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Friday, February 3, 2012

More Jessie :)

On Tuesday I went with Char to her lesson and she learned how to use run the flag. I guess we should be the ones running the flag cause we should know when our horse needs more help and we can do whatever we need to get that fixed.  It is a lot more complicated than it seems, but with a little practice she was doing really well.  I had skipped riding Tuesday cause, well, no reason really, and Doug asked and of course I had to say I rode Mon but not Tues and he says I should be riding pretty well everyday if I am gonna get her in shape ever. 
So I rode Wed and Thur and we had two good days of riding.  I found a couple spots out in the pasture that are chewed down and fairly level and we been trotting circles and figure 8s in them.  Today I didn't want to ride but we are going out there tomorrow to pick up Chars horse and so I don't want to get in trouble again (lol) so I went anyway.  It was kinda windy but we had a good ride anyways, just walking but we checked out the dugout, I was looking for liquid, and all around the pasture and then headed back in.

I tried my blankets on her and I think Razz's will fit her so no new ones needed yet.  I was gonna keep her without a blanket but if we are gonna get her sweaty and leave them in overnight I might start putting one on her in the daytime.  I was really just wasting time hoping Neil would come out so he could get a picture of me riding, but he never did, so I guess I might have to get Char to take some.

After our ride her treat is to graze a little, she enjoys it and the other horses just stare over the fence like they are wanting to be out in the yard too.  Kinda funny cause she wants to be out there.  I think they think I abandoned them, especially Jazz, she just watched me the whole time I am out there and whinnies if I look at her.  Good I guess since she will get her share of attention in a few months.  She sure is getting big, but her tail is still short and fuzzy :)

Seems to me that Jessie hasn't been rode out a lot.  She is really good out there, but she trips which could be from gawking around (and she needs her feet trimmed) but little dips are weird for her she looks at them strangely but always goes where I ask.  And she doesn't really know how to walk or trot in a straight line.  I suspect she has never been where you can see for miles and miles and there is nothing out there.  Probly just used to the arena and small areas outside but I am sure she will get over it cause I plan on riding out all summer when not cutting.  We walked down the road the other day and she kept staring at the ditch suspiciously so where it was not too steep I made her cross it and you would think we were going straight down hill, was kinda funny but we made it so I made her do it again and after that it was no big deal. 

Sure is nice she is so willing to go out and go wherever I ask her to.  A few times she tried turning back towards home and I just lifted my reins and she kept going the way we started going.  She is so nice on the ground too, easy to catch, I can just leave the lead rope on the ground when saddling and unsaddling and she just stands there waiting.  I was hesitant about taking her home for this week and then taking her to a boarding place, but now I am glad that she was here this week and we got to know each other better and will feel more comfortable when she is boarded.  I kinda want to keep her home, but Neil wants to use the pen she's in to bring in his heifers so I would have to haul water to her everyday for a couple months, so I am not gonna do that and she can come home in April and I will have space and water that won't freeze every night. 
Looks like she might be losing some weight :)


Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

What a PRETTY mare!!!

fernvalley01 said...

sounds like a great little horse all the way around! And she sure is a cutie!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

She IS a cutie. I'd be more surprised if she had been ridden out rather than not. When I worked for a cutting horse guy years ago, none of the horses were ever ridden out. Your mare sounds better broke than many of the 'winning' cutting horses I got stuck warming up. Those horses didn't know anything except loping circles and cutting cows.

Shirley said...

Being your horse id going to be a good thing for Jessie, she'll get to be a horse! She sure is pretty. Love that pic of Jazz- what a hip on her!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

She looks good and sounds like a really great horse, too!