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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Barrel Racing

One other thing I took up this fall was barrel racing.  haha I knew I wasn't gonna be that fast but |I wanted to ride and there was no cuttings till January so this gave me a chance to do something different and make a purpose to riding.

We went in the first day and boy I felt kinda stupid...I hadn't been to a jackpot before I didn't know anything about what to do but I showed up early and the parking lot was already full, oh boy.  Well I parked next to some super nice people who let me know what I am supposed to be doing.  I paid and got Jess ready and we went inside.   Only got to warm up for about 15 minutes and then they closed the arena for working and set up.  There is a small practice arena out back but with 60 people in it there wasn't a whole lot of room to work.  Which is alright Jess was fine without a big warm up just get her muscles warm and brain thinking.

I used my cutting saddle cause it was all I had and I put on a Billy Allen bit cause i figured it had more turn than her regular bit.  Well peewee and youth went and I was 14th in.  It was kinda chaotic, we loped up the alley and then she saw the tractor as we went in the arena and went right and I had to push her back left and then we were on pattern.  Wasn't bad, pretty slow but I was amazed at how nervous I was!  Well I guess when there is more than 30 your second run is optional and it cancels out your first run, well there was 40 so that was it.  My first run was 22 something and the winner was 14.826 so I decided I needed to go again.

My goal was 20 seconds and I was kinda dissapointed we were so slow it didn't feel that slow.  My second time was 21.083.  Not a lot faster but I was pretty happy for our first time out and we never had any gate issues and we never hit a barrel.  Actually those were the least of my worries was hitting a barrel since I can move Jess's shoulder wherever I want so no worries about that.  But I was glad that I went.

The second time I went with my neighbors and that was kinda fun since I could get someone to video me :)  The first run was too slow starting and then I was too wide because I wasn't looking at the third barrel (stupid I know better) I had too long of reins and I kinda knew it but I was just going with what I had...that and its been such a long time since I rode two handed I forget what to do.

The second run was a lot better, faster start but then i asked for her to rate and we almost stopped (oops too much) and a big bobble on the way to second and then I almost slipped out of my saddle on third barrel and shoulda let go of the reins more on the way home.  The video is a little shakey cause she was getting help from her nephew lol.

I had to laugh my friend I went with called my run cute...gee thanks and another girl said aww cute lead departure, lol.  And she said I actually need to kick my horse, Hmm.  I guess I needed to go faster but it felt super fast to me.  Then we came to the conclusion if it feels slow I will go faster but not ready for that yet.

Then my white trailer had to go to the doctor so I missed the next one and then they cancelled one and then it was bad roads and so I got this Thursday and if I go to that I made enough to go to the finals on Saturday and so that is my plan.  I am hoping I can talk someone into coming with me to video again but not sure who yet.


4RRanch said...

Oh no, we've lost another one to barrel racing. That's all anyone around here seems to want to do. 21 seconds your first time out is nothing to sneeze at, you looked very in control. Good job.

fernvalley01 said...

Wondering if you dropped your stirrups a notch if that might help. seems you are riding a little short, like for penning? Whatever though you are out there trying and that counts, have fun!