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Monday, December 15, 2014

Horse Treatments

Today I had an appointment with Shauna Cole of Perfect Lead Therapy and Nutrition.  She does Reiki and whatever else needs to be done.   I wanted her to work on Jessie cause she had been sore in the neck and I was sure something was wrong and I also took Bailey cause she was being sore as well.

Started with Jessie. She said she thinks she is a horse who will take me far, she has a winning heart.   But she also internalizes stuff and that's why she sore and she keeps stuff inside.  She was suffering from some hind-gut issues, and parasites as well as being sore in her neck.  She also said giving her aloe vera juice the day before and the day of a competition will calm her...that I get at Walmart.  And she gave me raspberry leaf tea for her for much of the same reasons, but I give it everyday once a day in her feed.  She says she should be on the working horse ration she helped develop with Coop and said its cheap and very basic but perfect.  Made with peas instead of corn and apple flavor rather than molasses, so much better for horses.  Said her hocks and stifles are in really good shape.  Had an issue with her ovary on one side and that's why her side of hip gets sore.  Also said her scapula was rotated which is probably why I was having so much trouble with her saddle fitting.  I'm pretty excited to see what the next 10 days hold I am hoping to see a huge improvement.

Then Bailey.  She was a whole nother story.  She has a virus infection.  Her neck and glands are all swollen up.  I kinda thought something was weird but she had no running nose.  She also had lots of issues with a sore back (no surprise there that's why I was there)  But turns out it had nothing to do with her back it was all internal.  She had stomach, front gut and hind gut issues. Figures maybe ulcers or the start of ulcers...I always wondered about that with her, she has that kind of personality.  She could benefit from the aloe vera as well and she gave me a virus fighter tea for her as well.  She was pretty worried about her guts so gave me a digestive liquid I should give her everyday for 10 days and it should cure it.  Also said just oats are a good feed for her.

She said she hates all these supplement people give their horses everyday cause then when they need treatment they have so far to go to get something to work.  She prefers just feeding and then giving them what they need when they need it.  Kinda makes sense and works for me cause my horses are on a pretty plain ration and we have very little issues so I will stick with what she says.  She likes most of it cause its cheap and it really works.

I kinda wish I had taken Razz as well but I might call her again end of January for Jess and then get her to look at her then.  She figures competition horses every 6-8 weeks and other horses a couple times a year.  Probly the best 160 bucks I spent on my horses this year.


Shirley said...

Lots of stuff going on with your girls! I like getting body work done on my horses, it can fix so many things and detect stuff you don't even think about.

lisa said...

Boy, your girls are lucky to have you as an owner. You take great care of them.

cdncowgirl said...

Was that $160 total or per horse? Either way it's a good deal.
I'm very lucky that my bestie is an equine bodyworker. I still pay of course but it's nice to know when we're chatting horse stuff that there's knowledge behind the advice she gives ;)