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Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy Week

This week has been more busy again. Over the weekend I rode Both Charlene's horse Dude as well as Jessie a couple times.  Dude is quite a bit different than Jessie, a lot more sensitive to my legs but it was a nice change. 

Then my Mom and Dad come out for a couple day and we had a real nice visit.  They don't get to come out much so its always nice when they can.

Then we went Tuesday and since we rode till they were pretty sweaty on Monday they stayed in the barn overnight.  And I am sure they were itchy so went out and rolled in the mud from the melting snow.  Dude has a blanket and it was covered in mud as well, eww.

Then on Wednesday I went down to Lethbridge and helped my friend move to a place in Vauxhall.  It looks like a nice place and she already has a job close by so that is hopefully where she will stay for a while.

Yesterday was the memorial for a good horse man.  And just a good man.  They guy who started both Bailey and Dinero for me passed away and so went up to that.  It was nice, they had a family graveside service then just a come and go for friends and it was nice to visit with other people who knew him.

Then afterwards took the horses and went to Greg's to work buffalo.  They are a lot different than cows, which I guess I knew but its been so long since we worked them it was a lot more obvious now.  They run a lot more and turn a lot less and its harder to read them.  But we got a few good turns and it was good practice.  And of course they were sweaty again and so they stayed in overnight last night as well, hope they aren't muddy today.

Today we are going down for a cow lesson as long as the snow holds off at least till we are done.  I also entered the clinic on march 17/18 and am pretty excited about that and we are tentatively going to the show next weekend (the 3rd) There is another clinic at the end of April we just found out about as well, not sure if we are going to that yet, but I think I would like to.  Its intructed by Geoff Hoar and should be good too.


Shirley said...

Busy indeed! But the good kind of busy.
Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend.

Country Gal said...

Yes busy for sure ! Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend . Glad that you had a nice visit with your mum and dad ! Have a good day !

Linda said...

I didn't see you yesterday. He was a great man our Lane.

fernvalley01 said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend

Janice said...

Whew girl you make me tired just reading. Sorry to hear of your friend passing, it sounds like his life was celebrated and that's nice.Shirley and I really do live in the wrong neck of the woods....might be a little better climate but all the horse stuff is out there...and auctions( antique stuff....you know)