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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pasture Ponies

I went out Thursday and had a real good look at my pasture ponies and they all look good.  Not as thin as last year at this time, but not too fat either (well except maybe Disco)  I am liking this winter it sure has been a lot easier on the horses and it let Jazz stay out all winter.  
I am having a hard time deciding what to do with Jazz.  I haven't found anyone who wants to start her, I could ask the guy I got to start my last few, but he was talking about retiring and just riding his own horses.  And I probly wouldn't get in till August or September.  And so I asked Greg if he wanted to and he says he is going to try going non-pro now, so that isn't gonna happen I guess.  I might have to do it myself.  I probly have the skills, I have just never actually started a colt before and not sure I have the best facilities here, I have a round pen, but otherwise its wide open pasture.  But I will have to see how it goes comes April/May.  At least if I can get her saddled and bridled, I might just pony  her around for a bit then maybe get some help.

And it looks like its time to call the farrier in a couple weeks, I usually get them done in March and the weather can be kinda iffy, but this year its been so nice I can probly pick any day and it will be fine.   I don't get their feet done as often in the winter cause I am not using them and their feet don't seem to grow overly much over winter, but I still try to keep an eye on them in case they need to be done earlier.
(Razz and Jazz)
I am still thinking I will have to sell some ponies just cause I know I can't ride em all, even though I like them all.   It never used to bother me to sell a horse, and so far have had real good luck and they all went to good homes, but now I just want to keep them all.  But I guess if I am gonna get serious about cutting, I probly only need one show horse and maybe 2 other ones for ranch work and other stuff.  I could maybe get away with one, but I hate not having a horse to take if one is injured or something.  And I think it would be really hard for me to only have 2 horses, I cant remember the last time that woulda happened.  Well never I guess I had one for a while (Abraham) then sold him cause he was too much horse for me and got Henry and then I got married and that fall got 3 foals, so I had one then 4 and don't think I ever had less than 4 since then.  (one of those foals was Bailey, she was so cute way back then) 
Seems like just yesterday I got her and now she is 8 years old already!  My how time flies.  I was thinking while riding the other day the poles were set up in the arena and how Bailey would probly make a good pole horse.  She likes to run and she likes to change leads, so it should be easy for her.  Char was saying she wanted to go to some Gymkhanas this summer, so maybe I will take her and try it out.  Well maybe try it out before we get there, lol.
So the only horses I didn't get pics of are George and I kinda did of him, all the shadows on the left side are him he was super close.  And Kali and she was off in the distance eating, she looked back a few times but never come to join the crowd.


Shirley said...

Have you decided who your keepers are? Razz and Bailey?

Janice said...

Nice rundown on the ponies. I'm suprised Shirley didn't suggest Kim Smith to you for starting your horse.I'm going to take Jazz to him if and when I can get her there......and money!!!!He's a very good trianer.....you probably know him?