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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Reptile World and A Walk Behind The Museum

We had missed out on Fathers day get together and it was Mine and Neil's Anniversary and My Mom and Clint's Birthdays so we met in Drum and toured the reptile museum.  I had never been there before but had always heard it was good.  It really was.  They have a cool collection of reptiles and they let you interact with the snakes and the tortoises.  I wish I got more pics but was too busy looking around.
(they made Neil hold a snake)

(Gecko hanging on the glass)

(blue lizard)

(diamondback rattlesnake)

(2 vipers)

(Neil standing by the giant coal miner)

Afterwards we were gonna go eat but it was still early we figured too busy in tourist town so we went to take the Discovery trail behind the Tyrell Museum.  I hadn't been in there since I was a little child so it was neat to go back.  Amazing how much is back there.  I forgot my runners in the truck so Neil went back to get them and move the truck closer and so we were behind everyone else and so we saw the sign that said to turn to follow trail and everyone walked past it and finally turned around when they didn't see anymore signs for a while. I dunno how far they got but haha made me laugh they missed the sign, I said we would pick them up in drum if they didn't come back in time.
(My Mom on the trail)

(my Mom, sister Heidi, Tristan and Jaret)

(pretty view)

(Clint and Neil on the hills)

(petrified wood)

(Neat hill with grass on top)

(Hoodoos that look like mushrooms)

(with Neil and Clint sitting on them)

(another pretty view)

(And grass in the badlands)

(haha someone even built half an inukshuk)

Then we headed to Boston Pizza for supper and took some pics outside cause my nephews are now both taller than their mom, haha she doesn't want to admit it though.
(My Mom and Tristan)

(Tristan, Heidi, Jaret)

Then the boys came home with us and everyone else went their way home too.


CDH said...

What a cool looking place!
OMG! I would freak out if they got near me with a snake! Lol!
Gorgeous pictures and

4RRanch said...

I've never been much of a reptile person but loved the pics on the discovery trail.