really people this is Hanna go around a block its not that big a deal, we figure if Calgary can pretty much shut down downtown all morning for their parade it shouldn't be a big deal but I think that might have been the organizers fault.  Even the cop who came to lead the parade had no idea of the route?????  It was weird.  And I know a lot of people who won't eat at the Westview after that.

But it was all good once we finally got going, was a bit slow at first and Jess thinks we should walk faster but she settled in well and we just went along.  Its kinda cool how we go in the parking lot of the lodge and hospital and so the old people who can't get outside can see the parade too.  Same route as last year but the villas and parks.  I saw more riding through town than I usually see when I go to town, lol never go on those streets.

It was kinda cold and that was sad cause I wore such a pretty shirt, but no way was I taking off my coat, I wish I had wore gloves as well, oh well maybe next year will be warmer.  Afterwards the IGA had a free lunch of beef on a bun and coffee/pop for everyone it was good.  The Roundhouse had a spaghetti western, spaghetti meal and then a John Wayne movie afterwards, if it didn't start 2 hours after the parade we probly woulda gone to it, but Neil wanted to get home and get some stuff done so we left.  There was a video of it on Facebook, but I don't know how to get it over here even though I would like to.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Horse Head Wreath

So I been missing from my blog for no reason...have lots to say just never manage to get on her and write stuff up...but this week I made a horse wreath and had to share.

First I took a piece of #9 wire and tried to make a horse head shape...for me this was the hardest part of the wreath since I am no artist.  But I got what looked fairly decent.

  Then took smaller clothes hanger type wire and kinda weaved it through to make something to attach the garland too.  I copied my pattern on the wood in case I want to make another one sometime.

(I put more wire in that this, it was too far apart)

Then I started attaching garland.  I used artificial, 2 9 foot rolls.  I used the mini green zip ties just cause I had a million of them but also had green wire if I wanted to use it.

I finished it and fluffed it up and made the edges a little smother.

 Attached the shiny garland for the mane and put in a few pinecones and put the halter on..  Think it turned out pretty good.  A little roman nosed, and the whole head could be bigger with a red Halter,  but I like him